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.. All Google announced on Google I / O 2017
Google has announced a lot of advantages for its various services.
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Google announced on Wednesday the launch of its annual Google I / O 2017 conference in the state of California, the United States of the new in terms of software, announced more than two billion devices using the Android system around the world, and announced new services, such as Google Lens, and new features for past services.

“Google Lenses” Google Lens

Google Lenses allows users to get to know the surrounding stuff and get more information about it, just by photographing it with a smartphone camera. The service benefits from Google’s advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

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With Google Lens, your smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action. #io17
10:43 PM – 17 May 2017
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During the event, Google presented several examples of how to use its new service. A rose can be photographed for more details and details. It can also be used to connect to the Internet by simply photographing the label on the router. During the filming of its signs, or even the names and information of the famous buildings.

Google lenses, which Google said will soon be available, also have the potential to improve images captured by removing unwanted elements without distorting the image.

2 billion devices Android system

Google has announced more than 2 billion active monthly Android operating systems, and the company has revealed that the number of users has grown by more than 400 million since September 2015.

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Thanks to developers and our partners around the world, there are now more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices. #io17
10:39 PM – 17 May 2017
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In addition to the number of Android users, the US technology giant has announced more than 500 million active users of the Google Photos storage and management service, uploading 1.2 billion images and videos per month.

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More than 500 million people now use #GooglePhotos every month, backing up more than 1.2 billion photos and videos per day. #io17
11:16 PM – 17 May 2017
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Three new features on Google Images

Google announced the addition of three new features to the Google Photos and Video Storage and Management Service. The first, Suggested Sharing, using machine learning technology, allows users to share photos they share with friends. in the picture.

The company launched the second feature called Shared Libraries, which allows the user to share all or part of it with someone close to him, such as a husband or family member or friend, automatically. The third feature is Photo Books, which lets you create albums for the most popular photos on Google Photos by people or events.

Google Assistant for iPhone and support for more languages

Google has officially announced that its digital assistant Google Assist will be available on iPhone phones in an attempt to compete with Apple’s digital assistant Cyril in his home. It also announced its intention to support more languages, not Arabic among them.

The company has revealed that its digital assistant is available on more than 100 million Android phones, and aims to bring it to more devices gradually, as it announced its intention to integrate “Google Assistant” in many smart home appliances, allowing users to control voice.

Google has added more features to the Google Home PDA, such as direct dial-up to mobile and fixed phones, all for free, but the feature is limited to the United States and Canada.

Launch of Android or Android Beta

Google announced yesterday the release of the trial version of the next version of the Android system, now known as “Android or”, will be available beta version of a number of devices, namely: Pixel, Excel, Excel, Excel, and Nexos Player, and Nexus 6 , And Nexus 5X, for any of the company’s phones.

The company also reviewed some of the new features of the new system, which focus primarily on improving the basics, including battery performance, protection and security, and take-off time. Google first announced Android in March, revealing its main advantages.

One of the new features of the system is the Intelligent Text Selection feature. With artificial intelligence techniques, it is possible to click on a word to automatically select the adjacent words that are associated with it. If the user clicks on an address word, Specifies the entire address with the option to open it in the Maps app along with copy, cut, and paste options.

The same applies to phone numbers and e-mail addresses. An option to apply the connection and e-mail application will appear, providing the user with the need to copy this information and then go to that application to paste it.

Android Plus also comes with Notification Points, which show points on the apps where notifications were sent to the phone, along with traditional notifications, and by clicking on the app on which the notification points appear, a pop-up menu appears next to the notification.

other options. The new system also includes an image-in-picture feature, as the user can minimize the video while still using other applications.

Android Go

Google also announced the Android Android system, a lightweight version of the Android system for low-specification smartphones, which comes to increase the number of smart devices running Android system, and to provide a user experience that matches the specifications of each device.

The company said that “Android Joe” is designed to work with phones that do not exceed the size of RAM, “RAM” 1 GB, and it includes light copies of popular Google applications, such as Chrome, YouTube and keyboard Gboard, and developed these versions to make them less Consumption of battery power, memory and data.

Google said it plans to launch the new Android Go system in 2018 and will be the operating system for all devices that come with a RAM of 1 GB.
Kotlin programming language is officially supported by Google.

Google also unveiled Wednesday, in a surprise move to the community of application developers, the support of the language “Kotlin” officially starting from the third version of the platform, “Android Studio” as a language of the first category.

“Coteline” is an open source programming language developed by JetBrains, the same company that Google is developing in the Android Studio platform. It is fully compatible with the JDK development package, and allows code writing with fewer lines and faster And more effective compared to Java.

Virtual reality and enhanced reality

On Google I / O 2017, Google announced a number of issues with its virtual reality and enhanced reality technology as part of its DayDream VR project, launched by Google I / O 2016, This field to launch the next generation of glasses.

The company said it will work with HTC and Lenovo to launch a new generation of virtual reality glasses and enhanced reality that it does not need to be connected to any smartphone or PC.

One of the most prominent technologies to be introduced under this project is WorldSense, which allows to track the location of the user while moving accurately with the elimination of the need for external sensors or separate traffic obstacles, as the sensors and sensors will come within the same glasses.

Google also announced that my phone Samsung, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, will support the platform “Day DreamR” and the “Dream Dream View” later this year through a software update to users of the devices.

The company also announced that LG will launch later this year a smart phone supporting its virtual reality platform, believed to be the “LG in 30” LG V30, meaning that the phone “G6” will not get support.

Google also announced support for Instant Apps for all developers and announced Google Play Protect, which aims to protect Android users from malicious applications.

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