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Qiangdang movie released this week, “Heike Hercules” starring Dwayne Johnson is a strong piece of the action, but also a wonderful ancient Greek epic works.

This week in theaters of “Heike Lux” is a description of the story of the legendary hero of Greek mythology, half-god “Heike wrestlers.” Earlier this year the theme was to be interpreted in the movie “Steel Guinness”, was played by “Twilight Series” Kellan Lutz with action starring martial arts star Scott Huggins.

But “Iron Lux” script skillful enough, the production with performances nor show enough tolerance, but people expect from version “Heike Hercules” by Dwayne Johnson interpretation. Dwayne Johnson star road success in recent years, in addition to more skillful performances, boulders for their rigorous physical training, but also so that he can show strong superstar charisma on screen.

13 665×289 力拔山河、勇破萬軍,《海克力士》新片評析

“Heck Guinness” Although the myth of the basement, but deliberate manner with the opposition in the real face of the myth of a legendary hero narrative story. In other words, the movie focuses on the contrary, is not presented in the trailer cut siren, capture wild boar …… etc. “12 trials”, but rather a life in the legendary heroes of ancient Greece, and how by people for the legendary imagination and rely on, so that their true self to find the legendary achievements while in.

The story describes the protagonist Heike wrestlers and five partners set up a mercenary team, they took four tasks, and in exchange for remuneration. At the time the movie started, they have been in constant crusade achievement in the Guinness Heike unbeaten myth, but in advancing the plot, the story constantly unraveling, we slowly discover behind Heike Lux has a dark past, and the In the task entrusted by a king, crusade against enemy troops in the upcoming Guinness Heike darkness slowly put his desire for solitude and loneliness, transformed into a true legend.

42 665×279 力拔山河、勇破萬軍,《海克力士》新片評析

The film is a wonderful surprise that Dwayne Johnson interpretation of the mythical hero of extraordinary charm, with the image of strength and domineering, like God of War came into the world, successfully picking up half the image of God, “the son of Zeus,” this one. In the film, rock is not only physical, but also has honed than even the acting business for more mastery played when “Scorpion King.” Roles are equally with mythological, like rock fans who might as well be by these two movie characters image, go over to Dwayne Johnson as an actor in the film industry to grow and change.

33 665×443 力拔山河、勇破萬軍,《海克力士》新片評析

In addition, the performance of tactics in the war is one of the key action scenes, Heike Guinness in the film is not just a “man guards the pass, unchallenged,” the generals, it is the command of the armies clash Type the characters fighting generals. Apart from Heike Lux, his partner a handheld long cold weapons weird prophecy teacher Amphiaraus, archery God quasi Amazons Atalanta, as the beast, the pressure of the bitter war fighter Tydeus, armed with knife , with Heike Guinness collaboration between Autolycus ﹝ no fighting force and a storyteller Iolaus ﹞, a combination of the crowd into a fighting force strong team, teamwork exhibited doing action scenes are also quite wonderful impressive.

23 665×443 力拔山河、勇破萬軍,《海克力士》新片評析

In conclusion, “Heike Lux” wonderful to see is that it subverts the traditional Greek mythology movie storyline demon slayer, and create a more eclectic heroes, of course, this part also allows movie lost some fantastic qualities, and more fighting some war or the art of war. In addition, Dwayne Johnson domineering and charm for the movie plus a lot of points, here Based on the above, to the “Heike Guinness” score of 8.0

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