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Resource Jessica Lessin shared interesting information. If we believe the new post, Google Inc. is working on software that would enable the automotive industry to create a self-governing unmanned vehicles. These vehicles may herald a new form of public transport, taxis robotic designed to reduce the need for people to own cars. The communication link to some people who are supposedly “close to the subject.” Google Software is unmatched in the smartphone market . Now, according to new reports, the corporation has fixed his gaze in the direction of transport.

In recent months, the search giant was negotiating with car manufacturers. The theme of the talks was the production of cars specifications Google. This information appeared in the pages of Jessica Lessin thanks all the same “close to the theme of” man. But the talks, alas, came to nothing.

And Google has a new idea about what to do with this machine. Search engine company is considering to bring this car to the retail market, that is, to sell its most ordinary people. But the most interesting thing about this idea is that this miracle machine can become part of the “Robo-Taxi”, which is able to stop and pick up passengers along the way. Google itself that information did not comment, despite the fact that the journalists asked for her details.
The production side of the issue

Самоуправляемый автомобиль Google

Google has held talks with leading manufacturers of automotive parts, such as Continental AG and Magna International. Companies like Foxconn, Apple and other help corporations create phones and computers. In the same way, with the help component suppliers, Google could make your car.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that Google has almost reached an agreement with Continental, one of the leading suppliers of automotive parts. The essence of the agreement to create “a self-governing system of the car.” The message does not consider any details of this mysterious “system.” Any comments from the direct participants in the negotiations, of course, have been reported.

Now Google is in search of a company that will build a car from spare parts. Just as certain of the components are assembled mobile devices and personal computers. The most important thing in these devices their software platform and applications, and “iron” can be expensive to purchase.

Of course, Google does not have their automotive industries and even the knowledge of how to make the machine. However, some experience in this area at the search giant is. He was developing a laser-based device, called “lidar” that collects information about the physical environment, which can be analyzed software Google. At least, so says “close to the subject of man.”

However, to independently engage in the production of car makers of Android is not much want to. Therefore, they still are in search of a partner of a number of well-known automotive companies. It is reported by the same “people close to the subject.”

In the past, the search company has already designed their phones and laptops. In doing so it has raised the interest of other companies in its operating system Android.

Самоуправляемый автомобиль Google

Google is considering the idea of ​​using their self-governing vehicles as part of the “Robo-Taxi”. Such a taxi would pick up passengers along the way. Search Corporation believes that in this case people need to own cars would decline.

In the past year, Google has considered the question of which cities of the United States could launch a similar service. However, even such a “robot” taxis requires stay behind the wheel of a person in case of emergencies. So says one of the “people familiar with the subject.”

Another “has the information man,” adds: search or corporation is going to solve this problem or to make their vehicle available to consumers. However, it’s unclear how Google is going to achieve this is cooperation with the automotive company has a network of sales.

Sell ​​directly to the “self-propelled carts” or deploy the project “Robo-Taxi” will search giant is not easy. This direction is too far from the main activity of which is to sell advertising on the Internet.

Today’s cars Google, which can move themselves to certain sections of the road are the “Toyota” Retrofitting cameras, sensors, radars and special software from the search of the corporation. Production of each such machine, according to the “one person familiar with the matter”, costing 150,000 U.S. dollars. Google to work on the reduction of production costs.

Google seek to expand into many areas. Our readers already know what’s inside Android , the most popular mobile platform in the world. Now search corporation come to grips with reality and even extended acquires patents relating to this topic . In addition, if the new information is correct, Android developers are going to completely change the perception of urban residents about public transport.
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