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It is better to spend reasonable money on prevention and healthy living than giving all the hospitals and pharmacies, it’s too late. Read this article about universal health gadget magic fork and other advanced devices for fitness, health and beauty

The most notable trend of our time – rampant gadzhetomaniya – seemingly penetrated every conceivable sphere of interest of our lives. Currency exchange rates, weather, road traffic, news, entertainment, games, chat, tickets, online check-in plane or train, and much, much more that just a decade ago, it was unthinkable phenomenon in mobile performance. And only one thing – health care – remains in polupodveshennom condition.

In fact, as if there is a sufficient variety of electronic measuring instruments of various parameters of vital activity – thermometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and the other is a set of software applications for various platforms for fitness, tracking individual parameters of life, selection of proper nutrition and related programs for the organization of a healthy way of life . Finally, it is difficult, but you can find ready-made hardware and software systems, even mobile, capable of more or less to collect data on individual characteristics of your body. But … All this is no more than half-measures, or just the first steps on the way to something bigger.

Do you know who will be the next Larry Page or Steve Jobs? I guess it will be the one brainy guy who will think to combine sensors for all currently existing methods of monitoring the state of the human body, to integrate them into a small device on the wrist with a full range of current wireless interfaces (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.), and then write for this case intelligent software that can detect, collect, analyze all this telemetry of health and, finally, as a result of issuing preventive recommendations for each day, or even warn of dangers of certain austere health. For example, not just in time to prevent the rise of pressure, but give very specific advice is not to drink coffee. Or do not lean on the cake or vino after the first signs zashkalivaniya hyperglycemic index. Or just gently knocks current dream you to stop snoring and rolled over. In the end, after examining your health, habits, manners at work and at play throughout the year, who, if not this device, it is better to know what is good for your own good?

Here’s a little man / company, I am sure, will easily earn regular billions on such devices. Because, in contrast to the stationary doctors, expensive and inaccessible for lack of time (and sometimes not even the most accurate in the diagnosis), the device will be quite affordable, will be there around the clock. Even better, when these rustics / companies will be some – even compete, improve their products, quickly dropping prices. And then you can teach such a gadget in time to inject under the skin of analgesics, sedatives, anti-viral … Sorry, dreaming.

About how one could describe the key impressions left by visiting Consumer Electronic Show 2013. Usually when talking about this show, we tell a lot of facts about the new mobile gadgets, photography and Film, monitors and TVs, acoustics, automotive engineering, and so on, leaving the frame exhibits on fitness, health and beauty. But this year, matched two favorable factors: first, managed to hold the walls of the pavilions CES’13 all three exhibition days, without being distracted by minor seminars and press conferences, and secondly, the subject of health finally stopped “shoot” on the exhibition itself.

Already returned home, we at least roughly estimate the scale of the exhibition areas dedicated to applications, accessories and equipment for weight loss, nutrition, and prevention of disease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, monitoring major parameters of a healthy person, track the status of patients and so on. According to various estimates, the exhibits for health and fitness has been given up to a quarter of the total area show! This is significantly higher than usual. This again emphasizes the most reasonable principle attitude to health is better not to spend too much money on prevention and healthy living than giving all the hospitals and pharmacies, when the bite roasted cock.


Despite the fact that the exhibition and could not find a ready for production “miracle device” on the wrist, which can collect all the information about the health and transfer it to the tablet or PC for analysis and exhibition of various companies to demonstrate the process of implementing this idea in different stages. It was of course a great many individual devices, sensors to detect activity or counting steps, thermometers, glucose meters, pressure gauges, and the like. At this stage, new items acquire new interfaces such as NFC, which greatly facilitates the collection and subsequent treatment received of information.

At the stand of Sony (or rather, one of the many booths Sony) presented various components for compact portable health monitoring. In reality, of course, somewhat surprised presence of these medical devices, contactless bank card readers PaSoRi, but on the other hand, why not.

Here you can see samples of products that use different NFC-tag production Sony. Some of them are already trying to find the very compact form of a wristband, although still far from universal.

