FIFA 14: Champion in trouble




FIFA 14: Champion in trouble

“Getting to the top is difficult, stay there is much more difficult.” A famous saying that is true again and again, if only by the fact that no one can keep winning and a throne eventually always some time occupied by a new king forever. Electronic Arts knows all. It took the football throne a few years ago about the then king, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Battlefield 4 would be just another throne can climb later this year.

Market leader is fun, because it is associated with good results. The previous FIFA games have done very well and the expectations for FIFA 14 are no different in that respect. It is also accompanied by clichéd statements like “we will not rest on our laurels” and “we must continue to improve us.” With FIFA 13 EA succeeded, but it did not. The step from 12 to 13, it is already significantly smaller than the step of 10 to 11, or from 11 to 12. That line did not bode well for the year that would follow.

Whoever or a few jars FIFA 14 plays, will conclude that the line continues. We heard the past weeks many gamers who had just tried the FIFA 14 demo and found that the gameplay is not very different from that in FIFA 13, and those people are right. Broadly FIFA 14 offers in this area few changes. The differences are in the details, which we obviously on the following pages you through it.

However, let us begin to imagine that the story of FIFA 14 does not stop at this review. Unlike Konami EA jumps immediately on the arrival of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is another version of FIFA 14, which will be in the Netherlands. Together with the PlayStation 4 console in stores Since the E3 we all know that that version not only image but also in gameplay is deeper than the game that appears for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Indeed, PC gamers get the version for the current generation of consoles presented, not the version of the next-gens. The reason, according to EA that the lion’s share of the PC where gamers play games on FIFA is unable to run. The new engine


More focus on Ultimate Team

For one turns a new FIFA to a new beginning in Ultimate Team, another goes to work to focus on work in the rankings of Online Seasons, as soon as possible and yet another start a new career in the career mode is always present in the game. We have little in Ultimate Team. It is undeniable that the game mode, also becoming more popular thanks to the ongoing support of EA through various social media.

For FIFA 14, EA has a number of changes in Ultimate Team. So it is no longer so that players only render optimally within a given formation. It is also possible to give players a certain role which some of their properties gets an extra boost. A third major change in Ultimate Team is mainly related to the ease of use: players who bought out by you will be automatically packs loyal to your team, while in other ways obtained players take more time need. A team full of loyal players makes a team bonus, so even that can be a valuable addition.

EA thus focuses increasingly on Ultimate Team and continues to develop this game mode. At the Gamescom we saw another example of the consequences: gamers on an Xbox platform games may prepare themselves for the arrival of Ultimate Team Legends, accompanied by big names like Dennis Bergkamp and Ruud Gullit. The focus on Ultimate Team implies that game mode getting better and more fully. The only question is: will not be at the expense of other aspects of the game?

Child of the bill?

The answer you feel a little bit coming: it does indeed. Except in Online Seasons stabbing year we spend much time in the career mode of FIFA. Building a team based on real-world always works addictive. Find a great talent, give time and eventually grow into a top is fun, especially if you are with a small group started and it just needs to have unknown growth brilliants.


Scouting demolishes Career Mode

For gamers who recognize herein, we have bad news, and that news is called ‘Global Transfer Network. This is the new system introduced in EA FIFA 14. The old way of players search is jettisoned: now you have scouts and scout players find you before you can see if they are good and how much they cost. You can still set some filters, so players end up in a particular collection if they meet those criteria, but manual search is no longer there.


It may sound not even a radical change, but it changes everything that has to do with the selection of players, making the process cumbersome and unrealistic hell. You can not even pick players from the transfer list, because you only can see. In the ‘old fashioned’ transfer list positions, names and ages Sort by quality or price is not there at, and that is a blunder with a vengeance. The transfer list is a list so meaningless names where you only way around is if you take the trouble to scout, each player individually and then again takes time.


It’s completely past us why this change was necessary. Was it easy to find the right players for your team? The use of scouts is not something that we disapprove by definition, but why should it replace the entire old system, instead of it being used? Supplement The result is that the search of players in Career Mode works very frustrating.

Fresh look

Shame, because the fresher look that FIFA 14 has been given this year is working on several fronts very well and he also provides the Career Mode on a fresher look than ever before. About navigating through the menus, we are not completely satisfied and some features are very well hidden, but that does not detract from the fact that it all looks tremendously tight.

