Fiction | Ubuntu or habit?




Fiction | Ubuntu or habit?

Everyone knows the horror stories about what Linux is an operating system for the rigors of the old school administrators, whiling away the long nights in the society of the ancient system unit, dusty “paunchy” monitor and plastered with a huge enamel mug of coffee disappearing . And many are loyal to Windows is not for love, but out of habit. Fear of “Penguin” and that cold and austere “nature” that surrounds it. Not wanting to control your computer via the command line, as in ancient times. A real discovery for many is the message that Linux has long ceased to be scary-unfriendly. Suffice it to say that everyone’s favorite Android, which the wise elder experts promise everlasting dominion , refers to the “linukspodobnym” platform to dispel the last vestiges of doubt that the average user with Linux on the way.

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

The only alternative to Windows in the public mind was and is “Mac.” But its price is so high that it causes many to think of other, less expensive, solutions. This is where people and remember that the world is full of completely free operating systems that can be put on any computer. And was surprised to find that Linux is not only cares for the wallet, but also has many other ‘penguin’ strengths and weaknesses devoid of those that would be entrusted prone to exaggeration rumor.

And here came across a great article Matt Smith’s “Will the Ubuntu shelter users of Windows 8?” On pages known resource Digital Trends. This versatile material gave rise once again to reflect on how patchy, at times, the knowledge of high technology. How often they are based on many years as outdated information. These considerations formed the basis of this review.

First of all, it should be recalled that Linux is not the name of a specific operating system like Windows or OS X, which until recently was called Mac OS X. This is a huge array of completely dissimilar operating systems with a common idea. Among them there are those to which the average user is better not to approach. All the same, he will not understand it. But there are very friendly and representatives of the “penguin” of the family. A striking example of such a system is Ubuntu Linux.

It is developed by Canonical with the full support of the developer community. Ubuntu is considered the world’s most popular Linux distribution for desktops and laptops. Could not get the computer user education to deal with it? The answer to this question is obvious: yes. And below we look at the operating system on all sides to ensure that the reader is left in no doubt as to the fact that the alternative to Windows on the planet exists.
Installing Ubuntu Linux, even a novice will not complicate

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

In the past, installing Linux was a daunting task that only by offering experienced computer technician. For Ubuntu Linux is irrelevant.

The user downloads from the official Ubuntu website. In this case he has to make “difficult” choice between 32 – and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

Create a DVD or USB drive installation of the downloaded ISO-image is carried out using third party tools, but the site is available on how to do it.

Install it in the same way as any other modern operating system. The installation process takes about twenty minutes (of course, depending on your computer). Those who know how to put yourself Windows, not Ubuntu installation experience with no difficulties. Except, perhaps, psychological. “After all, it’s Linux!”

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

During installation, the user will answer a few simple questions and the installation wizard will begin post-installation configuration. Ubuntu automatically detects the hardware and installs the appropriate drivers. Alas, although the base of drivers in Ubuntu is already quite large, to support the devices the system is still inferior to Windows. The greatest difficulties may arise with the old “iron”. Find the drivers for it can be a challenging and even more intractable problem.

For example, it was impossible to find the appropriate driver for wireless module laptop Acer, Matt Smith did not work. Without this driver, unfortunately, does not work Wi-Fi.

It is important to note that all of these complexities and inconsistencies are not a frequent occurrence, as is commonly believed. On a modern computer, most likely, everything will work fine.
Office right “out of the box”

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

Both Windows and Ubuntu have a set of built-in software. By installing Ubuntu, you will immediately find the office suite LibreOffice (with the support of the usual “maykrosoftovskih” document formats), the Firefox web browser and email client Thunderbird. Back in 2009, in Ubuntu was included ware Center, with the help of which you can download and install a myriad of programs. This includes a powerful photo editor GIMP and versatile media player VLC Media Player.

With WINE, an emulator Windows, users can, of course, to establish the usual application. But do not be. In emulation mode, the program does not always work correctly and look at the screen is not as presentable as we would like. Most of the Windows-based applications is quite decent Linux-alternatives. If the user already decided to try a new operating system, it makes sense to spend a few days in which to get used to the new applications.

As for the web applications, they are always at hand, that on Windows, under Linux. LibreOffice is different from Microsoft Office, and Google Docs is the same in any of these operating systems. The same can be said of most web services.
Unexpected simplicity of the interface

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

Ubuntu interface is slightly different from Windows and OS X. Instead of the usual taskbar or dock to the left of the screen (by default) is a kind of panel applications. This loader (“launcher”) plays the role of a tool to quickly switch between applications. “Advanced Linux users” are used to this keyboard shortcuts, scorning a simple “visual” (and most obvious) way to achieve the goal.

Some application icons will surprise yesterday users Windows. And the structure of the operating system is somewhat different from that to which they are accustomed to over the years. But, in fact, these differences are greatly exaggerated. Yes, you will need to spend a couple of hours for review and remembering what is said and how, what and where is located.

According to some, Ubuntu even more simple tool for inexperienced users than Windows.
Flaws party functions

Over the decades of its existence and development of Windows has turned into a huge and overburdened system. Critics constantly released about their taunts. But it’s not irrational programming. This is only the reverse side of the myriad of features that have been added over the years into a popular operating system of the planet.

In Ubuntu, some of the most important functions are not part of the operating system interface and add-ons that have migrated into the system of third-party software solutions. It is including an energy-saving settings and to restore the system and parental control. Therefore, they sometimes do not work as smoothly as hoped. Insecurity “ubuntovskogo” power management was not included, unless, in proverbs and sayings. Laptop users are complaining that the battery under Ubuntu «hold a charge” is less than under Windows.

Version of Ubuntu for touch screens is currently under development. But here we are talking about the mobile platform, not a desktop operating system. So, for owners of computers with touchscreens Windows 8 is still the best choice.
Wait or try?

Ubuntu дружелюбный Линукс

What to say, has to date Ubuntu operating system is an attractive, friendly, even to the inexperienced user. Not so many things that she did not know how to do suck. Often, certain actions easier to perform in Ubuntu, than in Windows. Application Vault, which many of habit called “shop”, a built-in tool that provides access to a vast collection, which is full of free programs.

If your hardware is supported. If you do not use the advanced power saving settings. If you are not too attached to Microsoft Office. If these several conditions are met, the Ubuntu can replace Windows on your computer.

But all is not perfect as it seems at first glance. In addition to difficulties with the support of the old “iron”, there are other problems. Applications are often “raw”, the familiar features are absent or work differently. But the main problem, as is often the case, the psychological. Ubuntu is not Windows. And this can only accept. And he prepared to learn new approaches and look for a replacement familiar applications.

But it just sounds scary. In fact, there is not anything difficult. For most users, the computer acts as a terminal in a fascinating virtual world of the Internet, riddled web of social networks. This task Ubuntu handles great.

The aim of our review is not to convince the reader of the superiority of Linux. The goal was somewhat different: to show that Ubuntu Linux is worthy to stand in the ranks of modern operating systems for general users. Not without flaws (and there is at least one program without the drawbacks), has not reached the peak of its popularity, and unobtrusive against the top players, it is, nevertheless, in no way does not contain any of the horrors that helpfully draws imagination at the word “Linux”.

According to the materials
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