Fruktoedenie as a method to expand the mind of Steve Jobs




Founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs had strange habits, one of which – fruktoedenie. With a brilliant mind director liked to fast and could not eat for weeks one and the same product, such as fruit smoothies or apples. At some point in his life he ate only one carrot, causing his skin, as he himself admitted, began to acquire the “sunset-orange hue.” Jobs believed that if a long time to sit on a fruit diet, it is possible to develop creative thinking.


In 1977 – the same year, when he founded Apple – his diet consisted of nothing but fruit. What could be called a dangerous eating disorder, was for Jobs philosophical quest for enlightenment through asceticism – that is hardly a reason for the limitation of conventional food anorexic. Toward the end of his life, Jobs continued his strict diet, despite the advice of doctors and his wife to abandon it. This view of the food could be explained by “eccentricities” a man who saw the world differently than we do.

Many would argue that such a diet is contrary to the requirements of the human body and can cause a deficiency of a number of vital nutrients and proteins. However, the results of a recent study suggest that such an attitude Jobs to fruit still is under a certain framework. Not by chance that a special relationship to the fruit (in particular to the apple) was expressed in the name of the company – Apple, reminds Medical News .

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Leiden, showed that products containing large amounts of tyrosine (an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of proteins) have the ability to develop creative thinking and its sharpness. “Food and food additives with a high content of tyrosine – the cheapest and healthiest way to the development of thinking skills. For example, students who are preparing for the exam, such products can be very useful. Steve Jobs used to say that it has greatly contributed to the success of fruit diet. Given that the composition of fruit a lot of tyrosine, such a position is quite logical, “- said a member of the research team, a cognitive psychologist Lorentz Kolzaton.

In the first stage of research, scientists have proposed 32 participants in the experiment orange juice enriched with tyrosine. Then they were given a task that requires the use of creativity and at the same time they were given tasks that require different approaches to the solution. In the second phase participants were given orange juice to the placebo effect and proposed to solve another problem. After analyzing the results, researchers found that participants who drank orange juice, rich in tyrosine, coped with the problem better.

Nevertheless, the “fruktoedeniya” are drawbacks.

Jobs habit to sit on a fruit diet, most likely left on his health negative track. A balanced diet, rich in fruits, can actually be healthy, but eating only fruit, you are sure to harm their health.

“Apples and carrots, of course, have useful properties and contain large amounts of carbohydrates, but they can not compensate for a deficiency of proteins in the body. And last, unlike fat and carbohydrates, do not linger in the body. So it is necessary every day to eat a high-protein, since amino acids that they contain, play an important role in the growth and maintenance of tissues, “- said a nutritionist, author of« Nutrition at Your Fingertips »Eliza Ziet.

The leading man of the film «jOBS», telling about the founder of Apple, Ashton Kutcher tried for a month to become “fruktoedom” to get into the role. After a while he got to the hospital.

“Two days before the start of the film, I was in the hospital. I had terrible pain, the pancreas does not normally work, and it’s awful, considering the circumstances, “- said the actor, referring to the fact that Jobs died of pancreatic cancer.

So, everything has to be within reason, even if we are talking about the most useful foods.

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