Found fragments of the Tunguska meteorite




Found fragments of the Tunguska meteorite

Events in 1908 concerned the scientific community for over a century. Something was: a powerful explosion, glow for a few days, fallen trees. Everything pointed to a meteorite or comet (which melted away after the fall). However, where traces of a meteorite? Where he Tunguska guest? Until now, there was found no wreckage of a celestial body that fell then, but the Russian scientist Andrei Zlobin said that he had found them.

June 30, 1908 SB Semenov was sitting on the porch of one of the retail shops in the north of Russia, when he saw the fire flared up in the sky. He looked up and saw the heavens opened, it seemed to him that his shirt caught fire, and a little later a heavy blow knocked him down and the man lost consciousness. This ad, called the Tunguska event was the consequence of the explosion of a meteorite or comet in the atmosphere, but no one ever saw remnants of fun.

Andrey Zlobin, a geologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, published a paper, a preprint of which is available at, which claims to have discovered the wreckage of a meteorite some 25 years ago during an expedition to the Tunguska region. However, for unknown reasons, the remains of a meteorite, long hidden from the public, or studied in the laboratory. Three fragments were named for easy identification:

1. Crown.

2. Keith.

3. Boat.

Zlobin Hushmo went to the river near the Tunguska region and attracted about 100 curious rock shapes. Only 20 years later, in 2008, he sat down and looked at them in more detail. Three stones out of a hundred, as he says, are clear evidence of a meteorite, as are the traces of melting, possible only in the case of penetration into the atmosphere of the meteorite. It is also noteworthy that the data collected during the research, said that in the area of ​​a meteorite temperature was not high enough to melt, but at the height – quite.

It remains a mystery whether the object was a comet or an asteroid, and the answer to this question does not give the processed stones. Other questions: why did he wait so long? What made the stones? What is their chemical composition?

Recall the absence of evidence of the Tunguska meteorite long time been a key element for a variety of conspiracy theories . For those who wondered why the trees felled in the direction of a potential explosion answer in advance: the trees felled as needed. Do not believe the tales.
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