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The AIVD breaks into Internet forums and relaying data from all users then demonstrated by Snowden documents NRC has recognized. This would enable the intelligence trade with the law in conflict. The House requires clarification.

In NSA whistleblower documents Snowden is a call record of three NSA and nine GISS and DISS employees which the Dutch explain how they pull all the empty databases hacked Internet forums, writes NRC. According to the NSA collects the Dutch intelligence MySQL databases with postal and account data of all forum users via malware on servers. Then, the service tries to combine data from different social media. Dates of possible targets “They are trying to find the data they have already minen good manners”, is in the documents.

With practice, the service would be contrary to the Law on Intelligence and Security or Wiv act, claim experts. That law is hacking computers is increasing, with the channeling of information for all users, the AIVD exceeds a limit, for example, says professor of information law Nico van Eijk: “They pull a trawl through internet forums and take the data from random people with it. This leads to a surveillance state. ”

According to the Interior Ministry, the AIVD is acting well within the framework of the law and its forums are legitimate targets. However, almost all the parties in parliament to clarify Minister Plasterk of the Interior. Jeroen Recourt of Labour called the revelations “extremely worrying” and Klaas Dijkhof VVD wonders whether it still falls within the law since the GISS and DISS have no legal authority to drain off. Unfocused Wired communication D66, SP, Christian Union and Green to a parliamentary inquiry, and later possibly a survey.

It has been known that the AIVD experimenting with data collection from internet forums. In 2010, published reports that the intelligence service for six months itself a forum for radical Islamists ran to find out. plans and particulars of members doing so would be concrete evidence have emerged, including the production of explosives in a large city in the Netherlands.

Although the data from rummaging through the forums GISS would be illegal now is that soon may change. A committee overseeing the security must hold is about a report on a review of the law on intelligence and security services to publish and which will advise the authority to include or unfocused tapping of traffic to be added over cables . The committee seems to aim at broadening the law. In the run-up to expand the powers of the intelligence agencies have established a comprehensive system for the interception and analysis of Internet traffic purchased wrote Tweakers earlier. The two services also have set up a joint cyber unit “: the Joint Sigint Cyber ​​Unit.

Update, 09:45: In response to the revelations, the report says that it adheres to the law and that suspicious web forums are legitimate targets. “The jihadist internet is expected to have an important role in national and international threat in the future. GISS uses his special powers for the investigation of such terrorist threats to our society.” The service relies on Article 24 of the Wi, stating that the AIVD must “enter an automated work ‘.

NSA GISS CNE 30-11-2013 Source: NRC



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