Fiction | Eight of the most absurd of technologies and devices of science fiction films




Fiction | Eight of the most absurd of technologies and devices of science fiction films


Few would doubt that the technologies and gadgets that we see in science fiction films, often acquire real and quite a functional expression in the real world. For example, scientists have invented and developed a laser , robots , exoskeletons , artificial implants, stealth technology , were able to send a spacecraft out of the solar system , and much more. But today we are not talking about the things that have come to us in the reality of science fiction, but for the most incredible technologies and devices that will probably never get their actual implementation. So we offer to get comfortable and get acquainted with the eight by the absurd devices from a science fiction movie.

Sinkord of the film “The Sixth Day”


To look at this device looks like a pair of cool sunglasses. However, its purpose is that it somehow scans your eye and creates a complete copy of all your memories. Having procured a “sinkord” in the movie “The Sixth Day” (2000) it was possible to create your own clone is identical to the personality and memories – a good way to cheat death, is not it? But the point is that it is absolutely crazy technology. Because even if it will be possible to copy all of your memories, the process can not limit ourselves to “snapshot” of your eyes.
Flying board from the film “Back to the Future II»


At the cult trilogy by Robert Zemeckis than one generation of geeks. Therefore, touch one of its key components – the time machine based on a sports coupe DeLorian – we will not sooner or later the time machine undoubtedly create, and if they do not create, you will select it from the pilot, had flown back to the past (by the way, is one of the rather serious hypotheses on account of how humanity can get a time machine, no joke). This, of course, talking about the “hoverboard” – flying boards, skateboard of the future, one of which was moving on the roads of the future of not only our beloved hero Marty McFly (“Back to the Future II» (1989)), but no less beloved Doc Emmett Brown – the prairies of the past (“Back to the Future: Part III» (1990). Some people believe that such levitation technology for a long time in development in secret laboratories of military bases. But we will not kupimsya. Not least because that however now not the most modern technology, they do not allow you to create a miniature anti-gravity pulse reactor of this size. People still have not come to the decision of the question, which would be allowed to establish on the spacecraft for long-distance travel compact nuclear reactors, even the size of a 2 by 2 meters. And here we are about the usual (though from the very distant future) skateboard.
Phone as a means of tracking in the film “The Dark Knight”


Somehow miraculously every cell phone in Gotham City becomes a portable probe spy Batman. Thus the Dark Knight takes the sonar signals from mobile phones and can keep track of all of the city, displaying the information it receives on an entire wall of monitors. Yeah, of course. And every one of these wonder-phone, of course, can transmit 3D-image, and in real time, and then Batman can immediately see where help is needed and immediately rushes to the wings of the night to deal with criminals. Check your 3D-sonar on your phone, on the spot right?
“Tykvobomba” from “Spider-Man”


Look out! Flies exploding pumpkin! Despite the fact that the story of “Spider-Man” (2002) starts from the pages of comic books, “tykvobomby” that the left and right throws “Green Goblin” – is even beyond the point of absurdity. Degree of stupidity has reached its breaking point in a moment where the “Green Goblin” with “tykvobomby” first blows open loft with the audience, then it is (the bomb) splits the people to a state of skeletons. But if we believe in the guy who could shoot from the hands of a viscous, elastic and high-strength substance that would allow even in this world to stop the train, then why not give a chance to this ridiculous and illogical to many aspects of bombs? Because … because it’s stupid.
“Shaking” from “Star Wars. Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back ”


We wanted to make believe that the Empire , with all the resources, technology and the best engineers and weapons, could only come up with a clumsy giant walking device, similar to a mixture of an elephant and a giraffe (a thick body and thin legs), and looking as if they are another product rather than fiction universe, and came to us straight from the century steampunk? It seems that only one minor hit in the side and lay down these colossi up their legs like any overloaded jeep, trying to overcome another steep climb. No doubt Power bypassed these imperial AT-AT shaking side …
The project launch “Genesis” from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”


You see a torpedo in the picture above? It is so steep that it is able to terraform the entire planet in just a few seconds, and when the “correct application” even create stars and entire solar system. Creating stars out of torpedoes. Yep. It looks like the creators of the story feature film “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (1982) began to play with some imagination, but nevertheless, this “divine bomb” is mentioned later in several other films and television series episodes.
Meteor gun from the films “The Last Starfighter” and “Starship Troopers”


“The fire of the meteor gun!” – Shouted one of the villains of the film “The Last Starfighter” (1984), and a huge spaceship has released a few rocky boulders to the side of the planet Raylos – the residence of good guys. The catch is that the film does not take into account one thing: the ship was a few stellar systems to the target and to achieve its goal of cosmic meteor would have taken hundreds of years, not just a few minutes, as was shown in the film.

The same touch of absurdity plagued story of the first part of the movie “Starship Troopers” (1997) with Casper Van Dean in the lead role, where the alien bugs in some way attacked Earth giant meteorite, erased from the planet of Buenos Aires (Argentina). All, of course, turned epic and exciting, but, apparently, the beetles meteorite sent to Earth as early as the Renaissance, that is, for a few hundred years before the events of the film.
Building “Virgil” from anabtaniuma in the film “Earth’s core”


The ship “Virgil”, featured in the film “Earth’s core” (2003), intended to travel to the center of our planet . So no doubt his body was to be made of heavy-duty material that could withstand very high temperatures. The material in the film is called “anabtaniumom.” In fact the very name of this rare material is absurd, because the material does not exist in nature. And its name is derived from the English «unobtainable», ie “unattainable”, “inaccessible”. So this material is still some way allows you to convert the planet’s heat to power the ship!
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