Google Glass will be successful iPhone




Google Glass will be successful iPhone

Google Glass iPhone

Despite the lack of interest of some users in digital glasses Google, about 21.6 million Americans would buy Glass, if they went on sale today. And that 12 percent of the U.S. adult population. These are the results of a survey conducted by an independent research firm Forrester Research. Analysts compare the version of the Explorer Edition with handheld Apple Newton – the ancestor of today’s tablets.

Although the current version of Glass has many disadvantages, including limited battery life, more than 4,600 American adults are willing to buy magic glasses Google right now.

«Glass constantly improved through software updates” on air “and new applications. We have no doubt that over time they will repeat the success of the iPhone », – says Forrester Research.

Who needs Google Glass?

The target audience is primarily represented by Glass technological optimists at the age of 50 years with a high level of income. Among these, more men than women. These people want to have constant access to data sources such as maps, information about nearby companies, their products, not to mention the personal information of users of social networks.

google glass model

At the same time people are interesting not only digital glasses, but also other wearable electronics form factors, such as watches, bracelets, contact lenses and tattoos.
Benefits of Google Glass

Forrester points to the following benefits Google Glass:

1. Ease of use.

For information, no need to once again take the phone out of his pocket.

google glass canyon

2. Quick access to information.

No need to constantly keep before our eyes the smartphone, using augmented reality applications.

3. The complete absence of sound distortion.

Bone conduction technology delivers superior sound quality in noisy environments, and the beep does not distract others.

In addition to the notorious geeks among the first users of Glass will be representatives of different professions – engineers, doctors, construction workers, farmers and others. Creative nature also find use Google Glass.

Contrary to popular belief Forrester does not believe Glass spy device. In digital points Google too limited battery life. For this purpose, it is better to use unobtrusive devices that are not so apparent.

Google Glass has a great future. It is unlikely that anyone has doubts.
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