Finding the way – this is the key to the development of commercial robots




Finding the way – this is the key to the development of commercial robots

5D robotics

It will not be long, and the soldiers will look at modern weapons as well as modern warriors on the soldiers of the First World War. “How?” – Ask them. – “As they stand on their feet without exoskeletons? As guided by the rebels filled slope without infrared scanners? How to check the caves on the bomb, do not run there previously robot canary? ‘. The soldier today – a high-tech marvel, armed to the teeth with the same wonders of steel and carbon fiber. But so far, the military has not yet adapted to all the achievements of technology, which they carry with them.

The first problem – the weight of which many of you may seem ordinary. Soldiers raised to 45 kg per person, which is six times longer than recommended in the case of long transitions. Quite an interesting approach offers 5D Robotics: instead of looking for another home-grown way to take on more load soldier, why not take a robotic mule or two?

But like any headless dog robot cargo today is very difficult to find a place to step forward.

Boston Dynamics and its BigDog prototype became the first bells portend the development of this direction. Walking robot with a decent truck all-terrain traction and abilities that come in handy in the mountains of Afghanistan, can haul 150 kg of weight. BigDog able to take on the burden of three modern soldier or significantly ease the burden of six. Why are these “big dogs” has not become a standard in the field of robotics?


One of the first reasons – find the way. 5D announcement marked the beginning of a strategic partnership with robotic platforms from Segway and DRS Technologies, which will be equipped with a system 5D Behavior Engine, a software that will help robots to follow a target without protaranivaniya walls or falling down. In fact, live mules possess these abilities are already millions of years old, but really difficult to convey their skills robots. It’s one thing scurry across the battlefield, but the other – the way through the trap on a jagged cliff.

Video 5D show a number of features of their technology, and while many of them are impressive, they all show the effect on the flat open countryside. The ability to dynamically identify obstacles, just as we do, great, but in the open it is not particularly necessary. We could use regular trucks. The robots must be able to follow a person in a place where today can only be moved by soldiers.

Instead of using GPS to track the target, for example, transportation or a soldier, Behavior Engine uses UBW-called tags (Ultra-Wide Band), which appear to be better. It will be able to track the relative position of multiple targets with an accuracy of half a meter, stay behind the target, and perform other tasks.

Walking robotics is moving by leaps and bounds, but much remains to be seen. Turning Segway can be interesting because this technology allows you to store things upright. The three companies will work together to make the wildest dreams of the good robots a reality.
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