Hack Jurisdiction encounters major resistance at Lower House hearing




Various organizations and companies at a hearing in the House criticized the bill cybercrime III, where the police will include the power to hack into computers remotely.

Professor of Information Law Nico van Eijk advised the House to the law cybercrime III does not even take into treatment, but the professor was not the only significant criticized the bill, which is in December at the House tabled . So Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Personal Data Privacy Authority regulator, hack authority introduced the bill called an “unprecedented breach” of privacy. He agrees with Van Eijk that additional safeguards are needed. Moreover, the proposal would not be in line with recent judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

Further criticism came from the Dutch Bar Association, who insisted the law be arranged in advance as possible. “It should be built in advance of control and conditions, because if you give away your’m forever lost”, as stated a spokesperson. hack powers should also be a “mouse hole”, with clear and strictly defined limits.

The police and the’ll hack competence necessary due to the increased crime on the Internet. So would ‘jobs sites on the darknet’ existence, which can enable assassins and criminals could take advantage of resources that the police do not have at his disposal. Police say they are in favor of strong encryption and do not provide backdoors software. It would also be unlikely that the police would keep an eye on an innocent civilian.

The challenge faced by police and prosecutors to deal with at this time would have been to include using accessible encryption certain information simply is not available. So they only see on the basis of port numbers that uses Tor or a VPN, but the information itself remains hidden. Thus providing evidence is very difficult. They therefore welcome the power to penetrate remotely, for example, a computer in order to get access to encryption keys.

The police will hack powers “of course make use of vulnerabilities,” and that the police will own words also actively looking for. Asked whether the police will buy these vulnerabilities by parties Hacking Team or other companies, was no answer. Also would use the police zero days, but these are or reported to the NCSC.

Ronald Prins, of security firm Fox IT, added to that zero-days are not always necessary and that the NSA themselves say they have not needed to penetrate a system. He also responded to earlier criticism about the aspect of the bill, which the hack license may be also used in computers abroad. It would advance namely not at all be possible to establish the basis of an IP address to which a computer is displayed at sight, because it can hang a whole chain of different computers behind an address. According to Prince hack power should be a last resort.

A Google representative criticized the bill because it would make the Internet a safer place less safe. It would also ensure that countries have less confidence in the Netherlands as “internet land. The Lower House held the meeting of both companies and organizations to hear views on the proposed law.


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