Finder features a large forward, more provincial power system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks hands-on play




Finder features a large forward, more provincial power system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks hands-on play
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The latest version of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, in the end there is what new features quickly and see it!

Apple announced at WWDC 2013 with the latest OS X 10.9 system and now provides developer preview version download, but the new system does not use cats named, in favor of California related names, OS X 10.9 will be renamed Code Mavericks (California surfing), rather than the previously outgoing Lynx.

OS X Mavericks has many new features, including supports tabs (tab) and label (tag) a new Finder, also provided more Notification Center and iCloud features that make cloud OS X Mavericks have more features, but also and iOS 7 can match more closely.

Another OS X Mavericks update the most part, is in fact the system functions in, for example, Apple at WWDC in the show, OS X Mavericks can the CPU from low to high computing computing startup time to focus, making OS X Mavericks more power, Another memory compression feature, you can program in a memory is needed, compress occupied by other programs memory, so need to use a program memory, which allows the program starts and faster response.

But at WWDC published in iBook for Mac, the developer preview version, then disappeared, it may have to be added only later.
Installing OS X Mavericks

From the Apple Developer website OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 1, just untie DMG file, then copy the installer to the hard disk can be executed under the next point two installation.

os x mavericks 1

Then just follow the installation steps to complete the installation.

os x mavericks 2

os x mavericks 5

In OS X Mavericks in, Finder two more important functions, namely, paging, and labels. Finder Paging is a long time Mac users want to add functionality to OS X Mavericks after, Apple finally heard the voice of the user, for the Finder joined the paging feature that allows users to take advantage of Finisher Finder window, you can make OS X Mavericks no longer filled a variety of Windows, copy the file, do not need to open two windows each copy. Also the Finder to open a different pagination view mode, the user in one window, you can use different ways to view their files. Meanwhile Finder pagination pagination, like Safari, as there is a key set in the same window function to facilitate open multiple Finder window in the case of all the windows are changed to the page display.

os x mavericks 11

Another new feature is the Finder label (tag) function, users can now file under a variety of text labels.

os x mavericks 14

The label will be displayed under the Finder sidebar, allowing users to quickly bring up a file with a label, the other labels can also be used as search criteria, so that you can cross-check once wanted to use multiple tags file.

os x mavericks 12

os x mavericks 13

Apple and there are maps and calendar
Apple Maps

OS X Mavericks Another new feature is added a new map program, so that the original can only be used on Apple iOS maps can be used in OS X systems, but OS X and iOS is still the same map data, both in Taiwan There are not enough finesse, no full-featured support questions. OS X and iOS on the map function and the same, with navigation capabilities, but only step instructions, rather than with Turn-by-turn voice navigation.

os x mavericks 15

os x mavericks 17

The map program map data in the United States are also much more detailed maps and iOS have the same features 3D buildings, attractions in Taiwan map data than a good many.

os x mavericks 19

os x mavericks 21

OS X Map program also has sharing feature, so you can directly map program, will share specific locations to your social network, or via e-mail, SMS or AirDrop transmission, however, and the iPhone share the same, although sharing out URL will be displayed, but is actually pressed Google Maps.

os x mavericks 23

os x mavericks 22

OS X Mavericks in the calendar interface color small change, but also the content color paste into the iOS calendar, but the changes will be negligible. However, a new calendar will be in line with new maps use if dating events with an address, the user can directly query the calendar using right near the map, and if the words have weather information is also displayed in the calendar, but Taiwan does not have the means to use display weather features.

os x mavericks 29

os x mavericks 16

And there are multi-monitor support, memory compression
Multi-screen, multi-Desktop Support

OS X Mavericks support the Apple TV as an extended desktop display, past OS X using Apple TV when using AirPlay not only play audio and video files that can only be used when mirroring the desktop in OS X Mavericks, the user can put Apple TV Use the screen as a separate, independent let it show on the computer desktop workspace, but on our use of MBA 2012 year edition of view, the use of this feature will make the system becomes Dayton, and Apple TV shows the Desktop area, delay in operation or some situation.

os x mavericks 36

os x mavericks 32

os x mavericks 33

Also in OS X Mavericks events, Apple updated the multi-screen and multi-Desktop environment support, past OS X Mountain Lion full-screen program, will make all of the screens are switched to full screen mode, making multi-screen environment into a single moment monitor the environment, waste a lot of work space in the OS X Mavericks, each screen is independent, in which a full-screen program on the screen, the other screen can still be used, working together easier.

os x mavericks 34

Mission Control also depend OS X Mavericks multi firefly functions and all changes in the past on the screen at all Mission Control are interlinked, now in the multi-firefly mode, all monitors can have a separate Misson Control interface, users can respectively, at different screen open multiple desktop workspaces.

os x mavericks 37
Memory compression

In the WWDC, Apple OS X Mavericks mentioned adding a compressed memory functions in memory are occupied most of the time, if open a new program requires more memory, OS X Mavericks will be occupied by other programs pressure memory to provide a new program to use, let the system do not need to wait for the memory occupied by the program frees memory, let the program open and response faster. Users can observe the activity center OS X Mavericks how much memory has been compressed.

▼ years of my MBA 2012 edition has 8GB RAM, under normal circumstances will compress more than 200 MB of RAM.
os x mavericks 24

▼ RAM are occupied in the case of open programs requires a lot of RAM, causes the OS X Mavericks heavily compressed to open the program RAM to provide sufficient RAM.

os x mavericks 26

However, according to the test results, this feature on systems with less than 4GB of RAM is more practical, because in a machine with 8GB RAM, and I have to open 10 + Chrome browser tabs, retouching program, text editing, App Store, Calendar, and and perform GeekBench stress tests, only way to eat in the open Safari RAM monster this time, so that a large number of OS X compression occupied by another program RAM.
Power Management

Another OS X Mavericks also offers many new designs to enhance battery life, allowing users to more easily control the power consumed by a device, such as a system function, OS X Mavericks can the CPU from low to high computing centralized computing startup time, making OS X Mavericks more power. Also in the battery icon, OS X Mavericks also displayed the most power-hungry programs; while in the active center, you can observe the programs and services consumed by the electric power system, so that users require electricity when deciding priorities Close programs.

os x mavericks 31

os x mavericks 30
iCloud key ring

OS X’s secret past accounts, credit card information can be stored in Keychain (Keychain) encrypted protection in the OS X Mavericks, keychains and more cloud synchronization feature that allows OS X and iOS can share stored in keychain accounts, passwords and credit card information.

os x mavericks 8

Users simply iCloud settings, start the key ring features iCloud, you can sync via iCloud account close to iOS, if you have a good first set on iOS iCloud key ring, on your iOS device must be certified before they can be used.

os x mavericks 9
Notification Center

In OS X Mavericks, the notification center in addition possess before Facebook and Twitter sharing, but also much to send SMS functionality allows users in the notification center, iMessage messages sent directly. In addition, after notification will have more features, such as direct mail reply to the notice, information and other content, but has not been seen in the preview version.

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