Greenify: more battery life now also available for Android devices without root




Greenify: more battery life now also available for Android devices without root

Users who access their Android have root privileges Smartphone, Greenify may know. The tool will save battery life. This creates the tool in that it can stop all background activities of apps. Greenify lists initial apps that stand out by background processes and allows you the opportunity to limit these in their activities.

Greenify Good and important: Greenify has a help function and shows you, the locks do not Messenger, alarm clock, and the like – because these are things that need to run in the background, otherwise work is no more notifications. As mentioned, so far only me root privileges. The today released version 2.0 wants this feature but also allow for devices that are not rooted.

For this, one must first select the apps in question and the unique close manually. Do not worry, is accompanied everything from a wizard. To what extent the whole course is practical, you have to decide for yourselves, by the lack of root privileges can Greenify by eventual start of an observed this app does not send to the idle state, here you would have to manually intervene again. Whilst it is a shortcut set up to stop the apps, but the time invested is likely to be well below the actual value.
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Google Play
Greenify * ROOT: Renew my Phone
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

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