Under the gleaming hood is however still plenty wrong. We wanted to actually stop about Scouting Network, but the fact that the function as intended also buggy is not helping. So there are still more strange bugs in the game, most of which is not even very annoying for your game experience, but weird happens. Now it is already known that EA is working on a patch that kind of typical “day one bugs will remedy, so the question is how much load you ultimately will have. Unless that patch the whole scouting system pops FIFA 14 we see the career mode no longer be good.

Delicious minigame: the rondo

Fortunately, or is not compatible with the FIFA 14 Career Mode. Indeed, this football game offers a big load content which you all the important facets in recent years have been reviewed back is complemented by a number of new elements. Think of game modes known as Online Seasons and the aforementioned Ultimate Team, but also the Skill Games and the various features that are related to EA Sports Football World have. The Arena, where you can challenge to play for real money players is back in FIFA 14.


Most types of games speak for themselves reasonable, but we want to reflect on the Skill Games. Many FIFA players will not enjoy this game mode other than as necessary to warm up while a new game is loaded. In that capacity, run occasional assignments you get presented with, but otherwise it does you little. That may be, and it is also the way we have to politely. The Skill Games this year If, however, something more engrossed in the game form, sees that it is not simply occupational therapy is to pass the time. In the first place, there are Leaderboards. That’s for the simple exercises not very interesting, but the more difficult variants is more interesting to look at how you’ve been to the FIFA players in your friends list.’s From it

There is a Skill Game that clearly jumps out on that field. Who the three levels of ‘ground application’ has completed may namely the Skill Challenge play in that category, and that is nothing more or less than a rondo. Anyone who has ever played football knows the principle: a man goes in the middle and have to see the ball to get to the other, in this case four, players who play for each other. The idea is simple but addictive game turns serious in FIFA 14, not least because it is still quite difficult. Once a player takes the ball, the ball leaves the square, or the player touches the ball in the middle, you’re off immediately. Every mistake is fatal. You can constantly very safe play balls, but ‘trick passes’ as heels are rewarded with double points. So you’re constantly working to balance what you can and can not do, just like a real rondo. It is on paper only a small part of FIFA 14, but trust us when we say that we have put disproportionate amount of time in!

The gameplay should be better …

In doing so in our eyes we have had all the necessary asides: time for the gameplay. As we have indicated on the first page: there is no earth-shattering difference between FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. That is, if you master the gameplay of FIFA 13, FIFA 14 you will also get the hang of it pretty quickly, and you did not like the latest version, it will not suddenly be probably very different with FIFA 14.

Acceleration and deceleration

Still, you will soon find that feeling, actually like every year, weather is slightly different. In the case of FIFA 14, which is mainly due to the role that the L2 or left trigger plays. This button is to slow down and shielding the ball. EA explains the sprint button as ‘acceleration’ and shielding button stands for the brake. With a well-placed gear you pass defenders and danger found, but then increases the chance that you lose control of the ball or the ball just too far away from your foot jump causing a defender can intervene. That go against by slowing and screens off the ball but it slows down the game and so would your opponent spaces that can close walk there. Layers

In theory it sounds good, but in practice it does not always work as well. Especially delaying and blocking supplies in our eyes not the gameplay that the makers will have had in mind. It creates unnecessary delays and leads to stagnant football. In combination with the slower action by many players in the game that can make the gameplay occasional syrupy feel and takes place in a far too slow. Shielding we just left after a while for what it was.


Conclusion: FIFA 14 is slower than FIFA 13? No. The separate is that a number of developments at odds with the phenomenon described above. So some fields seem almost smeared with green soap, or they are very good sprayed in each case. Balls bounce and roll often harder than you might expect. This also has an advantage: the anticipation of a tight pass is easier and happens more often than in previous FIFA’s, and the very weak inspeelpasses were many football lovers always a thorn in the eye.

Steekpassjes by air

FIFA 13 had more of that sort of spines. Who is a bit of a cynical view bandied about, could argue that FIFA 13 was mainly a game where you mostly was working with players steekpassjes by air send away. And if you happened to know how you won an aerial battle, you scored on the assembly line in corners. The strange thing is that especially ‘lofted through balls’ were already indicated an element that would be in FIFA 14. Changed by EA at an early stage What? Steekpassjes by air are just as dangerous.

The only reason they less often lead to goals in FIFA 14, has nothing to do with the fit, but with the way in which players take balls. Since this time because they have more difficulty than ever. A ball over take is always a gamble, and even technical players often need considerable time to bring a ball. Control This sometimes leads to some frustration. If you send away a beautiful player on goal, it’s just not like that you lose your chance because that player does not get the ball under control quickly enough and so the defenders can intervene.

