Firmware update: Asuswrt-Merlin 378.54_1




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Source: Asuswrt-Merlin , submitter: souheil

Asuswrt-merlin logo Asus used its newer routers such as the RT-N66U and RT-AC66U, Tomato firmware derivative called Asuswrt. This firmware is – after some drivers – open source, which closed binaries are included.

Asuswrt-merlin is a modified version of the original firmware which includes bug fixes and small improvements, but still close to the original, trying to stay so that it remains possible to add new features Asus introduces the code. Monday 378.54_1 version was released and the release notes of the issue are as follows:

If you were previously using the AiProtection ad blocker, you will need to manually disable it over SSH after flashing this release, by running the following commands:
nvram set wrs_adblock_popup = 0
nvram set wrs_adblock_stream = 0
nvram commit

Merged with Asus GPL 378_5134.
OpenVPN policy rules can now be set to route matching traffic through the tunnel upkeep, or to your ISP (-allowing you to create exceptions to your tunneling rules)
Added OpenVPN server setting to let the OS manage socket buffers (by inserting rcvbuf sndbuf 0 and 0 in the server configuration)
Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2a, adding new TLS ciphers to OpenVPN and the HTTPS webui
Updated miniupnpd to 1.9.20150430
Reverted kernel backport of the parallel printer support, and reintroduced fix in lprng. This shouldering hopefully fix the recent printing breakage issues.
Removed AiProtection’s ad blocker, as it’s too buggy to be usable, breaking numerous at mobile applications, and not being configurable in any way.
OpenVPN policy routing rules are now applied at boot time (when WAN comes up), so clients who are blocked while a tunnel is down Immediately will be blocked until the tunnel comes up.
Upgraded firmware to Quantenna 378_6065 release (AC87)
Router DNS were not reverted to Their original values ​​When shutting down an OpenVPN client with “explicit- exit notify” enabled. Now we manually clean it up after the user manually terminates the client – it might still not be cleaned up after an unexpected shutdown However. Ideally, users should try Avoiding using this Setting when possible.
Some legitimate VPN packets could get dropped due to Their conntrack state. Now, only INVALID packets coming from the WAN interface are dropped.
OpenVPN client would try to connect sometime before the clock had been set by NTP at boot time, Preventing it from connecting.
AiProtection security check would fail to load When Dual WAN is enabled
Various fields would allow you to enter a single quote character, the break-which could webui. Now these fields re-validate the content after you deactivate the text field.
Switching between All Traffic and Policy Fashion OpenVPN routing while the option to block traffic When the tunnel goes down was not properly removing Those rules, so a tunnel going down to All Traffic would still block policed ​​clients.
EMF was not working on ARM models (missing userspace tool)


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