“God of War: Rise of single-person experience navigation, 3 Boss strange we hit fast




“God of War: The Rise of single-person experience navigation, 3 Boss strange we hit fast
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Keleiduosi new journey with the past to see how he is looking for Ares afterwards.

SCE Feb. 27 release of “God of War: The Rise (God of War: Ascension) Single trial version lasts 30 minutes demo content, the story describes the beginning of the game Keleiduosi break free captivity Nemesis players will encounter as the game progress a simple novice teaching tips, mobility to feel climbing and walking, different attack against flu; encounter during three different sizes leader. Here is a version of the report we bring experience.

Based Keleiduosi has found “God of War” which kill the gods, “God of War: The Rise of the story back to the source of the entire series, the once vanquish Ares, actor Keleiduosi, until by Ares conspiracy led to the manslaughter of his wife and children six months after, Hades sent the Nemesis imprisoned Keleiduosi However, in the endless torture inside, Keleiduosi reignited the desire for revenge this The story also began his counterattack Nemesis!


The beginning of the story animation lasts explain revenge the goddess 100 arm Giants ins and outs of the two in the trial version is also an important role, and checkpoints scene there is one hundred arms giant rigid body. Formal entry into the game, will be able to see Keleiduosi stylish cool handsome face. Long Nemesis imprisoned, but Keleiduosi color is pretty good, until Nemesis slips dumped series Keleiduosi’s number one slap, I saw the angry Keleiduosi anti-bound hands chains, giving Nemesis slap in the face, and take the opportunity to break free of the shackles of revenge the Goddess a record seriously injured after the game officially began in leveraging the power.



The trial version which three scenes “sinner’s prison”, “sewer”, “Lookout”. The following figure a few insects inside as Nemesis avatar lacks offensive power, but to parasites human and thus manipulation attacks Keleiduosi Second, every time a group appear is quite annoying and lingering role.



Probably played a few games of sporadic fighting quickly players will be faced with the first small Boss. This Boss is the the Nemesis release of parasites attached to the director of one hundred arms giant arm into, although the appearance may seem difficult to engage, but it will not be difficult to beat; focused attack methods simple, the frequency is not too high, as long as the avoidance open around swept extensive the Wai attack, other times d up Kuangbian can. This part is divided into two phases, press R1 to throw the chains into QTE can two are hit monster dying. QTE system is no stranger to the old players, just grab the time machine press display icon corresponding button, you can easily smooth and successful victory once failed will have to once again be strange playing back the moribund state.

Addition to outside Boss blame, the players can mobs dying and appear arched light bar is displayed, press R1 to grant additional attacks (like Checheng half Topping)

The operating system in the “God of War: the rise of” With considerable change substantially the same, but released multiplayer experience with the previous version. Basically divided into three types: heavy attack the △ button = fast attack □ button = o = physical attack. The same time, the R1 button seize the enemy can match ○ throwing enemies or L1 button + ○ button to make a special throwing motion, convergence attack attack with the run action, the jump then △ button with different attack tactics. In addition, L1 button there defense usage, R1 can be used to open the body. Measured at the bottom right of the table on behalf of “rage meter”, will be able to point △ or □ launched new moves full, then the attacker from the three sections into up to about six paragraphs.

In addition, the trial version only opened up a weapon, players can try along the collecting points to strengthen capacity.


Then, by pounding the monster eat pain instantly destroyed the high Keleiduosi station, the terrain disintegrated into a steep landslide; Keleiduosi stand up on the knife with the slopes forward, players then as long as the use of L analog stick to control the direction can be. This relatively simple and a little speed and excitement, really can make people pause for breath, take the opportunity to experience a different play from the urgent action plot. Finally, although Keleiduosi fell into the sewer, simply follow the system prompts you can easily back to the ground.

“God of War: the rise of” is not a guessing game, even if the heavy bodies along the road, the players down do not have to automatically break his head thinking about how to move forward, just pay attention along the spot can, usually such spot is not representative organ-based or path location, is representative of the key props; using the R1 button can be seized or turned on props.



