Four ‘indie’ games of E3 – Talos Principle, Nero, Get Even, This War Of Mine




E3 is primarily a trade show for the big boys with big budgets. Where on stock exchanges like the Game Developers Conference and GamesCom still room for smaller publishers and developers, who are at E3 hardly mentioned. There you will find mostly massive stands, complete with booth babes and meter logos and monitors. Yet they are there, games that are marketed without huge marketing budget. Though it is good looking. We pick four forwards. We call the games just for convenience ‘indie’, though in one of the games a small publisher in question.

That publisher Devolver Digital, known for the Serious Sam games and Hotline Miami. The American publisher primarily works with small studios, such as the Dutch Vlambeer. The Croatian Croteam is a bit of an exception to that rule. It is the studio behind the Serious Sam games. The studio was founded in 1993 and was next to the Serious Sam games also have their own engine. That engine is also used for the new and quite different game from the Croats. Where Serious Sam was anything serious, The Talos Principle, the latest project from Croteam, just seriously. It is a game in which little to laugh, but to puzzle the more. Puzzles of the sort Portal patented feature, and there are also some parallels between the two games. Though The Talos Principle an open game world – which is quite different in Portal.

The Talos Principle.

‘Open’ is here just not quite the right word. The game has a continuous game world, parts of which are locked. Literally, because every now and then you come to a large gate with a lock that can be opened only if you know where to find. Various parts of the key Those parts are shaped like Tetris blocks and you can earn by solving puzzles. Each puzzle is a kind of fortress put down in the landscape. On the outside you see what Tetris piece is there to earn as you walk inside, you see how difficult the puzzle.

Despite the almost medieval look of the game – there are the ruined forts to blame – the puzzles in those forts actually very modern. The oldest stone gates are closed with the latest forcefields. To secure the Tetris piece you several of these force fields have to pass. The forts on the wall you will find devices that emit a colored laser which you need to lead. To a receiver There you have movable reflectors, you should put down. In the right place Like in some Portal puzzles, although you encounter different types of puzzles.
Discover yourself

Moreover, there is here, as in Portal, a backstory. That runs in this case completely to yourself and especially to discovering yourself. At the beginning of the game you know nothing about yourself. You will soon discover that you have a robot arm, but what does that mean? That you are a robot, or that you only robotic arm? Or are there other options? You will also be addressed by various characters throughout the game, though it seems that you get to see that none of them. The theme seems to revolve around what is real and what is not. Soon What is reality and what is fiction?

Finally, we have to just call the technique Croteam for the game has evolved. The studio calls him Photogrammetry and he must ensure that objects can be scanned and then recorded. Without the intervention of programmers and artists in the game Croteam has invented a system that works with sixteen cameras, arranged in two layers of eight. An object is thus photographed eight sides, the side and obliquely from above. From these images a 3d model Croteam can deduce that can be used. In the game The beauty of the technique is that a 3D model can be derived from the images alone, but also the textures. That saves the team not only a lot of time, it also provides a much more realistic result. It makes The Talos Principle so for several reasons an interesting game.
Title The Talos Principle
Platform Windows, OS X, Linux, Steam OS
Developer Croteam
Publisher Devolver Digital
Release Date end of 2014


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