“Halt and Catch Fire”: Serial dream of tech fans




The US network AMC has many first-class series in the program: My personal favorite is the now completed “Mad Men”. Even “The Walking Dead” I like, even if my series as a whole is something to soapig. Sure, “Breaking Bad” must not be forgotten and its quasi-successor “Better Call Saul” also runs at AMC. But in addition to these well-known names, there are also at AMC series that are probably rushed past not only with me for a long time under the radar. One of them is “Halt and Catch Fire”, which currently runs exclusively in Germany with Amazon Prime Instant Video in the third season. If you still have not looked inside, I can only recommend the catch. Because “Halt and Catch Fire” is quasi Serial dream of tech fans.

The series takes place in the 1980s: PCs for home users are still more or less an expensive luxury, IBM dominates the IT sphere and many small businesses hungry want a piece of the pie. Former IBM executive Joe MacMillan (awesome played by Lee Pace) now outwits the leadership of a manufacturer called Cardiff Electric to himself zuzuschanzen own PC project. But Joe is more in the mold of Steve Jobs: a brilliant businessman, but by programming and hardware development, he has little idea. With his charisma, but he draws the engineer Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) just to his side as the programmer prodigy Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis). With the latter Joe starts then even a fairly turbulent relationship that always ends up on the butt by his skilful but manipulative business tricks.


And I’ll be honest: The first episodes of the first season I looked at mainly because I find Lee Pace just great. “Pushing Daisies” is one of my favorite series and in the movie “The Fall” I found Pace super. Sure, the tech scenario attracted me. However, I had expected that the technique would probably move like in the film “Steve Jobs” in favor of the dramatic elements in the background. And of course there is another even with “Halt and Catch Fire” especially about the main characters and their inner demons and their relationships. However, the series engages but many technological developments of that time on, as Nintendo surprising success with the NES, the emergence of new, visually oriented operating systems and the first virus or the first anti-virus software.

Of course, the makers doing some freedoms take out just what, for example, concerns the presentation of the work of programmers. Nevertheless, you can see that here people are working on the series, which have quite busy with IT in a broad sense and try the pioneering spirit of the 1980s depict. During Season 1, however, to about the mid-term acts sometimes brittle, draws the series after noticeably. Season 2 is about almost a reboot and shuffles the cards from scratch. And I want you to not spoil, but the characters really grow here with the series and it struck me as a spectator difficult to distribute my sympathies clearly. Cameron about that at first I liked, I started to go a bit on your nerves during the first slick Joe increasingly became my favorite crowd hangover. but Fies with a heart of gold, or rather the one who pushes the dagger in the back one with toothpaste grin? Joe is somehow both and that makes the character so fascinating.


The first two seasons of “Halt and Catch Fire” has been around for a while with Amazon Prime, are of the third season so far five episodes ready – because also only five episodes aired in the US. Every Tuesday is always a new episode appears. I have already looked at all five episodes of Season 3 and I’m still pretty excited: Joe developed at that season increasingly clear parallels to Steve Jobs, at the same time, the series is also more confident and not afraid to introduce new characters. However, the technical elements come my impression something back – here there were in the first two seasons significantly more cross references. However, the impression can be deceptive. Especially since the season is not yet completed.

All in all, “Halt and Catch Fire” but about what I had actually promised by “Steve Jobs” me: A very round mixture of technology insiders, strong character drama and stylish staging. Not misunderstand, I also liked Aaron Sorkin film, but found that a relatively large potential was wasted. If “Halt and Catch Fire” So his most rushed past also with you under the radar, then really check it out. As I said, the first few episodes are partially still somewhat brittle, but the series then blossomed on. I am looking forward animal on the sixth episode on Tuesday and hope that maybe I could one or the other enjoy with a “tip”.


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