The focus is also lost out to experience edition which has a lot of terrain aside cliff player touches can grasp the characteristics of the terrain the monsters are all thrown into the cliff, although some blame will leave bounce back to continue the fight. Then silently; unexpected pleasure (laughter). Anyway! Even if left alone, the player can still receive a monster erupted after the death of the points, the siege, after all, a way of fighting.

In addition, the open red (points), Green (blood) box a little bit changed, the Green Box is still the same hands lifted, but Keleiduosi heavy hammer with both hands to open the red box


Seeing Keleiduosi while we breathe, Nemesis anger even more vigorously, launching another batch of giant attack, where the building is now being uprooted an entire one hundred arm Giants play in the hands, players also can only deal with the monster trapped inside checkpoints nothing difficulty, but because the lens distance not With role position adjustment, so pulled the most distant only stare at figures like the size of a thumb, relying feel with intuition resolved. In summary, based on the skills of the R1 button grasping enemy embedded within a certain distance of the auto-aim, even if do not know yet they are not completely not hit strange.

“God of War: The Rise of the combo system determines although Bu Zhiyu harsh, but the delay time is not long, if you want to build up to the multi-link beat was compared to the violent conflict, it is better to put stability footsteps master the R1 button crawling and throwing enemies ‘s footsteps, and supplemented by the severity of the attack is also not difficult, as long as the number of the enemy is not too little, spend a little patience with up to 99 segments.


Finally solve enemies Keleiduosi in order to escape from the coming collapse of buildings, from the sky awarded by a platform above. This may seem like a palm platform, players will encounter in this troublesome Cyclops.

The words of the Cyclops, slow speed of action, but the skin more than flesh, attack up quite pain, made a special trip to Bypass the back playing, it seems a little bit of trouble, so our side a d up mess flat action, as fast as the bees attack quickly as eel-like slip Fortunately, everything has just begun, the monster is really difficult to play.

Wait until the the Cyclops first time collapsed, followed a bunch of mobs attacked, this time I saw Keleiduosi handsome jump on Cyclops neck, like behind Ling camel controls Cyclops, then as long as the handsome Luanhui stretch will be able to solve all the trash fish off to follow is the highlight of it! Keleiduosi will be staged in the long-awaited (?) Slaughtered Cyclops plot last really only used the belly break intestinal flow to describe the (tea).



Successfully solve the finish Cyclops Keleiduosi, and then burst into a their cells until, unexpectedly encountered an uncle! (Ares?)

Had a chance to say hello to each other, flew other monster first prodded a slap over saw Uncle cis side becomes a light out of the way, Keleiduosi forced with the monster as Target Attack! This can only blame is the version of the finale of the experience, were quite aggressive one. Although the attack is fairly simple, ordinary state of blood loss, but if a hand waving to the pillar above the loss of blood immediately instantaneous greatly increased, not wish.

From start to finish players he played three times seriously injured to completely KO late monster also released insects to help out, like Previously, we mentioned ordinary force of insect damage, can not busy Qingdiao insects directly originally pace to attack the Boss as the first priority to.




Finally kick down, no time to look at the front so what things volley hit the big palm the Keleiduosi monster beat seize too late since monster prolapse Keleiduosi also so submerged palm, watching thrilling sight, and in the end is how ……..? Sorry, please wait until the official version of the Offering will all know the pull!


In short, the trial version is completely finished in this last reappears game Logo screen, but not the end of the staff or other images like content. The attack button Sort redesign, but could still be considered to maintain the “God of War” series has always been a solid combat a sense of; the experience edition focuses bias plot and basic operation, many systems are unable to find it all, but because it provides three attributes Boss blame, there are three different scenarios, content to be considered rich, next look forward to the official version can bring the more we will be stunning. By then Keleiduosi what his heart the mouth foul smells vent to the Furies, but also how to find Ares count this adult old scores.


PS3 “God of War: the rise of” scheduled for March 12 in Taiwan following the simultaneous global launch in English Version.



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