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The German Telekom and throttling. The theme goes into a new round. Who has it perhaps already forgotten: 22 April 2013 was the German Telekom a change in the tariff structure known. Consumes a customer more than a certain volume, then throttled from 2016 – at 384 kilobits for the rest of the billing month. The decision announced in April 2013 the lower limit was 75 gigabyte volume users a faster line will also get more volume provided.

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The exact volume limits we considered in this paper firmly. Already in June 2013 they rowed back to more than violent protests from users and policy – the 384 kilobit throttling was increased to 2 Mbps . Not only the throttling was commented violently, and the fact that the German Telekom negotiated with services that even after throttling the customer arrive undisturbed and without throttling .

Already in May 2013 urged the Consumer NRW from the German Telekom, Deutsche Telekom was not until recently prohibited the reduction in the fixed network by the Landgericht Köln . The reason? “The term flat rate of customer connect with internet access via the landline a fixed price for a certain surfing speed and do not expect restrictions”. The German Telekom took almost a month to consider further steps in advance it was announced that it allegedly no longer wished to pursue the designation “flat rate” .

The theme of “flat rate” is for me personally anyway an eyesore. With PC I connect a product or a service, I get asked for the payment of a certain fee in unlimited form in a given period of time.

But now to the official statements of Deutsche Telekom, which were announced today during a conference call.

They want to regain the lost trust of customers. Therefore one wants to not appeal against the judgment, we accept the verdict. Besides the pure flat rate you will offer volume tariffs. Volume tariffs will be cheaper than the flat rate. All the rates and the general communication will be more transparent. This shall also apply in the mobile communications – at the moment but we speak with the terminology flatrate but once only over the fixed network, in mobile you will also have to work. An online portal will help you to compare all suppliers work here wants to collaborate with the Federal Network Agency.

Customers who complete now and in the next year (or until the announcement of the new tariffs) a flat-rate contract, have a real, unrestricted flat rate. Those who complete flat rates, which gets in the future a flat rate. The old volume clause is not applied.

From 5 December 2013 is deleted the clause customers who have entered into this agreement will be informed. What does volume tariff? At the end of the consumption, if one uses a volume-based rate, then is not simply closing time, then is restricted – to the known 2 Mbps. The new tariffs are not expected in the next 12 months. If volume tariffs are feasible before 2016, then you will offer them.

Personally, I can live with these statements, except the real flat rate is offered at fair prices. The new prices are not fixed yet. Your opinion?

Update: The press release is out, excerpts:

For all customers who have already booked landline contracts with a volume restriction applies: You can continue to use the Internet without restriction. The corresponding volume clause in the tariffs is not applied. The customer must ensure not be active. From 5 December 2013 then deleted without replacement from all fixed-line rates this clause. We will give you in writing as well.

We want our customers to understand what they can expect from our rates. And is the transparency that we emphasize so strongly apply only to the landline? Certainly not. We want to make our mobile portfolio in the future easier and more understandable. What this looks like in detail, we are still working out.

In addition, we work with the industry very hard to improve the transparency of speeds in fixed and mobile networks. We have the Federal Network Agency in early September concrete proposals:

So we want the industry to provide an online portal where customers can compare the different qualities of the provider.
For the fixed network, a measurement tool should be developed with the customers to know their speed.
In mobile communications providers want to develop apps for the velocity measurement.

Telekom will also summarize the bandwidth corridors in the fixed network closer together and make customer in the contract a product information sheet available, setting out the available speeds. For technical reasons, but we can not give up until to-information ‘without: The bandwidth is different for each connection, and depends largely on the individual length of the copper cable from. Copper absorbs, that is, each meter decreases the maximum attainable speed. Our broadband expansion but we make sure that for many customers, large parts of the copper lines are replaced with fiberglass, allowing for much higher speeds.

In our tariffs will be discussed in the future even more on the different requirements of our customers. For us, this also means that we want to offer in addition to current flat rates in the fixed network in the future volume tariffs, which are more favorable. Who wants a real flat rate, get more power and is sure to be willing to pay more. Why do we need this tariff differentiation? The global data volume has quadrupled in the past five years and is likely to 2017 again to triple according to a forecast by Cisco: In 1.4 Zettabyte then – that’s a number with 21 zeros. We need to expand our networks and therefore do the same: in the next few years alone, we invest six billion euros in infrastructure development. As a company, we need a chance to earn back these investments. Also part of the fairness.
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