Fiction | Seven inventors who killed their own inventions




Fiction | Seven inventors who killed their own inventions


Life is full of surprises inventor. Initially, each inventor to come up with a solution. Moreover, the solution must be unique. In other words, no one has previously not been able to solve the problem in this manner. Then you need to implement, seeming at first brilliant idea into reality. Invent constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, it is the nature of inventions.

In pursuit of discoveries humanity has managed to catch the tail of such outstanding inventions like the steam engine, the car and the PC. That is why mankind is now not hiding in caves from wolves and trembles with thunder. Despite all the positive aspects of the potential for Thomas Edison’s invention is often fraught with many dangers. By the way, about 10 unknown inventions of Thomas Edison can be found here . Sometimes it happens that the idea of ​​killing their creators, who are trying by all means to bring them to reality. We have compiled for you in somewhat sad, but very exciting stories about the seven inventors who have ruined their own invention.

Henry Smolinski

Henry Smolinski left his position as an engineer at Northrop in order to start his own company Advanced Vehicle Engineers, whose main purpose is the production of flying cars. Back in 1973 the company Advanced Vehicle Engineers have managed to build the first two prototypes, which is a hybrid aircraft Cessna Skymaster and car Ford Pinto. The tail section was attached in a way that could detach at the right time. Mass production of flying cars has been scheduled for next year, but the inventor did not live up to this exciting event. During testing of the prototype fell off the wing strut and Mr. Smolinski along with another pilot Harold Blake died. The investigation, conducted by the National Transportation Safety Administration, found out that the cause of the accident were bad welds.

Franz Reichelt

Australian-born Frenchman Franz Reichelt tailor working in France, and in his spare time developed a special suit, a parachute for the pilots. At the time the aircraft were young enough invention, and human minds stirred the one question: how to leave the cabin damaged aircraft? Initially, Mr. Reichelt tested his miracle suit on mannequins. The test results have been very encouraging, after which he decided to test the suit for himself and jumped from the Eiffel Tower. Falling from a height of 57 meters, resulting in instant death.

Horace Lawson Hunley

American inventor, Horace Lawson Hunley was a lawyer and a member of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Louisiana. During the American Civil War, he built three submarines. In the tests, the third submarine he died. His first boat he built in New Orleans, but it had to be scuttled in retreat. The second submarine sank in the inner Bay of the Gulf of Mexico, located in the state of Alabama. The construction of a third of his boat he financed out of his own pocket. The third boat, which carried the name of the inventor (HL Hunley), drowned along with seven members of the crew in the waters near Charleston. It should be noted that the Confederates managed to raise the sunken submarine and even sink the enemy ship with it, but that this mission was to HL Hunley last – she drowned along with the crew.

Thomas Midgley

American chemist Thomas Midgley international fame has brought his work on leaded gasoline and Freon. He suffered from lead poisoning, and one day to prove that tetraethyl lead is safe for the human body, he washed his hands of the conference in gasoline, and for some time inhaling the vapors from the flask. Most thought that this was the cause of his death, but it is not so. Thomas Midgley died at the hands of another of his inventions. At the age of 51 Midgley contracted polio, leading to disability. In support of his body in the bed, he invented a complex system of ropes and blocks, which once confused and suffocated.

Marie Curie

Renowned physicist and chemist Marie Curie was famous for his work on radioactivity. It was she who discovered elements such as polonium and radium. At the time, Mary was honored with two Nobel Prizes, one she got in Physics with her husband Pierre and Henri Becquerel, and another – in chemistry. Thus, she became the first person to received two Nobel Prizes. In the entire history it was only her and Linus Pauling. It was Marie Curie called the creator of the theory of radioactivity. She also felt himself to what effect the radioactivity is man and died because of aplastic anemia caused by radiation exposure.

Railings from Athens

Of all the inventors in this list it is perhaps the most deserving of the death of his invention. Perillo worked tinsmith and created a device called “The Bronze Bull” for the agonizing death of guilty. Many have guessed that the ox is made of copper. It locked up the prisoners and roasted to death by fire, which was diluted under the belly of the statue. The design was perforated in the nostrils, from whence the smoke, and thought so that you could hear the groans of victims who were like the roar of a bull. Perillo presented his invention to the tyrant Phalaris Agrigento, after which he was placed inside the bull. Unfortunately, history does not provide a definitive answer as to the cause of death Perilla. He is either burned in a bull or was thrown off a cliff. Anyway, the present invention was his undoing.

Valerian Abakovsky

In the top there was a place for the Russian inventor who died during the test aerovagona. The rail car with a propeller aircraft type derailed and killed not only Valerian Abakovskogo, but five other people. The device was developed for transportation officials to Moscow and back. The train was great distance from Moscow, but the return of capital failed.

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