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Can one utility to combine the powerful converter, mobile keyboard, advanced grammar checker, spelling and punctuation errors, as well as voice acting, explanatory dictionary of synonyms and search engine? Yes, and it is Ginger. The program is available for iOS, Android, Windows and as an extension for Chrome and Safari.The range of application is so broad assistant how big your social circle: from zabugornyh partners to fellow immigrants. And when it comes to scientific publications, thoughts in a blog or passing tests, which will be read completely unfamiliar to you people, it is important to every detail. Therefore, no harm seems to work on their writing mistakes by entrusting this business electronic corrector.
Mobile Ginger

As already noted, Ginger due to its multi-platform available on virtually any gadget. It seems to us, is the most valuable tool is on smartphones, where the writing of the text is more difficult in comparison with the computer, not to mention the editing, translation and other ancillary activities.

Ginger for iPhone, iPad or any gadget for Android – is primarily a keyboard with a variety of supported languages ​​to which bolted separate contextual corrector English text. Switching between the two components is implemented quite smoothly, although it takes a little and adapt himself.

So what is remarkable hero review? Here is praising quote from the official website of the developer.

Ginger using revolutionary technology detects and corrects with unsurpassed precision all kinds of errors in even the most complex sentences: singular and plural, complex uses of the times, the coordination of subject and predicate, context identification upotreblёnnyh wrong words, and more.

In practice, such a situation does not look too great, although it should be noted that part of the error is corrected. Several tests utility yielded conflicting results, but on average it turned out well. If you do not drive the Ginger in very ugly scribbling, the application must handle all simple blunders. Do not want to put any assessment, because in the end it all depends on the level of English. I am sure you will spend their stress tests and give personal assessment of the equalizer.
Correct English with Ginger for Android

Context error detection did not work: hart and has not been replaced by a heart.

Corrected the grammar? You can stop here and to publish the text. And you can try to improve the design proposals. Is responsible for this tool “Paraphrasing proposals.” Sometimes Ginger offers enough depth of processing, whether to agree to their introduction – you decide.

Built-in translator supports 40 languages, and require an Internet connection. Some over-reliance of the Russian translation has not been noticed from alleged to result strange hodgepodge of words. However, the same story befall with strong web world.

More interesting looks Dictionary Ginger. It can help you learn the meaning of a word of English, as well as to find a synonym. Thus, it will be easier to diversify their vocabulary and improve written language by eliminating repetitions.

Ginger also is a wide range of free themes and an extended set emodzhi.
Ginger keyboard + page
Download @
Google Play
Ginger keyboard + page
Developer: GingerSoftware Inc.
Price: Free
Ginger Page – orthographic compass, translator and dictionary
Download @
App Store
Ginger Page – orthographic compass, translator and dictionary
Developer: Ginger Software
Price: Free
Table Ginger

Functionality and design of desktop Ginger corresponds to its mobile version (or vice versa). Here you will find all the same tools and all of the same icons – adaptation will not work.

Spelling in English with Ginger for Chrome

The only thing I would add is that Ginger for Windows several gutted in its free version: do not work paraphrasing text and voice.
Spell checker and Grammar checker by Ginger
Download @
Chrome Web Store
Spell checker and Grammar checker by Ginger
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Ginger – a good tool for your spelling in English. Skillful use of the proposed tools can significantly improve your text that will positively affect the readability.

Utility is useful on a mobile for a quick translation of the text on one of the dozens of languages. If you do not like the keyboard itself, use a proofreader, however, and you lose the ability to quickly move the text into other applications. Can not but rejoice, and support for popular browsers.

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