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Google Security: Use the smartphone to login, even with two-factor authentication enabled

GoogleLogo150 This article is about how to use the smartphone as a confirmation for a login to a Google account instead of a code for two-factor authentication or a password. I’ve already described the whole thing in two articles, but Google has unfortunately decided to hide the entries, or completely hide them for users of two-factor authentication. I summarize the normal authentication methods of Google, which do not need special hardware like a token.


Username and password to login is known, the two-factor authentication as well. In addition to the user name and the password, a code is also required, which is typically generated in an app. Then there is the confirmation via smartphone. The user without the two-factor authentication is a smartphone in his account with Google. It does not have to enter a password when logging in, instead the number is required, which indicates the smartphone at the time.

If a Google customer has enabled two-factor authentication and connected his smartphone, he has to enter his username and password when signing up, confirming on his smartphone that he is currently logging in.

Sounds complicated? But it is not, more practical, since you do not have to rummage in any app for a two-factor authentication code.

Why is the fun again have to write more than in my previous contributions: It has changed to Google something and it can happen to anyone.

If you use your smartphone and set up a new one, you are not necessarily asked whether this should be used for a login of the Google account, at least this was not the case when I set up my Google Pixel. Also iPhone users can fall into the trap, because when a backup and restore to a new iPhone, the confirmation via Google app does not work anymore.

I also could not find a setting page, as I deposit a new smartphone as security token, at least not where she was some time ago.

Initial setup without two-factor authentication

So I have once swept, but first for all interested who do not use two-factor authentication, but in the future want to use the smartphone to log in (user name entered followed by the number displayed on the smartphone.) As mentioned above ). Visit this site and directed it, as described by Google. Android smartphones are supported with current Google Play services and the iPhone 5s and later with Google App installed. Google has for a help page at hand.

Screen photo-2016-10-21-around-13-31-17

If you are in step 2 of the setup, you need to select the smartphone. Typically your main unit. It must have a display lock so that an attacker can not log into your account – because he only needs to know the address, but not the password.

So you are in a few minutes with the story through. Of course, two-factor authentication is more secure. Here, Google since my last contribution but again to the account settings tinkered, the old link dead-laid – I mentioned yes.

Nevertheless, it is possible to add smartphones login method, although 2FA is used. This is done through this site . Here you are in the second step, so you have the possibility to retrieve classic backup codes for two-factor authentication, to change the phone number for a code – or even to add a smartphone (and of course remove). Looks like this (point: prompt by Google).


Long story short: Google allows the Log by smartphone. When two-factor authentication is not enabled, this is handy. If you switch the phone or want to add a new, so you should have the links handy from this post, perhaps the first explanatory Read articles about. Important: This login method does not replace any app that 2FA codes generated. This or at least the backup codes should always have somewhere. Because with activated login via smartphone it is nevertheless possible to use one of the old variants to login.



In this sense: Official yourselves in security quiet corner higher, even if it is only by activating the two-factor authentication.


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