Forget Google Glass. That is – the interfaces of the future




Forget Google Glass. That is – the interfaces of the future

When we talk about the design of modern times, the conversations are as follows: where to take us a slim design and skevomorfizm, can there be a truly intuitive interface, whether we need a “portable” or “endangered” interface. The world is waiting for Google Glass , but it’s whether we need?

In these conversations, half the problems are ignored. In any software system is the digital interface and physical interface. Digital user interface (UI) is crucial, but the physical design – the design of the machine as a real object – was a key since Eliot Noyes led the design case for IBM in the 1950s.

All the reasons mentioned below belongs to David Gelernter, professor of computer science at Yale University.

We still are in the trap design of the 60s – the last era when fresh design solutions (rather than their endless repetition) dominated the market. With the advent of personal computers in the 1980s, our digital heritage (including computers, smart phones, watches, etc.) have moved forward a half step. Wearable interfaces (sunglasses, watches) are no different from their predecessors. The architecture of office buildings has changed slightly from the 60’s (although also not mentioned), but the office interior is stuck in the 45th year. Offices are designed for typewriters, cordless phones, ubiquitous office and huge space for writing. Office chairs are forced to sit straight, just as forced secretaries 50s.

However, the modern office obviously must be built under computers and computing, and not the needs of the distant past. No one likes the plastic furniture, plastic why people computer? Computer case can be made of wood, metal, glass, plastic million species, it can be painted, covered with leather, cloth, granite, amber. Why are all our laptops and computers to one person? Touch screens are taking over the world, so where’s the new tables, which can be printed at a comfortable angle?

In the atavistic world of computer design, too much has changed. The design is stuck in the sharp corners that are loved, because in the old familiar. Another twenty years, all complained that the computers were ugly and looked the same – they just too lazy to do more beautiful. And fifteen years ago, Apple released a “candy» iMac, which was a breath of fresh air and let the world of computers in bright colors, and did not repeat the shades of which are already sick.

Since we are fully immersed in a world where gadgets are all around us – and they hate each other, rarely interacting with each other (except for the trivial way). Our personal computers must be something more than just the sum of its parts. From here we go to other interesting decisions – like harmonious automotive computers.

The devices that we take with us or with which we work, should form a natural ensemble. Hardware and software must be designed at the same time. Why the phone screen? (In one strip, which tells you who is calling?). Right, so there was ” John’s phone . ” You carry a purse? Why not integrate into the screen?

Civilization of the future would be shocked to find out that we are talking with screens.
Laptops and Computers

Modern laptop or PC is not very adapted to the touch screen. And since we are the first generation that caught the emergence of touch screens on computers, we urgently need to change their design.

In fact, laptops have always been not much in design since shut down the screen, the most unnatural way. Touchscreens fundamentally reduce the distance between the screen and the user. Now the screen is in an upright position and close enough to the user, there was a problem with the keyboard: it should be under the screen, not lower and not in front, as it is now. The touch screen and keyboard should be at the same distance from the user’s hands, but do not overlap.

As an example – on the left of the above image design of the notebook, one of the screens which can be deployed and used as a tablet or keyboard. Thus, you can print the screen without having to move away. This design does not interfere with the portability and portability of the device.
Purse with display

Дэвид Гелернтер

Purses are and will remain pervasive as we use paper money, business cards, receipts and checks. Of course, wallets gradually transformed into an electronic format. Given all this, even strange that the wallet had not yet turned into small computers that work with our phones.

The sketch shows a folded “electronic wallet” that can do the same thing as the wallet, and more. Sizes – standard, you can make leather for comfort, as well as upload electronic identifiers cards, for example.

But he has a display. It can be folded in half – to the size of a conventional screen smartphone, as well as expanded, receiving 7-inch mini tablet that can be used for ordinary purposes. Another problem – the parallel design software with the hardware.