It was about this stand author of this article came up with a simple and logical idea that, in general, all the sensors and health monitoring system to some extent already implemented in other industries such as in space or equipment for military purposes. But there, on the one hand, the impact multi-million budget, and the other – the size and the final price of the entire complex is unlikely to be pleased with the retail customer.

However, now that it exists, and no special obstacles technical plan for the miniaturization of such systems is not, I believe, in the next five to seven years, put on by mobile devices for health monitoring are obliged to appear on store shelves in huge circulations. Other precedents with the development of electronics in mass demand guarantee just this way, as computers and cell phones in the early days of its development also cost thousands of dollars.

We were pleased with the Japanese company Omron, well-known in our country and around the world for its compact device for home diagnostics. Now an impressive list of products added to such a useful device as SleepDesign – monitor sleep. New monitors major parameters of sleep and health, based on the data holds extensive diagnosis of the state through its network of All Japan Omron Wellness Link. Especially it would be useful to equip such gadgets lovers snore, and if more and provide feedback such as electric shock (to sleep rolled over and stopped snoring), the unit price would not.

To network Omron Wellness Link connected and many other devices made by this company like shown below pressure gauge.

Made significant progress in creating a universal gadget for the health and fitness company Bodymedia from Pennsylvania. All that is required is to wear – not removing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – a small sensor that collects information and sends it to the tablet or smartphone running Android.

The sensor is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, a thermometer, galvanic sensor for skin conditions, heat flux sensor, thus collected during waking and sleeping habits can then analyze the information your habits, healthy and not healthy body as well as make recommendations for employment fitness or control caloric intake and weight. Before the universal medical gadgets, of course, is still far, but the direction is correct!

Speaking of healthy food, one of the exhibits, electronic plug HAPIfork from company HAPILABS, literally blew everyone who saw her brain told reporters. Fork works very simply: Patented technology tracks the process of absorption of food, giving a light and vibrating pomargivaniem LEDs that do not have to throw the food so quickly, or the good of it will not, it’s time to slow down and enjoy and benefit. Moreover, all the accumulation and preservation of information about your fork speed habits at the table can then be downloaded via the integrated USB port on your tablet or smartphone to allow further analysis to make any recommendations for the future. Fork appears in U.S. retail this summer for $ 99.

Developers of all kinds of gadgets to monitor the health still does not leave hope somehow learn to read brain activity. Excuse me, what am very skeptical to the “brain waves Meters”, but who knows, maybe this time something worthwhile out of it.

Among the interesting exhibits in this area would like to mention gadget Muse development company Interaxon. According to the company, the device allows you to train cognitive and emotional levels of perception of the brain, thereby increasing memory performance, concentration and the like.

I do not know, as there is with memory consolidation, reduction of stress and negative emotions in the long term, but the demonstration unit looked quite impressive, it’s a show, after all.

Turn to the most, perhaps, a large category of exhibits on health care. Yes, massagers, ubiquitous massagers. From miniature uPixie 2, which seems to be possible to even sew a jacket and are massaged her neck and shoulders while on the go …

… To beds and chairs, massaging everything, from neck to toe. Stop at each exhibit is just no point, I note only that the majority of beds, chairs and capes for massage today or are equipped with powerful integrated tablet system for programming and control, or you can specify a program of massage with your own smartphone or tablet.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the exhibition is not meant CES’13 demonstration products companies manufacturing medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic equipment. It is suspected that, if put these companies at CES, others simply would not stay places. However some of the cosmetic devices exhibit crept. More precisely, demonstrated at the stand of large companies with a comprehensive approach to the production of electronics for home and life. Below, for example, are some pictures of these devices with the company’s stand Panasonic.

Photos and Information gizmos such a plan, as well as all kinds of fitness equipment, the exhibition CES’13 I collected a great number, but leave all that for later, to be published in the section “The smart thing.”

One stand with gym, perhaps, still present here, to explore this material over to you with a smile. Stand, in fact, very treacherous on the one hand, the friendly girls lured you evaluate the performance of the simulator in action …

… And on the other hand, there is a special hanging reference material, so that everyone could categorize your, shall we say, of the form. Of course, laughing all: the observers and the observed.

Be well, do not get sick, read 3DNews – both preventive and curative purposes in!


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