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Can the human memory is to be corrected, edited and changed? Evidence is available, the answer is yes. Details differ from voluntary advertisements victim failure to school “memory recovery”. In the future, methods of correcting a person’s memory will improve. And that should give us pause today.

In 1988, America flooded with childhood memories of sexual abuse, and even satanic rituals. Being buried in the depths of memory and forgotten for many years, the memories burst forth, being supported and pushed by a controversial psychotherapy technique known as “memory recovery therapy.”

The book, which marked the beginning of the movement, was written by two authors, one of whom was a poet, and the other – a victim of child incest. Not one of them was not an expert in psychotherapy, medicine, experimental psychology, research in memory or other specific areas. But at the moment of peak memory recovery therapy has become common in practice among psychotherapists.
False memories


The whole thing was a big problem: many of the recovered memories were false – despite serious sexual disorders in childhood, or other reasons. Far from being extracted and recovered from the depths of memory, memories literally implanted by therapists. Contributed to this the fact that poor patients are desperate for help, and both parties expect the effective resolution of the problem that gave rise to fantasies.

Thousands of ordinary families have been destroyed by false accusations and confident in incestuous relationships and even horrific satanic ritual violence. Many patients in these processes have become more miserable. Well, who would not fall into confusion, suddenly “remembered” the terrible stories of childhood, implanted in the brain and disguised as real memories? The subsequent separation from parents and family will only aggravate the patient’s difficulties. Creating a false memory – an important and unfortunate event. “War of the Mind” began and was lost.
Implantation of memory


The fact that memories can be put in place, and then sincerely (but wrongly) Remember, it may seem surprising. However, it was demonstrated in laboratory experiments. No one knows about the implantation of more memory than a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Elizabeth Loftus of the University of California at Irvine.

Loftus began his research by checking the compliance of memories about car collisions. Together with John Palmer, they showed people cutting the film with car collisions. Then he asked people to remember how many cars have been “broken”, but just how many “hits”. A week later, the survey was repeated. On the question of whether to present a clip broken glass, the answers just hit the researchers. People who saw the “broken” cars are more likely to talk about the broken glass than the people who have seen the “hits”. But according to Loftus and Palmer, the film was not “broken glass in the accident” at all. Numerous experiments have deepened and broadened understanding of this sector. In one test a third of the witnesses remembered “criminal” in the queue that does not have a criminal. And when the researchers tricked respondents saying that the queue was a criminal, the level of misconceptions memories rose to more than three-quarters.

Perhaps one has to wonder how many innocent people in jail because of this phenomenon. The war for the minds definitely lost outright. In another experiment, Loftus and colleagues persuaded 18% of the people in that improbable event – a demonic possession as a child – has happened to them personally. In another experiment, 16% of people were convinced that they remember shaking hands with Bugs Bunny at Disneyland. But silly rabbit – it’s a character Warner Bros., And not Disney. He just does not live in Disneyland. It is a harmless children’s cartoon? Yes. But it could be worse.

Manipulating the opinion of the jury, the political machinations, squeezing false testimony from a witness in court – is the minimum. Unscrupulous attorneys, and so are not very good, but history shows that political partisans, saying nothing and saying manipulated the opinion of many people. The Chinese government has systematically attempted to change the memories of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989 on the scale of the entire state. Tools included doctoring photographs and calling people, telling a false version of events. The power of this method is based on the known capabilities of social pressure to change the memory.

Do any manipulation of the memory in the world? Cunning political partisans, as we all know, can get away with anything. If in the future they will be able to falsify the facts, memories change society in accordance with their goals, they will do so. But take a lie for the truth – it’s absolute madness, which should beware.
Hypnosis and hallucination


Here’s another story, interesting and reliable.

“As a teenager, I found an old book on hypnosis in the attic. If you pick a good part of the instructions and warnings, I immediately went to experiment with a friend who was well pliable to hypnosis. Let’s call him Will. We lost touch decades ago, but the event Will definitely remember. Under hypnosis, I told him that when he wakes up, there will be a mouse – a good mouse – that will hang around him, visible and fearless.