But … is not bad

The points on the previous page it seems this year doom and gloom in FIFA, but that is of course much too far. Of course there are also found in the gameplay. Enough positives One of the points we have already mentioned, namely the inspeelsnelheid of passes. This is something that you can try in the aforementioned rondo easily. Keep the pass button once again pressed a bit longer, you will notice that the pace in the rondo goes up considerably, but it is also more difficult to implement.’s Playmaking than good In the games that works the same, and that is a good development.

Offensive AI

The same applies to the improvements in the attacking artificial intelligence, which is always a tricky point in football games. There is nothing worse than players at the wrong time stop along in an attack, or do something completely unexpected so you can not lose the ball. Fortunately, this show is one of the strengths of FIFA 14. Players make regular runs, and follow not only the routes but most easy to imagine. We saw backs about wingers back, wingers behind defenders by crossing out and focus to business, which allowed for midfielders. It gives football in FIFA 14 just a little more tactical depth than was already there. Learn to recognize the actions faster and you give yourself an extra weapon.

New comment, please

That leaves, as with any review of FIFA, a number of required components. On one of the parts we can be brief: we could not play online, so during the review period information about any connection problems and experiences based on the new two-on-two in Online Seasons we must continue to owe you.

New look, better animations

What we can say something about the presentation, and then we are talking about picture and sound. We have casually been treated a bit, but the main points in it are the new look of the game outside the competitions and the slightly improved animations it again give a completely realistic look. In addition, the general atmosphere in the stadiums seemed slightly better, but expect at that point not very big steps.


It started with a spoiled for us Career Mode and then ends through various ups and downs, not too positive. FIFA 14 is not a bad game, far from it – otherwise there would be an insufficient figure below this story. Fans of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team get back a much better game and the online component is expanded. FIFA 14 is for that matter, even if you take the Skill Games (rondo’s!) Into account, perhaps the most comprehensive FIFA game to date.

There either.’s The problem Apart from the Career Mode is mainly that allows the development of the gameplay this year marking time. For each strikingly positive point is a negative point to mention. Fortunately, that is fairly balanced, but the essence of that story is that it does not make the gameplay of FIFA 14 better than FIFA 13, and that is the intention. We have no doubt that FIFA 14 fans are really Could Love again, but they will not deny that it had much better.


+ Fresh, modern look
+ Improved attacking AI
+ Basic Gameplay remains good
+ Spectacular shots
+ Rondos


– New scouting screwing Career Mode
– Part-old problems still exist
– Gameplay feels occasionally syrupy
– Weather same, monotonous, often throbbing comment
– Many players poorly recognizable

Rating: 7.5

Title FIFA 14 FIFA 14
Platform PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
(PS4, Xbox One later get another version)
Developer EA Sports
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release Date Now appeared

NB: as far as we can ascertain, screenshots Tweakers EA delivered has been made ​​with the nextgen version of FIFA 14. These images are not or not all representative of the quality of the PC, Xbox 360 – and PlayStation 3 version.

An element which FIFA certainly does not step in, as the faces of the players. Yes, of course Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney and such big names well recognizable. This applies not only long for all players, especially in the Dutch Eredivisie is rather long way from recognizable players. Maybe you already have the ‘pictures’ of the selections of the big clubs come and go. It was for example that Siem de Jong and Nicolai Boilesen of Ajax have the same face. That still remains a bit of a shame.

“Jaha, Youri …”

Another highlight is the negative comments. We can guarantee that virtually the entire Dutch game journaille, including Tweakers, has announced its commentaarduo with Evert ten Napel and Youri Mulder. Unhappy EA expanded Then if you want to keep these guys, let them all fixed in any case record some more new texts, as it continues to repeat asset. This applies equally to the English commentary. In addition, the comment with the regularity of a clock is incorrect. We even made the comment that meant that we got a free kick, while in reality the opponent who got free ball.

Also, the shooting has changed in FIFA 14. The new ‘see Pure shot’ feature shots not only beautiful animated, they’re also more diverse. It ensures that the shooting in general what credible happens in FIFA 14. The animations of the bodies consistent with factors that affect a shot, such as the position of the ball, the speed of the player, or opponents around, and so on. Fine-product is that it is because of this that FIFA also better possible to score. Remotely Especially when the ball is something for your player, you can pick out the right players devastating.

No need for tricks L2

Astute readers will have already found that to be in control, when it comes to doing tricks. Anything changed You had previously Indeed L2 or left trigger for that, but we now use so as shield button. That is indeed. The tricks below the right thumbstick down, but you do not need extra button more use. That makes it a little easier and more intuitive to use them. During gameplay



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