Full coverage of opening the annual conference Google I / O 2013




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Full coverage of opening the annual conference Google I / O 2013

Google has just concluded the activities of the opening session of its annual I / O 2013, which began its activities today in San Francisco in the United States and continues until 17 May 2013.

Initially, the company announced that the Android operating system own reached 900 million the activation process, in height from 500 million compared with last year. The company said it has seen million activation process for the Android system daily, and yielded about 48 billion the process of downloading applications through the Google Play Store.

He revealed Sonar بيتشاي, responsible for Google Chrome and Android at Google, the Android operating system is currently the most popular in the world, and Chrome is currently the most widely used browser in the world.

On his part, said Hugo Barra, vice president of product for Google Play in Google Apps that profits Google Play store doubled twice and a half compared to last year.

Parra revealed the launch of three new software interfaces related to the identification geographical location, depends mainly on three factors in determining the site. He said that the new software interface would determine the type of activity performed by the user such as walking or riding a bike or driving.

He also reviewed the new software interface to log on by Google Plus account, and said that when you log on to a site via the Google Plus service, the application will be installed automatically on your phone or tablet computer to the user. It is also, and when you log on by Google Plus account in one of the applications on the Web, for example, you will be automatically logged on the same application in the phone and tablet computer without the need for the user to log in again in the same application on all other organs.

Google also announced about the advantages of Google’s messaging service-oriented cloud for developers and can be used to better send alerts to users. And also announced a new feature to sync between Android devices alerts. He pointed out that when the user removes the wake of the phone is automatically deleted from the computer tablet.
Google Play Game Services


Google also announced a service Google Play Game Services, and said that the player can now save progress in the game, which can follow-up in terms of the other arrived at his machine automatically. She pointed out that the new gaming service also allows friends to compete and watch their handiwork. Google said that Google’s service also offers games multiplayer support where she will be responsible for the link between the players and find new players.

Google also announced today that it will release an update for Google Play Services application includes all the new software interfaces that have been announced.
Android Studio


Google also reviewed a new tool for developing Android applications called Android Studio is a development platform easy to write applications. The advantages of the new platform offered to attend saying it easier for developers to write the source code for Android applications.

She said that the new Android platform Studio allow the developer to preview how it looks applied to various screens in real time measurements during development. And Studio Android platform easily supports the development of multi-lingual applications as well.
Google Play

The announced Elie Bowers, Product Manager at Google Play five new features in the corner of the developers in the Google Play, the first feature is to show the developer tips on how you can become a better application performance. The second is the translation service applications that allow the developer to access to professional translation to be applied to other languages, and said that human translation and driven. The third feature allows developers to pursue applications statistics to see the most prominent sources of load application, which helps the developer to deploy the application better. The fourth feature allows the developer to follow the extent to which application of profits according to different countries. The fifth فتتيح advantage for developers to test their applications on an experimental basis through Google Play store so that users can choose to experience the version of volunteers and to provide updates on the stages.

Bowers reviewed the new enhancements in Google Play, and said that the new Jojla PlayStation Store is not just a new design, but it helps in the discovery of more content so that it provides important content to the user. She said that the store now offers a new classification review applications designed specifically for tablet computers. She added that it will provide a new design for Google Play store on the web is similar to the design of the new version for phones and tablet computers.
Google All Access

Google-IO-2013 – Day-1-Keynote-and-Android-Sessions — YouTube

Google also announced during the conference for a new music service called it Google Play All Access allow you to sign up to listen to millions of musical passages. The new service offers the user the most prominent music albums and music browsing by category and make recommendations to the user. The service allows the user to listen to the song without buying it. It also provides radio service which offers similar songs. The radio feature allows the user to see the next song and the abolition of some of them and rearranged easily. The the Listen Now Vtstard feature songs that user know the user that Google loves, including radio stations that are automatically generated. The All Access service operates on musical phones and tablet computers and the Web. The service costs $ 9.99 in the U.S. and will be launched today and will be available in other countries later and offers 30 days of free trial.
Google announces Samsung Galaxy S4 phone copy net Android


Google also announced the opening of its annual conference today announced the launch of a new version of Samsung Galaxy S4 phone net working copy of Android, which will be available for sale through the Google Play store and will be unlocked and will receive Android updates as they become available quickly to Nexus devices.

It is supposed to start selling Galaxy S4 copy Android net in the June 26 next year, and will come new device area storage 16 GB, and will support communication networks fourth-generation LTE to network operators T-Mobile and AT & T, is not available any information about the support of the fourth generation of the rest of the companies .

Google has said that this phone is the Galaxy S 4, but the experience of use Nexus devices, but it is not attached Nexus word for this phone. It is supposed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 up on time for $ 649 via Google Play store.
Chrome platform

Google said that there are currently 750 million active users of the Chrome browser, though WebGL technology that allows developers to develop three-dimensional games operate within the Chrome browser technology would not have been possible last year.

