Five ways to help you become more intelligent




Five ways to help you become more intelligent


What is the mind? Some people believe that it is possible to calculate the index on the basis of standardized tests and the average academic performance. Others believe that IQ can be determined wit, which allows time to make the right decision in certain situations. But standardized tests showed their inconsistency and bias along with the bias on racial and socio-economic grounds, and cramming the entire row will only lead to the average, which is difficult to count as a true indicator of intelligence.

The debate on this issue continues to this day, but what we can all agree now, it’s the fact that the key to it all is the human brain – an amazing system that is capable of growth, adaptation and absorption of new information. Neural networks of the brain expanded and strengthened through training and the constant stimulation during operation makes the brain stronger and more resilient. There are five ways that you can increase the performance of your brain so that it can absorb and store more information becomes available. And if it even easier, there are ways to help you become smarter.


For thousands of years, people have realized the importance and the benefits of meditation . From a practical point of view, meditation is different, but in most cases it has the overall performance, which is based: the silence and various breathing techniques that allow the practitioner to achieve mental peace. Regardless of whether you believe it in the fact that this is a consequence of mental peace full spiritual enlightenment, no one can deny the benefits of focusing on the right, quiet breathing. The practice of functional magnetic resonance imaging shows that regular meditation can also affect the actual structure of the brain. Some scientists believe that the increased focus, improved memory and its operation can be achieved through meditation. One study even showed that regular daily meditation has increased the size of the parts of the cortex. It is not surprising that some of the world’s leading companies often advise their employees to take classes on meditation.
Exercises for the brain


The brain, like most parts of the human body needs regular exercise, which will allow him to keep the shape and vitality. Most regular exercise for the brain represent a recreational pursuits, such as solving a regular crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other alphanumeric puzzles. However, there are more academic ways, such as solving mathematical and geometric brainteasers and puzzles. By the way, even reading this article, to some extent, causes your brain to work. But if you have all of these tasks are too dull and boring, even some changes in your daily routine can help you. For example, brush your teeth with the other hand, not the one you normally accustomed to do, start to move the other foot, or even try (at least briefly) change gait. All this will make your brain work harder than usual.
Can bacteria?


In June 2010, scientists from The Sage Colleges (private training institute, which consists of several colleges in the city of Albany) conducted research and found that a certain type of bacteria found in the usual mud was able to make the laboratory mouse “smarter.” Mouse, which have settled bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae, better take tests become a maze exhibit less aggression, and further investigation of her brain showed an increased amount of serotonin in the forebrain, that is the part that is responsible for higher thinking. In addition, the researchers found that the bacteria contributed to the growth of neurons.

It is true, note that this does not mean that we should all immediately go out and rake the dirt shoveled into his mouth. The fact that we can “consume” this bacterium, for example, doing work in the garden or in the garden, or even just walking in the park among the trees.
Sleep more


Exercises for the brain is certainly good, but there also needs to know when to stop and rest time. For example, sleep. This is a physiological process, we know is not really so much. For example, scientists for many years wrongly believed that during sleep the brain is completely “off” and “recharge.” Today’s science says is that during sleep the brain still retains its activity , albeit minimal. He “catalogs” information received over the past day, and distributes it “by folder” in such a way that it turns out short-term to long-term memory. Scientists have already seen that sleep disorders can cause a number of other problems associated with the brain, so the dream really is a great way to increase its supply of “strength” and the ability to focus attention. All this, of course, highly individual, but the science recommends 6-8 hours of sound sleep.
Take care of your body


Everything in the human body is interconnected, so keep an eye on one part of the body, depriving other concerns, will not work. Physical exercise is very important for maintaining health. Moreover, not only the health of the body, but also the brain. During exercise increased blood pressure, which feeds the brain glucose and oxygen. Coordination during exercise and also put a strain on your brain, especially when you do something completely new for you exercise.

Dining on this issue is also very important. A healthy diet that includes fish, butter, eggs, protein and green vegetables – is more important in twins. And green leaf tea, nuts are also considered excellent “battery” for the brain.

Therefore, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, physical and mental exercises are the key factors that will help improve your memory and overall functionality of the brain.
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