Gulf Conference for Information Security: information five dollars and the losses of the world $ 800 billion annually




Gulf Conference for Information Security: information five dollars and the losses of the world $ 800 billion annually

Techniques of deception and deterrent solutions at the heart of discussions Gulf Conference for Information Security

Wednesday concluded Exhibition and Conference Gulf of information security, having recorded three days a success in terms of the number of companies and delegates from the five continents, and has gained a strong impetus to the event dealt with research and explanation of complex techniques of deception for the perpetrators of cyber attacks.

Participants know of speakers how to turn the tide in their favor when exposed to electronic attacks and various techniques of deception through the World Wide Web, which aims to penetrate their systems. Also touched experts from various sectors that varied between the international economy, through the sectors of oil and gas, and the end of the governmental sectors, to disclose the methods followed by the perpetrators of cyber attacks, which coincided with the boom of technology in tablet computers, and applications of mobile devices and the Internet, along with many other developments that brought about a milestone in the contemporary world.

In detail, refute Stephen Brennan, head of consulting company “CSI CNN,” the perception of businesses and of the greatest risks that may be exposed to due to the actions of the perpetrators of cyber attacks, a resident of the evidence that the source of the real danger lies in the behavior of the staff of these companies, he explained: “sold information to meet the average price of five dollars only to interested institutions, and in a clear variation in the size of the gains and losses, the companies incur from behind the cyber-crime organization an annual loss of U.S. $ 800 billion.”

He Brennan that many cyber criminals prefer to conduct transactions small does not raise doubts with the authorities, which makes it a lucrative business, calling on companies to “promptly to develop plans, constitute the procedures pre-emptive 80 percent of the mechanism of action and not wait for the attack, an agent becomes such as emergency service waiting for the fall of the victims first before the hospital building and training of doctors. ”

Although 57 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by “CSI C” on the issue of the security of mobile devices, has said that these devices that one of the biggest security challenges, he urged Brennan participants in the conference not to focus only on smartphones, because they constitute only tip of the iceberg, while the remainder divided between smart devices other smart Kalgariat in smart electricity networks and other electronic devices connected to the Internet.

In the study, which was briefed “CSI C” delegates at the conference on the results, analysis revealed included months 23 application working on the top three mobile devices in the world from the realities of worrying when downloading applications, is that the staff, unintentionally, have waived their right Data Storage their credit cards and passwords, text messages, contacts and photos on their computers, while they are recording their communications secret.

For his part, said Armando Romeo, founder of the company, “E. ringing Sekorta,” gold sponsor of the event, said that 55 percent of the investment in the security sector will pump in web applications, while obsessed security network to 32 percent, and go 9 percent only to the security of mobile devices. Romeo expected to witness the security of mobile devices and increasing demand, he added: “What still fall victim to companies plans Mrtbeka the cyber attacks since 1999. This proves that even though the fast-changing technology sector, some companies do not keep pace with the acceleration due to the extent and only using the same protocols, unlike the perpetrators of the attacks who يصقلون their expertise and develop plans and methods of attack. ”

In turn, briefed Antoni de Bello, director of strategic partnership with the company “Gaadens Software” conferences on his experience in this regard, during the sessions talk titled “intelligence security and analysis of end-point” and “develop a vision of chaos,” saying: “pumped institutions and companies massive investments in security technologies and detect intrusions, but the aim of the attacker, which is the end point, as organs laptops, desktops and servers, e-form the point is not visible to the security institutions. ” Di Bello explained that what is needed is to develop a clearer understanding about the “end point”, and linked systems analysis of massive data security, to address this important blind spot in information security. ”

As Roger Cressey, President of the Conference and former president of the Board of Directors to protect critical infrastructure in the management of each of the presidents Americans Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, called on governments to develop succession diplomacy aside and work together against threats to the perpetrators of cyber attacks, who sell intellectual property and secrets strategy to the highest bidder , and walk on approach default Security Initiative agreement signed between the United States and China. He added that cyber attacks has risen to unprecedented levels of complexity, involving multiple stages, such as malware “inactive”, which can be activated after several months or years to launch simultaneous attacks.

For its part, indicated تريكسي Luo, Senior Vice President at Dubai World Trade Center, that the fruitful results of the conference and exhibition Gulf of information security is not limited to the business community, but extended to include individuals, public sector and give a strong impetus to e-government initiatives. She said: “Participants in the conference agreed that repel cyber attacks needs to be mutually supportive poles sector and governments come together to launch an effective deterrent solutions to these attacks.” Luo expressed her happiness to receive exhibition and conference moral support from companies and governments alike, arguing that this “sends to Altfowl more success at all levels in the coming sessions of the Gulf Exhibition and Conference for Information Security”.
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