Formation of the presentation of the taste depends on several senses




Formation of the presentation of the taste depends on several senses


New research questions the perception of flavor showed how we really feel the taste of the food . It mostly depends on how we anticipate and expect that from food. Many of us would agree that the burger looks much more appetizing, say, a cabbage. But why is this so? As we are able to “see” what will be the taste of the product that we’re just going to eat? Trying to find answers to these questions, the researchers came to the conclusion that the “goodies” of a product we can speak not only memory (previously sampled was delicious or tasty), but also the vision and other senses.

This was told by Dr. Terry J. Akrii, speaking on the 245th National Meeting and Exhibition of the American Chemical Society.

“It is very important in the study of this issue was to find an answer on how people perceive the aromatic features of the products,” – says Akrii.

“For many years the concept of taste sensations based on two key values: the actual flavor of the food that we eat. Now we understand that the formation of the concept of the taste of a product is directly due to the several parts of the brain that are responsible not only for the taste and smell, but also for the vision and touch. It is through these four factors, as well as our emotions and past experience (tried it before), we can determine – like or do not like us or that food. ”

Surprisingly, it was the vision in this case could affect the final conclusions about the “goodies” of a product. To prove this, the researchers conducted an experiment with “Sauvignon blanc” – the white wine, which was specially painted in red. Who participated in the experiment the volunteers (which it is not told) reported that they feel at fault, the features typically found in red wine that is. An important role in the formation of taste and smell is. After eating strawberries and caramel, people were asked to drink a glass of ordinary clean water. And the taste of the water “was” too sweet.

But Akrii explains that the visual perception of the product that is not all. For example, stew or chili from an objective point of view look less appetizing than they felt. Frankly speaking, it from a visual point of view, these dishes look more as if they were already digestion process in our body, but our memory (if we’ve tried stew or chili) and the expectation of taste tells us that these dishes are delicious . Equally in shaping our understanding of taste tempting desire to experience something new, and the sight and smell only help us in resolving this issue.

“Understanding the interaction effects of smell, sight and taste are very important. After all, on the basis of findings by the unhealthy but tasty food can be replaced on the same tasty, but healthy. I think it will help a lot of people “- sums up Akrii.

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