Fiction | What is a “wormhole”?




Fiction | What is a “wormhole”?


Hypothetical “wormhole”, which is also called a “wormhole” or “rotten” (literal translation wormhole) represents a kind of wormhole that allows to move an object from point A to point B in the universe is not in a straight line, and rounding the space. Put simply, take any piece of paper, fold it in half and pierce, and the resulting hole will be the very wormhole. So there is a theory that the space in the universe may be roughly the same sheet of paper, only adjusted for the third dimension. Various scholars derive the hypothesis that through wormholes can travel in space-time. But no one knows exactly what the danger may be a wormhole and that may in fact be on the other side of them.

The theory of wormholes

In 1935, physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, using the general theory of relativity, have suggested that in the universe there are special “bridges” through space-time. These paths, which are called Einstein-Rosen bridges (or wormholes), connect two different points in space-time by creating a theoretical distortion of space, which reduces the journey from one point to another.

Again hypothetically any wormhole has two inputs and neck (that is that the tunnel itself). At the same time, most likely at the entrances of the wormhole are spheroidal shape, and the neck can be a straight piece of space and a spiral.

The general theory of relativity proves mathematically the probability of the existence of wormholes, but so far none of them has been discovered by man. Difficult to locate, is that the alleged huge mass of wormholes and gravitational effects are simply absorb light and do not let it affect.

Several hypotheses constructed on the basis of the general theory of relativity , suggest the existence of wormholes, where the role of entry and exit play black holes. But it is worth considering that the appearance of themselves black holes formed from the explosion of dying stars, no way creates a wormhole.
Journey through the wormhole

In science fiction is often found that the main characters travel through wormholes. But in reality, such a trip is not as easy as it is in the movies and talk in fantastic literature.

The first issue that will be on the road the possibility of such a trip, it’s the size of molehills. It is believed that the earliest wormholes were very small, of the order of 10-33 centimeters, but due to the expansion of the universe appeared likely that, along with her extended and increased wormholes themselves. Another problem associated with wormholes is their stability. More specifically, unstable.

Explains the theory of Einstein-Rosen wormholes will be useless for space-time travel, because they are very fast collapse (close). But more recent studies these issues imply the existence of “exotic matter”, which allows the burrows maintain its structure for a longer period of time.

This exotic matter, which should not be confused with dark matter and antimatter has a negative energy density and enormous negative pressure. The mention of such matter is present only in some theories of vacuum within the quantum field theory.

Yet theoretical science believes that if wormholes will contain enough of this exotic energy that either appeared in a natural way, or will artificially, there is a possibility of transferring information or even objects through space-time.

Those hypotheses suggest that wormholes can connect not only two points in the same universe, but also the entrance to the other. Some scientists believe that if you move a certain way one entrance wormhole, you will see the possibility of time travel . But, for example, the famous British cosmologist Stephen Hawking believes that the use of wormholes is impossible.

However, some scientific minds insist that if the stabilization of wormholes through exotic matter is indeed possible, there will be an opportunity for safe travel of people through such wormholes. And due to the “ordinary” matter, if desired, and the need for such portals can destabilize the back.

Unfortunately, today’s technology is not enough humanity to wormholes could artificially increase and stabilize, in case if they are still to be discovered. But scientists continue to explore the concepts and methods for rapid space travel, and maybe one day science will come to the right decision.
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