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It is September, and that means that autumn is approaching. Traditionally, in the coming period, a big load big new titles. Thus, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 now appeared at the offices of Tweakers, FIFA 17 is coming, and early October is the time for Mafia III. A little later are great shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty 1: Infinite Warfare on the calendar, and so on. However, for the time is up, we take quick four other titles you through. It is a jumble of where we were last week, shortly before the outbreak of the autumn crowds loved doing. We begin with the latest game from Telltale Games.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 1

Develop Studio Telltale has been for many years in charge of memorable games that are invariably built on key pillars: a good story and a series of choices that can change the course of the story. The Walking Dead and the wolf among us were good examples. Last month, the studio began a new series of such games, but based on one of the most appealing licenses that you could get Batman.

Batman Telltale header
Title Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 1 nnb.
Platform Steam, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
Developer Telltale Games
The vleermuisman, which of course already some good action games could count in the Arkham series from Warner Bros., starring in the five-part story that Telltale will release in the coming months. In the first episode is only the basis for what is beyond all still going to happen. Players experience how Bruce Wayne is organizing a fundraiser for candidate mayor Harvey Dent, where the notorious mafia boss Carmine Falcone shows up. The support of Falcone Dent would give a big push, but openly be seen with a mafia boss does Bruce’s reputation any good. Here is the first of a series of choices to make players for Bruce. Do you think your reputation if you choose a better relationship with Dent? Of course you can only guess at the consequences of those choices.

The structure of the story, which in addition to Batman, Dent and Falcone also Catwoman, Vicki Vale, James Gordon and Cobblepot occur, though it appears quickly focused on the struggle between Falcone and Batman. The structure suggests that each of the five episodes that will ultimately count the game is focused on one of the many great villains from the Batman universe. A nice design, though is the end of an episode always faster than you want; when we got there after just under two hours of play just sat comfortably in, it was time for a look ahead to the next episode.

At that time, the player not only made some choices whose consequences will become clear later, there are some action scenes has already been reviewed. In those action scenes Batman fights with all sorts of criminals or other iconic characters from the Batman stories. The action takes place via quicktime sequences, which means that you as a player must press the right buttons as they appear on your screen to get the most ideal possible outcome. In addition, there are gameplay parts you like detective work needs to determine what is in a particular location exactly happened, and Batman will sometimes have to devise a plan of action before he stormed an area with multiple enemies.

These last two elements of the gameplay is pretty unique for whom Batman and what he does, but all other elements are known from previous Telltale games. And the shoe is starting to wring a little. Telltale has years of success with a known formula. That formula did initially nothing but praise. The Game of Thrones game that Telltale made last year, has already received some criticism, though it was partly due to a not very convincing story. And this Batman game? About the story we can not say so much after one episode, but it is clear that the other aspects of Telltale Games are still very reoffending. Action based on quicktime events? We have already seen quite often, and for quite a while ago. That does not mean Telltale not do more should, but that the latest game of this studio in Episode 1 all a bit ‘been there, done that “feeling. Conversely, that Batman is cool and remain cool, and that gives the game then what added value. For us that is enough to want to continue playing this Telltale game. We do a review in figure expressed omitted; in our opinion, such an assessment only have appeared as all parts of the series.


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