Fiction | Steppenwolf predator. Heathkit H8




Fiction | Steppenwolf predator. Heathkit H8

The great breakthrough in computer technology has come true! And not for the first time. This occasionally happens . This time, the “present personal computer Heathkit. New Horizons standards in the field of personal computing revealed to us through two powerful computer, equipped with exclusive software created by Heath. Provide service. Computer technology is accompanied by documentation. ”

So in 1977 Heathkit («heath» – steppe; «kit» – set) described the debut of the computer market. The question is, which was the second computer? Is he H8 assembled? I must say that the firm with such an original name could boast a history dating back centuries, if not, then at least quite respectable. In 1926, she released a light airplane in the form of … a set of self-assembly.

Among its products: audio test equipment and electronics and communication systems for radio, which preceded the provider. H8 was the first computer from Heathkit.

Other companies also produce computers for craftsmen in kits for assembly . But gradually the kits surrendered their positions and replaced finished products.

Heathkit H8
Heathkit H8 was submitted in July 1977, but went on sale in the fall of that year. It cost relatively inexpensive: 379 USD. This price does not include the cost of memory. Heathkit H8 could equip memory (RAM, RAM) from 4 to 64 kilobytes.

Heathkit H8 processor based on the Intel 8080A, the clock frequency of 2 megahertz. Modern smartphone to many hundreds of times more powerful. Interface input Heathkit H8 served shestnadtsatiknopochnaya keyboard, and output appears on the display nine digits. Data can be read and written or on a cassette tape, or (since 1978) to a floppy disk (floppy). Operating System: HDOS (Heath DOS).

In the not too high initial price Heathkit H8 included only the foundation and the CPU card (CPU). Therefore, we next began to diverge and considerable. Only one memory board H8-1 of 4 kilobytes worth $ 140. And this is the minimum amount of memory. However, all of the most important software for the computer quite place in this modest memory.

To use a tape recorder as a drive, should spend another U.S. $ 110 to the card input and output H8-5 Serial. And to connect the floppy disk drive, you had as much as 16 Kbytes of RAM. It is terrible to think how much cost is so high for the technology of the time.

Scary to think, but you need to make yourself at least a partial picture of how injuriously treated Heathkit H8 to the purse of its user, who thought he had made a bargain, without spending a computer and four hundred dollars.

Heathkit H8
In 1978, dual floppy disk drive for the computer (or rather, the designer?) Cost $ 675 U.S.. It goes without saying that the tape recorder, which can be used as a public drive, was not included in the kit and also bought for some money (or have had in the economy).

Now the fun part. Accessories for Heathkit H8 were not compatible with any computer, except the one for which they were intended. However, in those days it was very common. Although even then the first attempts of standardization in the computer area. The most striking example of this is the system bus . Heathkit company did not want to think about third-party technologies and proudly developed for its own H8 50-pin bus with ten expansion slots.

It is clear that the 16-key keyboard was, to put it mildly, not by the input device, and the “calculator-” kind of display is not the best means of output, so, with considerable probability, the user sooner or later the idea of ​​the terminal. The terminal consists of normal for his time display and a full keyboard, and a wide variety of electronic components, which are not important for our narrative.

Thus, it is advantageous buying Heathkit H8, people drawn into the “exciting” game consumption. The gist of it was, whether the user will be able to resist the temptation to spend less.

Heathkit H8
To conclude our story, let’s see what could spend money to “saving” the user Heathkit H8:

$ 475 U.S. worth WH8, that is assembled and tested Heathkit H8. For $ 140 bought H8-1, that is, static memory board, where it was already installed 4 kilobytes of RAM, and you can install the rest four, eventually getting eight. $ 95 worth of memory chip H8-3. It can be set to charge H8-1.

H8-2 was a board with three parallel ports, and cost the user at $ 150. H8-5 cost $ 110. This board contains a serial input and output, as well as interface to connect a cassette. The transmission speed is 1200 baud, ie bits per second.

WH17 – «double” floppy drive. Contained one drive and I / O cards. Demanded 16 kilobytes of memory. The most expensive expansion Heathkit H8 and cost $ 675 U.S.. Go away (WH17) you could put a second floppy disk drive H17-1 for $ 295.

Pack of five 5.25-inch floppy disks (floppy disks) mysteriously was called H17-2 and cost 25 dollars. Software disk operating system called H8-17 and was worth one hundred dollars.

Yeah, buying a Heathkit H8, people long to provide for themselves additional article of fixed costs.

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