Fiction | What will the world in 150 years?




Fiction | What will the world in 150 years?

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For many years, scientists are trying to increase the length of human life. Rid of bad habits, we can safely live up to 80 years. But can a man live for more than 150 years ? It is said that the first people to reach this age, are already living among us. How will the world look like through the eyes of these people in 2163? The answer to this question was looking for popular science magazine Discovery.



Thanks to the development of medicine in 2163 the human lifespan of 150 years. Genetic engineering could prevent many dangerous diseases before birth. A hundred years later the cancer will no longer be a problem. People will be able to update the worn-out organs with new, artificially grown from stem cells. Repair our bodies will take the tiny nanobots.


Robots have long been implemented in production, and I must say, some of the types of work they perform better than humans. If in the future machines will replace people, what then will be engaged in long-lived? According futorologa Glen Hiemstra, people will be employed in the service and entertainment.


Already, solar energy can compete with fossil fuels. In the future alternative to oil can also be a safe nuclear energy without nuclear waste.


If humanity continues to pollute the atmosphere with harmful gases, the XXII century, we should expect a serious increase in global air temperature and water level in the oceans.

“To see what awaits us in the future, just look at Venice, where the cases of flooding due to rising water during high tides and storms. At the same time adapting to the new reality has been slow, “- says climatologist Gavin Schmidt of the Institute for Space Studies Goddard.

By 2163 the water can go to cities such as New Orleans, Miami Beach, the Chinese province of Guangdong and Shenzhen, as well as a large part of the Netherlands and the Republic of Bangladesh.


Thanks man died many species of animals. According to the forecast Anthony Barnoski Paleobiology at the University of California at Berkeley, for a 300-year period of the planet will disappear about 75 percent of mammalian species.

Elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys and other large animals will remain only in books. Their place will be an invasive species.


After a century and a half, we will look at the keyboard as quill. By the time the widespread receive connection “brain-computer”. Organic and computer components are connected by nerves or similar fibers. These interfaces allow you to control a virtual keyboard directly, says Professor Douglas Smith of the University of Pennsylvania.

The displays will replace the ocular implants.

Permanent internet access is reforming education. World history will be located at a distance of a nerve impulse. Immediate access to information will change our relationship with family and friends.



Modern computers have high performance. In 2011, IBM supercomputer Watson demonstrated the capabilities of artificial intelligence. And the most powerful computer in the world today recognized the Chinese Tianhe-2, which carries 33,860 trillion operations per second.

By 2163 computers will overtake humans in intelligence. According to experts, the critical moment will come sometime in 2045. People of the future will be able to upload their memories in computers, communicate with intelligent machines, and turn to them for advice or help in solving various problems.
Space colonization


The increase in the number of private space companies and the progress in space industry leads to the fact that sooner or later we will reach the so-called “inflection point.” Then comes a revolution in spaceflight is comparable to the information technology revolution of the 1990s.

By 2163 centenarians will communicate with the colonizers of the Moon or Mars via Skype.


Outside our solar system discovered a large number of planets where life could exist.

“Over the next 150 years, we find extraterrestrial life. Most likely, this will be done by the spectroscopic method by analyzing the composition of the atmosphere of exoplanets. It is also possible the study of a foreign body within our solar system, “- says astronomer Andrew Simeon University of California at Berkeley. – “In the next 25-50 years, we will learn how to scan the cosmos in an instant. Everything will be in full view. We find intelligent life once decipher narrowband signals. ”

Supplemented with people


Together with the technology that mixes humans and computers, humans would have access to all the benefits of genetic and biological engineering.

“Improving the biological body to the extent possible can be dangerous and costly exercise. However, for people in the future it will become commonplace, “- says futorolog Dzhamais Cassio.

Change your body – it’s more than makeup, hairstyle or plastic face. People will be able to change their sex, and when they want. Though every day, says Cassio. More exotic “improvement” may be an additional part of the body or super powers that will adapt to the extreme conditions. As a result, people of the future will look far not as we imagine .
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