God’s love brings out the perfection from within.




Living A Life Rich With Relationships (Part 5)

Life without relationships is like living without strength. People who are loved a lot by others will be stronger and they will be able to cross different situations with this power. They say love can move mountains. That can be further expanded to say love from different relationships can change the circumstances of your life from negative to positive. It’s as if relationships are a treasure and the richer we are with the treasure the more strength we have inside us. We can also challenge the world and say that when the world is with us, we will never drown deep in any situation, however demanding it may be. It’s as if so many people are holding your hand and helping you cross different types of situations which otherwise would not have been easy to cross without the power of their blessings.

So never ever feel you are alone. This will make you susceptible to different types of situations of all types much more than if you were accompanied by many like-minded people in your life journey. People carry positive energy inside them which helps you remain stable when you are with them at every step in your life. Life throws different types of challenges at us and they can unsettle you. But people whom we love, help us in overcoming these challenges sometimes directly with their physical help and sometimes on a non-physical level through the power of their love and support on a mental level. It is different when we do not have real life tests and we do not realize the importance of our close loved ones at that time. Its only when we are tested when we realize the same. Take the example of a difficult physical illness. Knowing that you have a test paper of life that is in front of you is the first step of realization. Take two people with the same illness. The one with thousands of people’s love in his heart will at times emerge victorious sooner than the other one who has lesser love in her life but access to more and better medical facilities. That is why it is said – blessings make you fly.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 17-11-2017

God’s love brings out the perfection from within.

Expression:The power of God’s love brings about change internally. Through His love everything old and unwanted finishes. There is the natural tendency to bring about such perfection that the one who loves Him and gets His love becomes like a mirror – a mirror in which perfection of others too is visible.

Experience: There is such inner strength that I get because of God’s love that even if somebody does something to hurt me, I don’t allow myself to get hurt. Even if people are saying negative things, they don’t influence or touch me in a negative way. I am so full with God’s love that it naturally flows out to those around me.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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