Gears of War: The Trial “Jim Brown to talk about development, design reason Revealed new for Multiplayer




Gears of War: The Trial “Jim Brown to talk about development, design reason Revealed new for Multiplayer
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Look at Jim Brown talked about the change in which “war machine: the trial” in the end, why should change.

Xbox360 spring masterpiece “war machine: trial distance in table listing the date March 19 footsteps approaching, the chief hurdle producer Jim Brown again on the 8th for new work to Taiwan to promote. Emphasis on the technical operation of the system, different from the previous “Gears of War” series of new works to recruit more players as a starting point, at the same time retain their high degree of operational, but also makes the game easier for novice players accepted. Background space-time backtracking to a series of initial description of a human world has not been Orcs completely destroyed era.

IMG_8180-3 ▲ middle who is Jim Brown, and this is his second visit to Taiwan, is a fascination with the level designers! Taiwanese snacks.

Huge popularity Epic Games Gears of War “series, this new” war machine: the trial was invited to co-productions in the early generations of the “war machine” to assist in the development of the PC version of People Can Fly studio; addition to attempting to use a different angle for series of open innovation Bureau, this also invited from all walks of life players together to create such had been American Literature Prize The Rome Prize, the academic award Guggenheim Tom Bissell, and branched out into movies, video games, game producer, is also the movie “Avatar The “Alien creative design RobAuten.

Speaking of “war machine: Trial production origin, Jim Brown outset talking about they want to bring a trip to the existing framework, to the players to see a different idea. Ever since, in reference to the many players opinion, the resolution increase Multiplayer Versus variability and the plot space background pull back to the “War Series” initial interpretation of this human world has not been destroyed in the past from a different perspective . Course, reduce the difficulty of the operation entry is present for one of the priorities.

“Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Battle Map _ manor ▲ multiplayer map one of the “manor”, easy to attack and hard to defend, key machine gun in the Corps of Engineers set it.

Easier to use, easier to understand, Jim Brown, named in the “war machine: trial players hold weapons changed from 3 to 2 is the best example; though it seems that the ability to attack less, but actually bring more intuitive to play, at least no longer lead to dig the wrong weapons, because he was nervous or flash god results somehow hanging point dilemma.

As a “war machine: the trial” want to expand into new markets, the plot was positioning the first pass, but because of the detailed description of the details of the human world is destroyed before, Jim Brown instead allow the old and new players to better understand the ins and outs of. So, in order to expand the game depth story mode decryption tasks can choice to cross the border or step-by-step, any kind of resources will affect the degree of difficulty of the enemies, the venue, but the diverse choice does not mean that will have multiple endings, and basically ending or only one.

“Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Battle Map _ Island ▲ multiplayer map, one of the “Island”

This made the game story locked in the Incident “Day” Gears of War “series outbreak 14 years ago, Bud and K squad later was court-martialed for violating the ban on re-Ever since this story from Bard Cole Sophia, Galen different angle described, led the players in the end the Bard made a fatal choice truth and common experience why reproduce when K squad rescue Heffer Bay City heroic record against Orcs massacre .

Jim Brown talking about WYSIWYG, the biggest difference is that the multiplayer mode into the “wisdom of the rebirth system, each time the start of the enemy and scene configuration will be at a different time, place conditions on the battlefield, each entry equal players will be different.

IMG_8183-4 ▲ “fully captured” like this, the field camp interchangeable even play ten times! Only Orcs cute ~

Jim Brown repeatedly stressed multiplayer battle mode, new “fully captured” (Over Run) and two modes Deathmatch Rush “Freedom Battle” (Team Deathmatch) alone. Fully captured “by the high degree of attention, not simply split on party attacks, but every of interchangeable offensive and defensive camp 10 battle, in other words the last game that you are still human, the next game is the Orcs; he did not forget to encourage players to trespassing with the number of points obtained in the field Rush can not only be used to open a more powerful role, also can take the opportunity to “surprise” to the opponent.

IMG_8186-5 ▲ into the fray, according to the players every game proceeds points to unlock new characters, points will unlock consumption.

Why talk about the multiplayer limit a team of only five players, rather than the usual maximum boatloads of eight players, Jim Brown pointed out that not more players to participate, but observation revealed, if provided. players enter must synchronize increase occupational categories, but too many occupational categories has not only failed to increase the game fun, but because of the ability to repeat or obvious features, leading to the team’s ability distinction blurred even combat capabilities of the uneven distribution of the situation; reality or the strategic squad to 5 people in a flat, so for them, 5 people is one of the best arrangement.

After the to leaving Epic Games came in October last year, in the former heart and soul of the “war machine” design director Cliff Bleszinski, once speculation is one of the key impact of the drastic changes in the design direction of the new work, Jim Brown said Cliff is in the completion of the “war machine : trial “Most of the project before leaving, which still has many of the elements or to change the idea from Cliff.

For example, a lot of players are keen “execution mode”, Jim Brown pointed out that the Orcs in the mode after the death continued to crawl on the floor, twitching, and then rushed up the knife to solve by the player, but on behalf of the new work inside by Cliff I unplug the elements, he simply looked Orcs twitching on the floor is very enjoyable, but no more than that, but let the elements seem to become somewhat tasteless; Thus, after considering a long time to complete resolution unplug.

IMG_8192-6 ▲ posture with muscle weight are quite full, Mr. Bard.

Max for this will be held March 19 in Taiwan heap first limited edition bonus download serial number of the first generation of the “war machine”, two days of Xbox Live Gold trial eligibility, can be used in multiplayer mode, Dome, Anya Allie character appearance, as well as dedicated high-powered weapons “classic Ray burst assault rifle”, priced at $ 1,490. “” Gears of War: The Trial VIP Season Pass, “the same day another launch included six multiplayer battle map, 2 new game modes, five exclusive weapons painting, four kinds of exclusive Armor painting; another permanently double experience, and be able to enjoy all expanded multiplayer maps, content price first 1,600 Microsoft Points.


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