Google Responds To Apple Via Its Enhanced Reality Platform ARCore




Google has just announced a new tool called ARCore that will allow developers to write applications and games enhanced reality of millions of smart devices operating system to run mobile devices Android, and is a direct response from the company on the platform of Apple’s enhanced reality called ARKit, During the WWDC conference a few months ago, and allow iOS developers to provide enhanced reality applications for iPhone and iPad mobile phones.

The enhanced reality allows developers to install digital content in the real world, such as Google’s animated lion image, which shows how to place the lion directly on the street, which is a good example of multiple use cases. Previously, Google had no answer on Apple’s platform. But this has now changed with the new announcement.

Google has invested in the Tango platform for the enhanced reality, but it requires special devices and sensors on the new smart phones, and it was clear that their development may be delayed, and things have changed now and there will be no need to rely on new devices so that the company can provide enhanced reality applications for phones Android is currently in the market, where the giant hopes to search for the enhanced reality applications are ready to work on 100 million devices before the development tool out of the preview version.

Phones that support enhanced reality include the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixels operating Android version 7.0 or higher, and hopes that the company will eventually allow the tool to run the reality enhanced the millions of Android devices belonging to the various manufacturers of Samsung and Huawei and LG and Asus and others, Do not require additional hardware.

The ARCit platform, similar to the ARKit platform, is provided by Java / OpenGL, Unity and Unreal, and will provide three features: motion tracking (so that the camera can be used to detect user parking space), environmental understanding (so that horizontal surfaces can be detected) Illumination (matches the lighting and shadow of default objects with the user’s perimeter lighting).

Google said in the announcement statement of the platform that it is already working on the construction of three-dimensional tools well suited to the ARCore platform, so that developers can create the content of the adventurous reality, and the company is also working on the technology of reality and other adventurous, such as visual positioning service to experience the reality of the advent of Global range, and web browsers that are compatible with immersive reality.


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