Five future technologies for home that you like




Five future technologies for the home that you like

Too long dreamed of a future high-tech homes. In 1956, researchers at MIT have experimented with plastic houses. They would be very easy to keep clean, is not it? Within a few decades, researchers are trying to Goodyear “cheat” at home in the form of balloons, and again they have nothing good will come out. The house of the future – is a complex concept. It includes many things: robot servants, video intercoms, automatic control by pressing a button – or even with a thought . And of course, the wall with the wireless charging.

Alas, our accommodation until a peak of perfection of high technology, we’ve been looking. We have a small convenience – stereo and air conditioning. But do we have enough? Below you’ll find five technologies for homes of the future that are actively developing and may one day become a reality.
Light control

Light control

Imagine that you come home after work and press one button, regulating lighting in your home. The lights go out in the kitchen and in the gym, in your bedroom, if you want, light up the curtains. Outside lights light up. But hey, let’s do better. Do you have a reference point (as, indeed, air conditioning). You specify preferences for lighting during the day and night, on weekends – and you do not have to strain on the matter.

You probably think, “Damn, have to fiddle with the lighting. Because sometimes you need to change the lighting when I read or leave. ” Do not worry. The system will be smart enough – you can pre-program the romantic lighting, “reading room”, a dinner and other activities.

In modern time available so varied lighting that’s plenty, but they are quite expensive, so not popular. But in the future become a standard. Why not? Controlled lighting saves time and money, in addition, serves as alarm and security systems.
Consumption control


Ever wonder why we have long been working smart technology in cars, but not in the home? Think about it. If the ends petrol, car tell. If the tire pressure is low – too. Even if the door is not closed, the machine will begin to move, but zapischit. All these measures will not only promote safety but also cherish your money by preventing costly repairs in case. But at home, none of the devices does not warn you that something is wrong. Special station Powerhouse Dynamics is designed to change that.

The company, based in Maine, presented a program for global control home energy, which monitors energy use in the home, its value and the output of carbon dioxide every minute. Thanks to detailed observation, the system can tell you when to increase energy expenditure, and why, forcing the owner to think about. It also monitors the equipment, so you do not spend the extra money for its repair. It can even tell when your vehicle will be so old and unfit, it would be cheaper to buy a new one.
Home robots

Robot gardener

For years – for decades – we are regaled with tales of the cleaning robot. And now – 21 in the yard, and within the line of sight does not work, no tireless worker. However, not all is lost. Recently in Germany presented a one-armed and three-toed robot that can lift objects during cleaning, bring drinks and even control certain mechanisms. Multiple sensors would prevent unpleasant moment, random and painful, “handshake”, if you or your smaller brothers would try to put a robot arm which is not necessary. The robot is controlled by a touch screen, but also responds to voice commands and gestures.

This is just one of the versions of household robots. There are others, actively developing slogger. Consider, for example, these robotic monkeys: the scope of their application is quite wide. Important – that the average person robot cleaner was expensive.
Smart toilet

Smart toilet

If you’ve ever been in Asia, namely in Japan, you’ve probably been enchanted by their toilets. Compared with ours, Japanese toilets look quite futuristic. They are littered with buttons and devices, whose appointment is sometimes difficult to calculate. Virtually all of the toilets in Japan act as a bidet. In Europe and other parts of the world bidet splash some water on you to clean up a bit. But in the new toilets are working and dryer, which negates the need for toilet paper.

In addition, Japanese toilets are saving marriages. In addition to heated seats, local toilets automatically raised and lowered the lid. The built-in deodorizers and cleaners. Become increasingly popular self-cleaning toilets using antibacterial coating – an indispensable thing in public. It’s not like that.

Despite the fact that the “smart” toilets are marching on the planet – even if they have not yet seen our shores – the most intelligent of them were not born yet. Their purpose – to keep us healthy. Some toilets in Japan have performed a urine test, in time to inform the user that he has diabetes, and soon the weather will be in the list of pregnancy, drugs in the blood, well, or colon cancer. They can even suggest diet and exercise to maintain a healthy shape. But will you listen to the “white master”?
Watch-video system

Normal video phone

In many modern films enterprises and government agencies with software for facial recognition, tend to keep strange cargo in secret locations. One day each of us will be able to put such a program in his home. Why? Video camera input can distinguish friends and family members, strangers and neighbors. In the end, the dog, not everyone can afford. In the case of the stranger at the door system can look for it in the face database, the most vicious and not repeat offenders. Suddenly, in the future, this database will be available in the style of “free download on the Internet.” The main thing that this list was not your friends and family members.

Today, many companies use the software for face recognition, both for corporate and private segment. More and more companies are working on a stealth system in conditions of total surveillance.

Already in Android Ice Cream Sandwich by the opportunity to unlock the recognition appearance. But it’s easy to be misleading, showing a photo of “owner.” So the video door entry systems to full control, we’re still far away.
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