God is not sitting somewhere in heaven.




God is not sitting somewhere in heaven. God is in every particle of this creation. Just like the dance and the dancer cannot be separated, the creation and the creator can never be separated.
Q: I experience some pain in the body after coming out of meditation. What can I do? Please advise.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Well, you need not worry much about this. Experiences keep changing all the time. Every time you meditate, what happens is that the structure of the brain changes. The grey matter in the brain increases when you meditate. A lot of good things happen when you meditate. The toxins in the body come out; many stresses get released. Stress can be in structural or chemical form. That is why after meditation, it is good to do a little Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing Pranayama). You should also drink plenty of water and fluids. That will also help.< If a person is sensitive, s/he will not do to someone that which s/he would not want another to do to them. Have faith in the sound and move on to have faith in the silence. Have faith in sound when it is pleasant and have faith in the silence when the sound is unpleasant. When someone says something bad, you immediately believe it and the mind becomes more disturbed. Believing in an unpleasant sound creates more turmoil in the mind. In that situation shift your faith to silence. Have faith in the sound, like the chanting of mantras. People seem to have more faith in chatting and gossip rather than chanting and knowledge. Have faith in the knowledge, chanting and silence. Anecdote: On the day of the full moon, Sri Sri visited the ancient temple of Kollur where there was an elaborately decorated chariot of the goddess being pulled around the temple. Explaining its significance, Sri Sri said that each one of us is like a chariot carrying the power of God within. We are the real chariot of the Divine. Our body is the chariot and the soul is the deity which is being pulled around the world to purify. Q. Gurudev, in the recent studies, it has shown that sharp increase in depression, OCD, psychosomatic diseases, how does meditation help in reducing or completely eliminating these? Sri Sri: There are ample research on this topic, that it has proved again & again, meditation helps to uplift one's spirit, it has helped to rejuvenate body, mind & spirit, take one out of depression, there are number of scientific researches. And we see this here everyday. Around the world, millions of people who have taken to Pranayama, Meditation, have come out of these psychosomatic illnesses. There could be some exceptions, but mostly, people have gotten out of their mental issues. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji’s Institute has done number of scientific researches, findings on meditation, how it helps people to come out of many of the psychosomatic problems. Like that, the Yoga Institute in many places, in Sudarshan Kriya, with Art of Living, there are number of research papers published on how this has helped millions of people across the world. The most recent is one with the troops, the war veterans, from Iraq & Afghanistan wars in America. When the troops came back, we had the program there called the 'Welcome Home Troops’ in America. And these young men & women who have been in Army, who been in the war field, had such deep trauma which they could not get over through medication. And when they did Sudarshan Kriya, what a miracle happened in their life is something to see to believe it. So they have made several documentaries on the experiences of such war veterans. So that is a big eye opener for the scientific community that Yoga & Meditation has a big role to play in combating health related issues that the world is facing today. It can become the best alternative way of treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD & all these attention deficiency syndrome, all these can be handled.


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