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The Dutch AIVD intelligence and DISS should be empowered to Internet to tap. Unfocused off It recommends a government commission. At the same time overseeing the intelligence services should be strengthened.

Shades At this time, the Dutch intelligence services should not only called cable-bound traffic unfocused eavesdropping, but that is not outdated. The intelligence services should also be cast for cable-based communication, like the vast majority of Internet traffic. Trawl

That takes the Dessens, Commission established to investigate whether the Law on Intelligence and Security must be adjusted. Indeed, the law must be changed, the commission considers that its report Monday in The Hague presented. According to the committee is a renewal of the law needed because of the “explosive growth of international cable networks’, which has implications for national security. “It is extremely important that the authorities have sufficient powers,” said the chairman and namesake of the committee, Stan Dessens. “That is not so,” he says.

Wired communication should be drained as soon as a threat to national security. Unfocused in the new law For this, the responsible minister must personally give consent, the committee proposes. In the case of the AIVD that Minister Plasterk of the Interior, in the case of DISS is that Hennis-Plasschaert Minister of Defence. Once the privacy of citizens is at issue, it should also be authorized again. This distinction between more and less serious privacy breaches, to replace the current distinction between corded and non-corded communication according to the commission.

The Committee makes no specific proposals for legislative change, but does think the amendment as “technology independent as possible ‘is drawn. Thus the law on future technological developments would be prepared.

Although the committee was set up to investigate a change in the law by the government, the government has yet to decide whether the law is actually changed. Moreover, thereafter, the Representatives and the Senate shall take a bow. Minister Ronald Plasterk of the Interior would give no substantive response during the presentation of the findings. “We set our reluctant,” said Plasterk. According to him, the report should be well studied, and there must be a substantive debate take place, following the “recent developments”. This refers to the Minister on the espionage scandal that thanks to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden came out.

At this time, the intelligence and security may Wired traffic only focused bleeding, for example, specifically directed against a person. For non-cabled communication trawl may be ejected for some time. The majority of Internet traffic is through cables, even with wireless connections often takes only the last part of the connection over the air. A change in the law therefore not only makes it easier to drain the fixed Internet traffic including mobile phones will soon be easier to drain off.
Communication over cables Wireless communication
Targeted taps Allowed Allowed
Undirected taps Subject research may not yet Allowed

Nevertheless Dessens recognizes that privacy objections to the extension of powers. “For the digital highway must be sufficient oversight,” said Sessens. CTIVD, looking at whether the services operate within the law, must “maintain intensive supervision. If there is a significant investigative power “is used by the ‘citizens’ privacy can hit’ CTIVD must give. Immediately its findings on Is it CTIVD not agree, then the activity should be stopped immediately. That is not so at present, the government can decide the CTIVD disregard. According to the committee Dessens is “not desirable.”

Furthermore, people who are bugged, should it afterwards to be informed, the judges committee. That is already the case, but there was fear that the notification requirement should be abolished. In addition, the two services work together, “while maintaining its own character and task assignment”, actively advises the commission.

The two services already prepared themselves for a change in the law. There has invested heavily in new equipment that large amounts of data can be collected and analyzed. Moreover, the GISS and DISS together a new cyber unit “set up the Joint Sigint Cyber ​​Unit. Sigint means “signals intelligence, extracting information from large amounts of data. It will for the first time in the history of the two services that both services as closely as they sometimes were at odds with each other in the past.

In presenting the findings, the President of the Commission said that he regrets that the intelligence and security services are seen. Sometimes as “threat to privacy ‘ “These services are specifically designed to protect society and its citizens,” said Dessens. Therefore, proper legislation to hold to turn to. Services in check



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