Finally, the ‘smart’ purse can coordinate with the mobile phone and the other. Imagine a synchronization action kakih-nibud hours Pebble, iPad mini, and this purse.


Most smartphones – this ergonomic disaster. No one wants to wear flat brick in his hand: we all want a quick and easy way to answer the phone or make it. Other features of a modern smartphone – it’s just the need to take display space. Typing on the glass has always been a problem.

The author of the above concept offers a new class of devices that can be managed in a fist, and it would be handy to keep in a concise hand.

The phone does not need your own screen, except to tell me who is calling and whether to take the tube – so it can not do the display in a single lane. When a call you just look at the number and presses one of two buttons.

The numbers you can dial with your fingers in a fist, even in your pocket, using the simplest interface of the five fingers. After a while you get used to frequently dialed numbers: one click – your wife, Vladimir Vladimirovich. – Four clicks and so on.

I want a convenient way to gain that relates to the way I live. A well thought out phone will allow me to gain the interlocutor, without taking anything out of pocket. This is a single function, one of which you can do without buying a smartphone.
Smart Clock


There is no reason to “smart” watch looked just like any other watch. Also there is no reason to make such hardware without the proper software.

This watch a live stream of work and give a chronological mixture of all communications and news in your life: past, present and future. [Incidentally, we wrote at length about this form of communication ].

This watch is, by default, displays a translucent dial with simple widgets in the corners (temperature, weather, etc.).

But if you shake the hand (often in the past people had to do to restart staying analog clock), the clock will show the incoming stream your digital life: e-mail and other communications, activity on social networks, news feeds, and more.
Office computer


The current workspace based on typewriters, not computers. Our personal computers are themselves based on typewriters (the keyboard in front of the display above it).

I propose a new form of office, which in itself is a computer.

The big screen at the other end of the office – is a focal point. In this design, there is a bench under the screen for short get-togethers, pots of flowers and other prichindalov, the space under the bench reserved for the press and other by-product.

The right window blinds.

At the other end of the “boxes” comfortable chair and ottoman (possibly sofa). This forms a convenient work space that can be used to great effect for leisure or for work.

Many people do not like to open offices, many hate cubicles or closed offices. Is not there something mean? Such designs will lead a private life and work, they will take up less space and provide a more comfortable atmosphere. In addition, they will be pre-installed everything you need for comfortable operation.
Harmony mice, keyboards and headsets


We view the office of the future, not only because they are smaller and more efficient, but also because they are more convenient than modern. And obviously more beneficial to health.

How to make a private office computer more convenient? He is a lot more like a car than a room – you can not stand in the car, but it is very comfortable. (Office, which I have drawn, high enough to stand in it, but it is obvious that it is possible to make a low office, which will be no higher than inside the car).

Focusing on the screen during the day, which is a foot away from your face, resulting in excessive eye strain and headaches. Easier to focus your eyes on the screen, which is on the middle distance. It is convenient to work with the keyboard on your lap and the screen three meters away from you. As a result, the eyes are less stressed and more comfort.

At the table, it is more convenient to write with a pen or a typewriter. With a computer, things are different. An important component of this office will slide out keyboard, a touchpad like the one in the picture, which will be convenient to use, placing on her lap. Above the keyboard there are two mouse buttons and a touchpad on the buttons.

Think about the office, as a system, rather than as a heap of things piled up in the room. Office to work as an ensemble, and today it has to be designed not like 70 years ago.
“Smart” pen and pen


Now the pen. This “smart stick” the size of a pen and writes the same way. We still carry purses and handles, add a computer and do not burden yourself with unnecessary things.

This stick shows a single band of the text: the last activity on your live stream and she drives off the top, when it comes to something new.

The handle can be placed on a table during a meeting not to miss anything important – it is much more convenient than the flat brick. [Medvedev generally reproached for the fact that it is the whole conference, “lost in the iPad»].

Well, it is quite possible that all of the above concepts will be included in the future as the ” people’s ideas of the past . ” And maybe not.
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