Game Outsourcing your way in communication, development director EA to discuss development trends and strategies for Taiwan




Game Outsourcing your way in communication, development director EA to discuss development trends and strategies for Taiwan

In a nutshell, game development is a group operation, smooth and harmonious communication channels is to maintain the quality of focus.

With the industry constantly changing, game developers outsourcing needs of art and engineering is changing. Jason Harris EA development director of global external, British-born, after years of living in various countries are now settled in San Francisco, this time at GDC Taipei Summit 2013 during a “game art outsourcing and technology trends and develop strategies” to speak.

gdc13 001 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

– Communication is very important, do not be afraid to ask questions, afraid of a lack of communication.
– Communicate a message not long-winded, but it must be hit to real, simple and understandable.
– The use of diagrams, photos and a brief description remember your partner.
– When cross-border cooperation, in addition to intensive communication, but also pay attention to the differences between cultures, such as habits, language words.
– The appropriate use of information exchange or collaboration software, and fully carry out the exchange of information, text, graphics, sound.

After Jason Harris simple self-introduction, the first breakdown of the EA’s main job is to present important works with distinction.

As for his inauguration XDI (External Development Intelligence), principal in charge of the studio’s external development assistance, assist and manage strategic partnerships, research and analysis, provide relevant case studies. Currently EA outsourcing business is divided into art, development engine, animation and other scenes of the three items.

gdc13 013 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

The game is based on a collection of a large group of people united for development work, you want to simultaneously coordinate different units, development teams in different countries, it is not easy. However, when increasing the size of the development team, communicate and more importantly, his hardships Eurotunnel construction, for example, describes the difficult communication between.

Jason Harris pointed out that to ensure the smooth flow of communication channels, including the use of rich and diverse and powerful communication tools, such as Bulletin, Camtasia Studio, TechSmith SNAGIT so on. Goodness addition to tighten the relationship between the level of communication, collaboration software can work properly control quality, utilization can transfer graphics, audio, and avoid sky boasted partners, the actual results of the finished passable regret.

gdc13 016 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

He also stressed that not necessarily use long and complex messages to communicate, the focus is to streamline also easy to understand, even when you want to hit; quickly understand the other side to convey a message, you can save unnecessary communication between the effort.

Collaboration focuses on understanding each other in the end who is; including knowing who you work to understand each other’s work culture, but also to help each other understand your work habits. Or the use of pictures, a brief description, and even diagrams to understand all partners. Meanwhile, faced with the problem of transnational cooperation and cultural differences that may occur, learning to understand each other’s culture, when you have to make sure that they can understand; If you really know little about each other, but also with a friendly attitude to face them .

Then Jason Harris to use the difference between the English habit of Britain, as the case between the United States, such as Coach (America: Coach; England: Passenger), Chips (America: potato chips; England: French fries), Pants (America: Jeans; English: underwear) and so on.

Jason Harris from last speech to the livelihood consumer trend, with the ebb and flow of transition countries foundry costs. Live in Vancouver, London, Shanghai, Taipei, Manila and other five cities for comparison. After Youyi casual mobile games to drive demand for the type of product art foundry costs, for example, such as China grow 20 percent in India to grow 46% to 4% growth in Hungary.

gdc13 034 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

gdc13 035 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

gdc13 036 665×443 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略

gdc13 031 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 030 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 028 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 027 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 029 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 026 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 025 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 024 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 023 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略
gdc13 022 795×413 遊戲外包之道貴在溝通,EA 開發總監來台談開發趨勢和策略



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