Hackers broke into the 5 million smartphones via Wi-Fi




Hackers are increasingly connected to the free Wi-Fi internet to steal information from mobile devices. To such conclusion experts on cybercrime. They predict that in the next few months, hackers have hacked one in ten smartphone connected to free internet.


Technology steal information via Wi-Fi has long existed, but with virtual crime fighters drew attention to it just now, when tens of smartphones Hollywood celebrities have been victims of hackers, says Russian Bazaar . Recently posted a net gigabytes of different content – from photos of nude celebrities (stars filmed themselves) to the phone numbers of politicians and public figures.

“Today, smart phones are the biggest source of storage of personal information – says Ted Fills, an expert on cybercrime. – Through the application people come to social networks, check bank accounts, communicate with each other. Moreover, 80% of Americans keep a copy of their social security cards, passports and driving licenses in the phones or e-mail folders. ”

According Fillsa, an experienced criminal take less than three hours to form an opinion about a person according to his cell phone. An attacker can easily determine which is the best time to rob a man’s house, and that valuable stored in this very house.

“Information should be stored in smartphones behind seven locks – continues Fills. – But now hackers download 100% content from your phone for 10-15 minutes. And downloading technology to primitive madness. It does not require large investments and knowledge. ”

Thus, in one of the districts of Los Angeles hacker Vincent D. rented a small studio, connected high-speed internet for $ 100 a month, and then opened it to access for everyone. After a few days to khaljavnogo Internet Connected 18 people – from teenagers to the elderly.

“Never before has the personal lives of other people I do not amused – hacker wrote in his blog. – I learned about their neighbors all the details. I know how much they earn, how often and with whom they have sex, what they fear, and what they eat. I see through the doors and curtains on the curtains. ”

For your curiosity Vincent received nine months in prison. Lawyers hacker was able to prove that their client did not pursue financial outputs, ie, did not spend other people’s money with credit cards and bank accounts.

Today, on the black market hack your phone via Wi-Fi costs $ 250. Even if a person does not use the public internet, hackers pick the password to his personal home account. All that is required attackers – to come to the apartment or the house of the victim.

Thus, a resident of New Hampshire Orsen Z. was the victim of a group of hackers who steal money from bank accounts. On his phone were 12 applications to a debit and a savings account, a dozen credit cards.

“In total, the hackers stole $ 16,000 – angry Orsen. – Banks have given me the money, but it had a week to spend on letters and telephone calls. The worst thing that the majority of bank employees did not even know that the theft via Wi-Fi are the place to be. They could not believe what had happened. ”

The biggest problem lies in the fact that every third user stores on the internet pictures of erotic or pornographic content. Some do it for fun alone, others want to perpetuate the memory of sexual adventures.

“Any person can trample in the mud, if a good rummage in his mobile phone – continues Fills. – If all the photographs in order, in the SMS-correspondence will be found racist or obscene expression, and if everything is clean, then you need to check your email or social networks. Even of the most law-abiding and responsible family man easily make an immoral person. ”

On the question of how to defend against hacker attacks Wi-Fi, cyber crime fighters shrug. To date, this is impossible. If anyone is interested in the information from your smartphone, it will find a way to download it. Therefore, the main and the only rule: never store scandalous pictures provocative correspondence, financial data on a smartphone. Every week, remove the information that you no longer need.

As for the largest manufacturers of mobile devices, Apple and Samsung, they are preparing for massive lawsuits from the Americans, whose reputation was tarnished after the theft of information via Wi-Fi. Experts claim that hackers stole information already 5 million smartphones, but still did not get it.

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