Globe Trekker Road Ford Ranger TDCi 3.2




Globe Trekker Road Ford Ranger TDCi 3.2
Ford slider car

If the sports car is born for speed, “off-road” pickup innate mission may be rough stones, river rapids, or the dry desert Gu …… Regardless of the fate of the rough and rugged pickup wild and unyielding character still can not shake, and thus become the symbol of the spirit of the American people the courage to pursue freedom, but also many of the western United States, large classic portrayal. The Ford The All-New Ranger pickup performance show, will achieve the the Globe Trekker way American Dream!


Ford Ranger TDCi 3.2 Specifications

Suggested retail price: NT $ 139.5 million
Engine Type: Duratorq TDCi 3.2L inline five-cylinder turbo diesel engine
Displacement: 3198c.c.
Transmission Type: timely four-wheel drive
Maximum horsepower: 200hp @ 3000rpm
Maximum torque: 47.9kgm 1750 to 2,500 rpm
Body size: 5351 × 1850 × 1848mm
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automatic
Wheelbase: 3,220 mm
Vehicle weight: 2,200 kg
Suspension system: the first double A-arm / rear leaf spring attached to a large pneumatic shock absorber tube
Tire size: 265/60 R18

Passionate verve

Like to wear steel coat of Robert Downey Jr., The All-New Ranger has become the embodiment of strength; Ranger cars has always been the style front air intake to maintain a three-bar grille and cellular side , the large blackened headlights and Wildtrak Suite two matched, the release of more strong sporty front bumper, mirrors, and decorative rod and so many are gun color paint handling, and let the American tough guy a little taste texture.


Compared to the previous generation models, The All-New Ranger’s front is more rounded, while the outline of the door to the compartment, slightly arcs sketched a smooth body, so as to neutralize the taste of pickup domineering, add sort of affinity; improve the car side of the waist, it is also the body type is more vigorous and full. The Footloose modern big guys, I held deep in his arms, and really envy many others.


Compared with the previous generation Ranger Ford Ranger front of this generation is more full round.


The huge mirrors not only provide a wide field of vision of the driver, with more security.


Side of the car pedal is quite thick, not afraid of Strong man violently stampede.


The specifications for the 265/60 R18 size tires, which contribute to the performance of The All-New Ranger cross-country road.


Mustang Look box taillights integrated fog lamps, not only recognizable Jia, also showing The All-New Ranger straight strong sports character.


Ford Ranger truck origin, its greatest expectations is the practical work hard, that The All-New Ranger does do its part; passenger compartment use of space unique ingenuity, glove box can be put down the 16-inch notebook computer, rear trunk floor also has a hidden storage area. The most compelling is its rear cargo compartment and a length of 1,549 mm, width to 1,560 mm, a depth of 511mm of space, significantly higher than the previous generation to extend various loading function and performance are heights.


Ford Ranger TDCi 3.2 length of 1,549 mm to 1,560 mm in width, depth 511mm cargo compartment space, has excellent loading function.


Sand Hurricane remember to switch to 4L-wheel-drive low-speed afterburner file, in order to avoid the “Diao car” the tragic story.

As the ancients says “The waves pushed forward waves,” The All-New Ranger is not only practical, built with technology and comfort under foot, center console with integrated Bluetooth, USB and iPod and other entertainment features. dual-zone climate control as standard, eliminate the original truck, but neat and simple control interface, coupled with the movement of the design of the dashboard bicyclic off-road styling, and Wildtrak modeling of seats, blood masculine flavor of the man is still unabated.


The standard dual-zone climate control is not afraid to off-road in the sun.


Center console with integrated Bluetooth, USB and iPod connection, the entertainment features no less than that.


Multi-function leather steering wheel can be directly manipulated, such as fixed speed, calls, voice, audio ……


6-speed automatic transmission system equipped with electronic knob transfer gearbox, according to the needs of different terrain afterburner mode switching high-speed drive (2H), high-speed four-wheel drive (4H), or low-speed four-wheel drive (4L).


With the the dazzling the Wildtrak shape of the orange stitching seat more blood atmosphere, the impressive performance of the degree of support.


Although Taiwan regulations can not be installed in the cabin rear seat, but the floor still has two storage space available for use.

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Hell and high water

Ease of The All-New Ranger and say what is seen and used; 3.2L TDCi turbo diesel engine can squeeze more better than the previous generation of 200hp maximum horsepower and 47.9kgm plenty of torque, and perhaps you will think you want to drive this Strong man may be a bit laborious, but in fact the low speed high torque engine under the usual acceleration force, will be able to move briskly forward. The steering wheel may be a bit heavy-handed, but it also provides a better sense of steering feedback, the overall handling flexibility due to the huge body minus points.


Equipped with the 3.2L TDCi turbo diesel engines up to 200hp maximum horsepower and maximum torque of 47.9 kg-m, even in the face of 2,200 kg vehicle weight, the acceleration power output is still thick and full.

Traveling on the fast road, The All-New Ranger the full power of high-speed travel, even if the speed is not its demands, but still allows you to enjoy the surging paste back a sense. Truck suspension design is not generally the car more stable, but the Double A-arm with a leaf spring attached to a large pressure shock absorber tube suspension settings, as well as a new generation of vehicle chassis tuning, road beating feedback reaction has been reduced many, there is no sacrifice too much comfort.

On the off-road performance, The All-New Ranger has the entry angle of 29 degrees, departure angle of 27 degrees, breakover angle of 25 degrees, the performance of wading depth of up to 800mm, and then with the 6-speed automatic transmission system the electronic knob afterburner box, the mountains to the sea control fun definitely do not lose Mercedes-Benz do ultra-running on the track. The entered Repulse Bay beach and gravel mixed ground, high-speed drive (2H) switch to high-speed four-wheel drive (4H), which can easily pass, and obviously feel the body stability to enhance this guys do not seem to be looked down on this bumpy terrain!


4H high-speed four-wheel drive mode to driving on the beach, quite Baywatch sense of superiority, crossed the shallow water is not difficult.


The face of the deep region, you can also switch to 4L four-wheel drive low afterburner file can easily conquer the rough terrain.

Car In fact, just as our life, usually after the trek downs to perception of 箇中 in the true meaning of the lack of challenges will lose enthusiasm, and we can not understand the control the fun, especially for The All-New Ranger as a pickup. A day to get along also get enough good want to follow it towards the ends of the earth, and a glimpse of its amazing potential for hard-working …


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