Google talked about the new software interfaces that allow for the development of games and develop advanced web applications on the desktop and mobile devices, and said that the JavaScript performance improvement within Chrome on a mobile phone by 57%, paving the second generation of web applications.

And highlighted Google light on image compression technique that works to develop WebP, which shortened the image size by 31% without sacrificing accuracy, and also talked about technology VP9 for video playback that offers size smaller by 36%, which saves a lot of data consumption on mobile phones, and said that يويتوب This technology will support soon.

Google announced a new service that pressure data through Mkhaddmadtha own Chrome browser on mobile phones and tablet computers to provide consumption. And also revealed improvements in the Chrome version private Balhawwasb personal mobile phones and that she would help in the abbreviation buying online steps from step 21 to 3 steps.

Google also revealed a new feature that allows developers to develop and their own HTML tags to help them in the development of web applications. Google also reviewed the new design platform helps developers to design and beautiful and standardized interfaces for each of the Web, phones and tablet computers.
Private school version of the Google Play store

Google announced a private school version of Google Play store, and said that with a single technical administration can install the appropriate applications school for all students on their computers tablet. And provide a copy Google Play for the education sector to the school administration to control Balhawwasb tablet for students to easily and centrally to install applications and educational videos. Sundar addressed بيتشاي Malaysia’s experience in the delivery of a fourth-generation connection to the remote and poor areas and provide students بحواسب Chrome and Google applications.
Google Plus


Google today unveiled 41 new feature to its Google Plus social network, and said it will provide a new design for the new updates view in Google Plus displays posts in multiple columns and similar design to “Naw Google”, and change the number of columns depending on the size of the screen.

Google revealed feature “related tags” which analyzes tag and do add automatic BB according to the subject before. Pressing the tag to review other topics related to it.

The feature “Automator tags” to identify the images and Labelling including fits. For example, if it contained the image of the Eiffel Tower will be automatically add the tag even if it is given the name “Eiffel Tower” in participation.

And revealed a new feature that automatically selects the appropriate images and beautiful among the hundreds of images to the user participation without manually selected. She said that the new service is excluded images blurred or shaky or refined as it can distinguish the beautiful natural sites and the exclusion of the bad images.

And also revealed a new feature that will identify the important people for the user to choose the appropriate images based on their presence.

And also revealed the Auto Enhance feature that automatically optimizes images to look more professional. A new feature to improve the images are discovering faces a new and different way to deal with the human face and to improve the image accordingly.

It also comes Auto Awesome feature to produce animated new image from among several pre-existing images. All photo editing features today will be available in the user’s albums on Google Plus.
Unified platform chat Hangouts


Google officially announced Hangouts platform chat application and reviewed the consolidated application of new Busbandath, and pointed out that the user can go back to back to see all the previous talks, even if it was years ago with all the pictures that have been shared.

Google also reviewed the collective talks in feature Hangouts service which allows to watch the entry and exit of participants neighborhood. Google said that the Hangouts service will be available today on the Android iMac or feed on the Web. She said that Hangouts application that supports video conferencing as well. Google also announced to provide 15 GB of free space that allows the user to store pictures with full accuracy.
Google Search

Google said that the advanced search service Knowledge Graf will be able to sign additional user questions after doing the first search process, such as comparisons to other elements before the search. The service is now available for languages ​​Polish, Turkish and Chinese.

And announced the availability of Google Naw service in the browser and the Chrome system. She does not now require the pressure on the microphone for the question, but just enough to pronounce the words Ok Google. Google revealed the possibility of adding reminders in Google Naw service and new cards to music, television and games that are important to the user.

She said that Google Nao are now able to send voice e-mail messages in an easy and fast. And is now able to answer questions such as: “Show me the pictures from the last vacation.”
Google Maps


And announced the “Google” during the conference for new updates obtained by service maps “Google Maps” on the web, most notably the redesign of the user interface to become more interactive.

The new interface is characterized as faster loading, the user can also find out information anywhere across the map exists pressure on him to appear in the upper left side all the information available to him.

The new mapping service offers faster search experience for the user where to be accessed in addition to suggestions for public and private places can go to where you were to search for, in addition to serving the allocation of places.

The integrated “Google” service “Street View” better in VAM new, where the user needs only to determine the location and choose go to the “Street View” in order to view panoramic images of its own, as the user can review all of the images available on the place looking for him via Page maps whether they own picture service “Street View” or other images.

The company added a new feature to the American system (VAM) under the name of “Earth View” where maps to turn the perspective of “Google Earth” to review the three-dimensional places.

It is worth mentioning that the “Google” announced that the new design of the maps will arrive this summer to Applications “Google Maps” for Bondroad and PC “iPad” tablet.
I / O 2013 conference Google Google



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