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Gadget for Life – T-shirt

New Project Permian inventor creates a “small revolution” in medicine, letting through a simple T-shirt, or remotely on a smartphone, track the frequency of human breathing.

Annually in the world of sleep apnea stop breathing night, tens of thousands of people die. Deal with this problem, scientists are trying for a long time. With varying degrees of success. The dream of a young inventor Andrei Vereshchagin – put an end to this problem once and for all. Together with a team of specialists Permjak developed a new technology. It is as follows: when a person puts on a special t-shirt for yourself, proximity sensors embedded in the fabric, invisible to the user read information about the rhythm of breathing and human activity during sleep, and then transmit information to a smartphone or computer. So a person’s breathing is under constant surveillance. There are no wires or pipes, preventing sleep.

Started with typewriters

Inventions Andrei interested since childhood. All purchased his toy car he immediately collected, examined, as a result of parents became more cautious and almost stopped buying cars. Then the boy he decided to construct a four-wheeled “miracle of technology.”

“It was a complete nonsense. However, the machine went, moving – funny thing to say! And so here we go that throughout my life, I began to design and create something “- recognized Vereshchagin.

At school he studied robotics, created from tin, thread and sticks from broom handles, capable of taking a pencil or eraser, the school created the “electronic cribs.” Enrolling in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has more knowledge, and hence opportunities to invent. The first major development was the stand for the study of modern microcontrollers, which then bought nearly 160 schools across the country.

Ideas and their fate

After graduation Andrei Vereshchagin devoted himself to the creation of full-fledged inventions. In his “creativity” were two paths: for the soul and for the business.

“I very clearly separate these categories. Any developer should create something out of commerce, something to maintain their rush and inspiration. If a person makes money stupidly, it stuck gears and rust “- explains Vereshchagin.

Among the innovations created by Andrew – a prototype 3D-projection, released in 2002, the first payment terminals, vending machines for water, touch displays for washing machines, “parental control” to protect children from the negative information. Many ideas have been implemented, while others have remained unfinished.

One of the amusing inventions – “Molokomat.” This is a machine that sells raw milk. Installed on the machine screen, on which is written, how many hours have passed since the milking cows. The device maintains the desired temperature, and most importantly – yourself pouring milk. Development lasted three years. 5 children a day die from respiratory failure

Over time, Andrew wanted to find interesting fundamental markets in which it is possible and self-actualization, and get some “gratitude” in response. Simply put, as noted by Permian, it was necessary to save the humanity, thus creating a large company. Thus the invention became shirt, measured breathing rate in humans.

“When I want something, everything is always executed. Like sending a thought in the sky, get a specific answer to push for certain actions. So, I was lucky enough to see a doctor of sports medicine Viktor Ovchinnikov involved breath “- recalls Vereshchagin.

According to Andrew, the respiratory rate is very difficult to measure in the home such operation is practically impossible to carry out. And this is a must do to prevent involuntary apnea: sleep apnea.

At risk of involuntary apnea: children under one year who have not fully developed breathing, full of people, people who snore heavily, pensioners and smokers. Inventor cited statistics in the U.S.: about five children a day die from respiratory failure. First Test

Teaming up with like-minded people, Andrei Vereshchagin started a project. Having tried several technologies in 2009 inventors have created the first prototype of T-shirts. At the same time, and filed a patent application.

“The man has a breast, lateral, abdominal breathing. A person can sweat and so on. We’ve all been verified by experiment. And worked! We needed the money. And again – we won the innovation competition Bortnick. One million was to start our “- happily recalls inventor.

The tests were successful, to date, ready to pre-commercial samples. T-shirt looks just like normal: cotton, white, does not restrict movement, without any disturbing wires and sensors. It can be washed in a regular car. Attaches to it a small controller that is located in the pocket on a shirt. Data on breathing and physical activity are transmitted to the electronic device – it gives you the opportunity to react instantly to stop breathing, high respiratory rate, even log bedsores.

“I checked the machine for his daughter, which one and a half years. It turns out she has some delay in breathing. But they are in the normal range “, – says Andrey. Smartphones help

T-shirt can work with the phone or tablet. You need to install the software, fixing the frequency of breathing through a specially created website. You can see how a person breathes during the day, month or year. It will be extremely useful to physicians who can print in one click Statistics.

If a person has stopped breathing – a smartphone or base station emits a signal. So developers shirt proudly positioned as “save lives.”

For example, it is possible to equip the hospital shirts, explains inventor. They will all be connected to a single base station, overseen by a doctor. If the patient appeared deviation – a signal appears, and physicians quickly assist the patient. Save people’s lives

Such devices are being actively developed in the western market, one of the U.S. companies competing plans to start selling children’s T-shirts in 2014. As noted by Andrew, there is one drawback – the technology used measuring respiratory parameters requires a snug fit to the body, then there will be a tight-fitting T-shirt, which can affect the health of the user, because things “hipsters” are a bad influence on the circulation of subcutaneous water.

Permian development oriented to the U.S. market and Europe. Shake Russia for this product is not easy, says the inventor. Primarily, this is due to the culture of medicine, which is abroad on a slightly higher level.

Future plans: to modernize T-shirt that she is not only measured breath, but also heart rate and body temperature. “The main thing – to keep it comfortable, casual, and saved lives. Then I’ll be satisfied with his invention “- sums Vereshchagin.


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