Five ways in which hackers can kill you right now!




Five ways in which hackers can kill you right now!


Computer technology really make life easier for the modern man. After all, they allow us to not only communicate at a distance and have fun, but also allow you to perform complex mathematical calculations, conduct scientific discoveries. But as with any medals in progress there is a downside. Thanks to computer technology intruders or hackers can bloat a lot of trouble and ruin a lot of people. So we offer you with a selection of the five most probable ways to kill that hackers can optionally implement have right now.

Hack your pacemaker


Hacking pacemaker is more suitable for the plot of a Hollywood detective. To kill a man by intercepting control of his pacemaker, a joke right? Not at all! Last year, a researcher of the issue of Australia has demonstrated this by running on a special pacemaker virus, which also can be transmitted to other pacemakers within about 10 meters.

Threat Level

Perhaps this method of killing is the most limited in today’s list. After all, it can be sent only to those who can not live without a pacemaker. Besides, this is a very difficult break-in. For in order to implement it, the hacker will not be enough just to connect to the nearest point on the Internet. Most of all, for those who would dare to kill, cheaper and easier to buy a bomb left or gun. Hollywood looks a method of killing, not because it is impossible, but because it is not very effective.
Beat the plane


The possibility of hijacking these days can be a very important issue. Especially when you consider that modern aircraft are capable to do almost anything that can do the pilots themselves. And all this thanks to the computer electronics, they are crammed. The hacker in this case does not even have to be in the plane, whose computer controls it is going to crack. Moreover, a higher level of threat that is subject to large commercial airliners. Because through their console, you can get full access to internal systems. And even if the direct control of the aircraft will not be able to hack the hacker will be able to get into the system of air traffic and give false commands to pilots. And the pilots themselves of the falsity of the information, and even do not know.

Threat Level

Despite the technical holes, planes were not as popular target for terrorist attacks since 2001. But do not forget that the possibility of such of the hackers are, and if they do not use it, it does not mean that for them it is an impossible task. Just the current terrorism attacks in the most subversive uses bombs.
Hack the system power supply


Power outages are killing more people than you can imagine. Broken air conditioning, broken shops, pharmacies, and to close the hospital, the violation of landline and mobile – all of which can be fatal, especially for those who depend on these benefits of the process. For example, according to a 2003 report in the American city of New York as a result of a serious failure of power supply killed 90 people (that’s 15 times more than the average mortality rate for this city). And a mains failure has occurred due to a very small error Regional Manager Power Company. And the consequences were such that 55 million people had to completely do without electricity for three days.

But what about the targeted attacks? Last summer, hackers broke into the safety of the Canadian utility company and gained access to its management. Serious cases, they did not twists, but you could also! Sophisticated power with access to the Internet, are particularly vulnerable because they are connected to the same Internet that you and I, and thus provide hackers easy access to them.

Threat Level

Previously, even breaking into a small power lines could cause a chain of problems that would ultimately affected the larger grid. But companies spend a lot of money and effort to ensure that small failures do not lead to failure of all power systems. And since 2003, their safety has increased substantially.

To kill a particular person interruption of power supply is not the most accurate for this tool to any terrorist group. Most likely a failure to write off some sensor problem rather than a targeted attack.

In addition, enhanced security, which does not allow small local hack to “kill” the entire power grid is a very serious obstacle. After all, for a very large attack will now have to break not one, but several power lines are united in a common network, but operating independently. It will be very difficult, expensive and time consuming.
Hack your car

Car Crash

Alarm systems that are supposed to protect your car from theft, really are a great way to break it. In 2010, a group of engineers from one company for the production of security systems for cars due to the special one small device installed in the car, showed him how to use the access to the machine can get a potential intruder. Since then, the only means of breaking undoubtedly improved. In 2011 the same company showed several ways wireless remote hacking and access to a car. And the hacking was carried out through a system that allows the owner to initially find the car, if that was hijacked, over a cellular connection.

As it can take advantage of a hacker? Plenty of room for ideas is very broad: to break the car brakes, lights and even the engine.

Threat Level

The bottom line is that, like most cyber attacks, this is a rather time-consuming task. After all, before you do it, the hacker would have to gather a lot of information in order to find the proper car belonging to his victim, and then podgadat time when the victim will be in this car. But it is quite real.
But after a hacker attack can be carried out not only to eliminate a certain person, and how terrible it would not sound, for the sake of fun. But again, it will not be easy, and as a result of the break just hurt people.
Hack UAV

parrot 2.0

Military drones, which are often flashed on our site, you can really crack. Or at least redirect. For example, last summer, students from the University of Texas at Austin on a bet proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, the government could crack the UAV.

Nevertheless, at the same West is scheduled for 2015 a large program to expand the airspace for drones. In Russian practice of using UAVs are not very common, but in the West, the system has been running for a long time.

Threat Level

Just one hacked military drone can kill large numbers of people. But if you take into account the compact commercial samples, like the same Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, and then he could easily kill a person, and even two. The same story of Aeschylus, which says that the ancient Greeks killed the turtle, which dropped catches her eagle, can testify to the fact that the death of the small flying object is not impossible, it is just unlikely.
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