Game consoles and a new generation of human vices




Pronounced social component embedded in the next generation console already climbed sideways Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. People by nature love to break all possible rules and regulations, which is clearly seen in the example of the new consoles.

New game consoles are able to share video, voice and text messaging, broadcast gameplay for everyone, and also to arrange full video cameras using Kinect and Playstation Camera. Individual users have decided to take advantage of new social opportunities rather extravagant.

Playstation 4 allows you to stream gameplay using services Ustream and Twitch. As conceived by engineers Sony, people can pass the game in front of spectators, while commenting on his passing, and the camera at this point in a small window on the right will translate the expression on the faces of players. But it was not so simple. Some users have started using PS Camera for full broadcast a favorite in … nude. The first mini-scandal broke out around the American girl who cheerfully showed their charms everyone using the Playstation 4. Her stream, of course, quickly covered, but this was only the beginning. How many more such cases may occur in the near future – it is very difficult to predict.

At the moment, Sony and guide Twitch solve problems with moderation custom streams in real time. Now online constantly will be specially trained people to stop up misconduct users PS4 and closing the stream associated with the demonstration of naked body parts, excessive swearing and obscene propaganda various taboo topics. In fact, such incidents were inevitable in one form or another, given how people are unpredictable creatures.

The situation with the Xbox One situation is no better. Live broadcast of the gameplay on this console are not yet available, but on it you can chat on Skype with friends and acquaintances. And, as it turned out, all your conversations are listened carefully and view Microsoft, as some users got very funny warning screens, notifying them that access to the network with their gaming console is locked. Microsoft politely, though not without spelling errors, proposed especially rude players who indulge in a lot of mat Skype, «play something else that does not require access to the network.” Internet immediately flooded with jokes that Microsoft offers its users to play on the console Playstation 4, whose slogan “The best place to play.” Sony, unlike its main competitor, the console users until bans, limited only by closing videostrimov contradictory.

As a result, at the moment Sony and Microsoft have closely monitored online broadcast and negotiations between their users and try to prevent any conflicting their actions. You would think that they violate the civil rights of people, but if you look at it from the other side, playing video games not only adults, but also young children. Besides, all the rules and powers console manufacturers clearly stated in the user agreement, which is still almost no one reads. And it says that Sony and Microsoft have the right of access to communication and broadcasts its users, as well as prevent any misconduct.

By the way, not so long ago, Nintendo was shocked that in the application to exchange personal messages, photographs and drawings, which is included in the software of their handheld console, Nintendo 3DS, was seen not quite healthy activity. Namely, pedophiles tried to get acquainted with different children, adding those to friends and then from personal correspondence with them. To add a friend on the 3DS is necessary to the so-called «friend code», and wait until people will approve your request. Many children have posted their “codes” in the open access on various gaming forums and sites where pedophiles gather this information and use it for their own purposes. Guide Nintendo horrified when I learned about this problem, and immediately disable the application on all active devices 3DS. More on the 3DS not send private messages at all in any form. And it is difficult to argue with Nintendo, as pedophilia – this is one of the worst crimes of our time. Fortunately, in the case of Xbox One and Playstation 4 to such terrible cases deal not yet reached.

I am very interested to hear your opinion on this matter, dear readers? Correctly received Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, when watching our behavior on the Net?
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