Fiction | What can we learn from the aliens?




Fiction | What can we learn from the aliens?

If you watched the sci-fi classic 1951 “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” you remember the scene when Washington lands a flying saucer, and out comes the alien Klaatu. In his hand he has something resembling earthly weapons. Once a soldier shoots Klaatu, the robot comes from the plate, easily cracked down on the soldiers and the tank turns into scrap metal. Wounded Klaatu lifts to reveal that he was carrying a miniature telescope capable to look further into space than Earth Observatory. In the text:

“It was a gift. For your president. (Sadly looks at the broken object). With it, he could observe life on other planets. ”

Stop. Well, it’s just a movie. The paradox is that the scene could well be real, we entered into contact with the aliens, who are likely to be far more advanced than we are. We are afraid of aliens, believing that they can win us or completely destroyed, and at least believe that they are friendly and just want to share with us their knowledge.

In 1995, Steven J. Dick of the U.S. Naval Observatory said that the discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations would have the same effect on the mind-boggling science and our understanding of reality as the opening of Europe Greek science in the 12-13 centuries, or the discoveries of Copernicus in the early 1500’s that the Sun, not the Earth, is at the center of our solar system.

Many scholars, however, believe that aliens overdevelopment type does not make sense to conquer us. The civilization of this type is unlikely to want to visit, or to conquer us, as in the movie “Independence Day”, where this civilization spread across the galaxy like locusts, capturing the world one by one and sucking out their resources dry. In fact, in space countless dead planets with rich mineral resources, and can be easily collected without contacting the stubborn local population. The ratio of this type of civilization to us could be compared with our attitude to the ants and ant-hill. We’re not going to lean over the anthill and to offer its inhabitants beads and other trinkets, but rather we simply will not pay attention to them.

“For ants main danger is not that people suddenly want to invade or destroy the nest ant genus. The main danger is that anthill hurt people, and it just seemed like demolished. Do not forget that if we talk about the power consumption, the distance between this type of civilization and our civilization zero type is much greater than that between us and the ants. ”

“Physics of the Impossible” by Michio Kaku

Пушка для инопланетных вторжений

There are several areas of our development, which can significantly progress through contact with an extraterrestrial civilization:

1. Reveal the secrets of traveling faster than the speed of light . It is assumed that the aliens who visit our planet will come out of nowhere, breaking a long distance. The nearest potentially habitable planet located in at least 13 light years from us. It is believed that the aliens would use technology similar to the warp engine, which predicted Miguel Alcubierre and which is developed in the laboratory of NASA , or anything else that lies beyond human imagination. Do aliens may also be anti-gravity technology, if you believe that UFOs can perform impossible stunts (well, and omit that their existence has not been proven). Of course, the alien visitors would like to share with us the new technologies.

2. Freedom from the limitations of our biology. People are beginning to get used to the ideas of transhumanism – style exoskeletons and electronic devices, such as implantable microchips that correct vision. But if there is a reasonable view of extraterrestrial longer have even a few thousand years, they could easily become a full post-biological beings whose brains are merging of natural and artificial intelligence. Perhaps they do not even need a body – they are living in cars of its own design (let’s hope that they do not like the “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger – that would be too weird). This was in 2006, all spoke the same NASA scientist Stephen Dick. We could make a qualitative transition to the future with the help of transhumanist devices aliens.

3. Compensation for damage to the environment. It is likely that the aliens with a much more advanced civilization have mastered planetary design – the ability to make important and specific changes in the environment. They could help us fill the gaps in our atmosphere and reverse the destructive process of climate change.

4. Conflict Resolution. International conflicts are killing people is far less than in the past – every year until 2010, died from war about 55,000 people. This is the third of deaths from accidents in 1980. But people still want to kill each other according to various estimates, and according to the UN, in 2011, around the world have committed 468,000 murders. If intelligent extraterrestrial species lives longer than us, they certainly have created a deadly technology at least as powerful as ours, well built, or “Death Star”, in which the earthlings do not have enough money. However, further development of civilization would have to lead to conflict without violence. We could ask them to share with us this method, well, or get us to stop killing their own kind.

Remarkably, many theorists of extraterrestrial life agree on one thing: if in space, and there is a coalition of intelligent aliens of different races in this coalition, for its harmonious existence, received civilization reached a certain level of technological development, the understanding of the world and the main thing – to stop the internecine war. What we in the near future, do not shine.
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