Fiction | From now on tablet computer announced




Fiction | From now on tablet computer announced

I must say that the agency’s analysts GfK carry plates to the “family computer” … and rightly so. The inner world of the tablet computer it is, the only difference is the form factor and marketing, diligently conducting the line between your computer and tablet. To date, the United Kingdom created the tablets brought their companies more money than computers. And it’s not about whether Android dominates or its leadership position he shares with the iPad . Tablet computers have become the most popular on the other side of the Channel, and it’s an undeniable fact.

Планшет является компьютером

But analysts do not care about how they look, or other things in the eyes of the consumer advertising. They call things by their right names and events, thus summing up all the hot network disputes about whether the tablet computer device or a representative of some “previously unseen” category of devices. Nothing in this that would not be typical of a computer, a tablet is not. His “distinctive features”: a virtual keyboard and touch screen appeared long before 2010, when the iPad was announced and the broad masses of the people have begun to show an increased interest in tablets, which have existed in the past, but did not attract much attention.

Another thing is that in the framework of the tablet computer market is by far the most popular form factor. This situation deserves a closer look. And the best way to do this using the example of the UK market, which is one of the most advanced in the world.

In the first three months of 2013 in the UK market were sold about 1.5 million tablet devices. This represents about 57% of the total sales of all types of computers (in units of goods sold). In monetary terms, some less, as desktops and laptops are more expensive and, therefore, bring more money the companies who created them.

Планшет является компьютером

Most of the money its developers miniature computers, tablets brought pre-Christmas times. In these fabulous winter days, consumers are traditionally sent to stores in search of their dreams. Apparently the dream of many of the plates, and 60% of the money that was spent by the British in December 2012 on personal computers, fell on the device of this form factor. In January came the traditional lull and share in the total sales of tablet computers in the UK market has fallen to 50%.

According to analysts from GfK, the average share of tablets accounted for 44% of the money brought by sales of personal computers. In March 2013 the figure was 47.1%. That is, the cheaper devices generate almost half of the funds from the sale of all of the many types of computers. In March of last year, the figure was 37.4%.

Laptops are losing popularity and retain second place among all members of the computer world. In March 2013, they accounted for 35.8% of sales of personal computers (by March 2012 – 48.8%). But analysts believed it to sell a computer. In monetary terms, all laptops sold in the United Kingdom, there are just under 50% of the sum of the prices of all computers purchased in the country. This situation is not in favor of laptops, former pets consumer audience, established after the pre-Christmas surge in demand for tablets.

Desktop computers, which have recently been at the peak of their popularity, which they provided the best value and performance, now almost invisible against the background of their more compact counterparts. In March 2013 they had sold only 5.5% (in units) on all the computers in the UK market. A year ago, 8.4% were sold computers desktop. In monetary terms, their place in the market is more significant: March 2013 – 7.9% in March 2012 – 10.8%.

According to the analyst GfK Robin Tovey in March 2013 was sold at 9.8% more computers than in March 2012. The total of these sales increased by only 6.8%. This may indicate only one thing: the average price of a computer is reduced. The analyst believes that much of this increase accounted for tablets and peripherals for them.

The analyst believes the market for mobile computers is quite mature and saturated products. This means that sales growth slows down somewhat. That is, they are still growing, but not as rapidly as in the birth of a new class of devices. In March 2013 the growth in sales (in units) was only 1.5%. So are the days when mobile technology is not particularly attracted even science fiction , not to mention ordinary users, are long gone.

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