When he came out of the hypnotic trance, of course, the next there was a mouse. Of course, I explained to him that the mouse is not really there. For him, it was only because of hypnotic suggestion, to which he was subjected to great. Why not turn the mouse, I asked him later on the phone. She does not mind. Of course, she would not mind. It will have a white belly, I continued. On the abdomen is a picture of a rhino with black hair. Will turned the mouse, and said that yes, she has a white belly with a dark-haired rhinoceros. Please note that the color of the abdomen and rhino have been clarified later, when Will has long been out of the state of hypnotic trance. Despite this, the characteristics have been reported later, were placed on a desire to see and clearly remembered to this day.

In my case, hypnotically induced hallucinations appeared randomly during class in high school. My eyes glazed over, as it usually happened during the lectures (and not just in high school). On my field of vision down the fog, probably caused by fatigue of the retina. The teacher then said a sentence containing the phrase “… write it down …”, from which I only remember two words. My mind is hypnotized and took the phrase literally the word “it” is very nice write in italics and was flying in a gray haze. I woke up and was surprised when I realized that this is a wonderful example of hypnotic suggestion. Hallucinations disappeared at once, and the memory of this event hypnotically plantings still lives. Many people remember things, is not related to the objective reality. And these memories can be bright. ”

Nosorogomysh Will is one example. Such memories can arise from dreams and nightmares, as well as from hallucinations. Hallucinations can be caused not only by hypnotic suggestion, but also the influence of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or Salvia divinorum, mental disorders such as schizophrenia and mania, mystical and religious experience, as well as clinical death. Sometimes these memories are changing the people who consider them absolutely real. To quote a well-known neurologist Oliver Sacks, “hallucinations, ordinary or special, do not have a supernatural origin, they are part of the normal range of human consciousness and experience.”

It can happen to anyone.

A leading expert in the field of memory Loftus told myself with the words of his uncle, when she was 14 years old, she found her mother tragically drowned in the pool. Horrible memories returned. But then my uncle admitted he lied, and relatives have confirmed that the body found aunt. War of the professional mind was lost. The flesh of the strongest soldier is stronger than yours, and the mind can resist – or may not – external influences similarly.
False memories and the future

Вспомнить все

How effective is implanted memory ? As soon as the future is to come, will be fake memories stay on Mars, and it may well be on a commercial basis, as well painted by Philip K. Dick in his stories, which later became a popular movie “Total Recall.” Will propagandists policy to rewrite the history of the country directly in your head? Will therapists for our own good implant us, for example, the memories of that, if overeating ice cream, then you can get sick or getting fat? Will this be our salvation? Will the electronic chips that contain memories of courses difficult subjects – language, history (already rewritten the winners), mathematics, physics? Will there be implanted in the brain or a tablet? What will be the limit on memory overwrite part of the state?

Loftus believes that in the next 50 years we will be able to master the ability to create false memories is one hundred percent. The most powerful recipes will include pharmaceuticals, which have five minutes to open. When we fight for the mind, which can be considered a victory, a defeat that?

Advertise showed that human thinking, memory and consciousness – malleable mass. But by its very nature advertising works in the interest of the advertiser, not the one whose brain washed. Consider the term “propaganda”: a coherent set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people. Obviously, the powers that be always aware of the propaganda and how to use it.

How will the world in the future ? As noted by Lord Acton (1834-1902), “power corrupts.” Obviously, this applies to politics, but you can use the statement in respect of commercial advertising, the purpose of which, as a rule, is to separate people from their money. While the world is ruled by the dollar, ethics redistribution of memory will not. To protect the memory, “insidious mechanisms and methods” memory modification should be taught in school, so that people can successfully confront the manipulation of intelligence. If someone wants to change his memory, and the rest need to know this in order to protect themselves. For example, to know that memories are teenagers – best goal for beer commercials. And so on. Memory, like freedom, fragile thing.

But sometimes you want to forget the book to read it again.
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