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Sergei and I wrote in the original message of incorporation 11 years ago that Google will not be a traditional company, Today we affirm that we are not and will never be a conventional company. As also we mentioned in the same context that maybe we create a small bets in the areas of natural to look a bit odd when compared to the current business. We struggled from the outset to achieve more and do the task and the meaning of things, including the availability of our resources.

We have a lot of things that seemed then as an act of madness, but many of those crazy projects now enjoyed by more than billion users. A good example of this is Google Maps, and YouTube, browser Chrome, and Android system. We did not stop at that, but we are still in this day trying to do the craziest things seen by others, but we are very excited about it.

We realized a long time ago that with the passage of time companies tend to get used to doing the same matter, and only sufficient to cause gradual changes. But in the technology sector – where revolutionary ideas are sets of large future growth areas – you need to go out of the rest position and to remain in line with the nature of this sector and its nature.

Our company is doing well today, but we believe that Bmekdrona make them more organized and transparent. So we decided to create a new company we call “Olfabt You” Alphabet Inc. I am happy that I manage my capacity as the chief executive, and my partner Sergei Basmaadh as President.

So what is a company “Olfabt” Alphabet? Is a whole variety of the largest companies of course are the Google company. Google is the new company will be a little smaller than it is now, and that Stnazavi under the umbrella of “Olfabt” along with a number of other companies with a little far from the main terms of reference of Internet products.

We believe that this new step will allow us room to manage our businesses better, so we work separately and projects, especially those that are not Almtertbth together. The new structure centered around the concept of creating and running thriving companies across prominent and independent leaders. Our approach in general and supports that we have a strong chief executive of the management and operation of each company, with this course, and Judy and I Sergei under the act when needed. We will strictly manage the financial allocations and make sure that each company are doing well. As we will make sure that we have a wonderful chief executive of each company, and we will determine their compensation. Moreover, we are planning with this new structure to provide separate financial reports for the fourth quarter, which will provide financial reports to company Google separately from the rest of the companies that fall under the umbrella of “Olfabt”.

The new structure will allow us the possibility to continue to focus more on the opportunities and extraordinary potential that we have within Google. A good example of this is the Sundar Pichai. For as long as Sundar say what I wanted to say (and better than what I wanted to say sometimes!), But as long as I enjoyed very much working together. I’ve actually emerged in October last year, when he took over the responsibility of engineering and production of our business and our projects in the field of Internet. For as long as we were Sergei and I are very excited about the offer full energies and potential of the company and devote. It is clear to us and to the members of the Board of Directors that it is the right time for Sundar to assume the position of CEO of Google.

I feel we are very fortunate that we have such a talented Sundar to take over management of the new Google Inc., which has been slightly reduced, and it will give me space of time so I continue to expand our aspirations. I have spent some time with Sundar help him as much as possible, and I will continue to do so. Google itself is also working on all kinds of new products, and I know that Sundar always focus on creativity – extending redefine its borders. I know it’s passionate about what we can do from great strides in our core mission of organizing the world evidence. Products that have been launched recently, such as Google Photos and Google Now depending on machine learning is a remarkable progress. Google also has some of the services that can be operated under completely independent brand, such as YouTube, where Susan is doing a good job and doing a great job as chief executive runs a strong sign and driving spectacular growth.

Sergei and I have serious interest in starting work and new things. And it will include “Olfabt” also under its umbrella lab or X “X-Lab”, which embraces new efforts such as the Wing, which is our attempt in the field of superconductivity using unmanned aircraft. We are also very excited about the investment also our arms development, including Google and Google Ventures Capital, as part of the new structure.

Google Inc. will be replaced B Alphabet Inc. In the public trading in the stock market, and will be all Otomatekeya- Google shares convert the same number of shares – to Alphabet company, with the same rights and full. Google will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet. And it will continue trading the shares of our own trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol GOOGL and GOOG.

As for me and Sergei This step represents a very exciting new chapter in the life of Google – it’s the birth of Alphabet. Alphabet impressed name because it means a combination of letters that make up the language, which is one of the most important human creations, which are the essence of the way in which we rely on for indexing in Google search engine! As we like it also means: Alpha-bet (where Alpha refers to the return on investment that goes beyond the familiar), which eagerly look forward to achieve it! I should add here that we do not intend for this new company to be a large consumer brand with relevant – the whole point is that the products companies Olfabt Alphabet should be independent and the development of own brands.


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