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Sometimes repair a bit of a privilege. Apart from the fact that you are helping people and that the process gives me great satisfaction personally always, sometimes it’s just cool because you get with special devices within a story. Hardware 112-series is based on it, unique stuff with must be revived, not because it is really needed, but mainly because it can …

Today I’m doing a special booklet open for you, a red booklet. If you have not yet understood the hint, you come from a later era than I;) The red book, or red book, which is the standard Phillips and Sony have described the compact disc audio. On the table is a Phillips CD100, the first CD player that came on the market.

Hardware 112 – CD

“Recently, I cleaned the attic with my parents and some things from the past brought home. Among the things was my old CD player, a Philips CD100 in 1982. My father worked 42 years at Philips in Eindhoven. When CD100 came out in 1982, the first CD player ever, my father arranged for me along with him to the factory in Belgium was allowed to look at the player and its production, and finally, of course, listen to a CD What a sound.; I want him!

That thing took time, however, a power for a little guy ten years old. My father bought it in 1983 for me, with the condition that I would pay half themselves. For six months I have done odd jobs at home, with neighbors and family to get the money together. Years I have enjoyed the beautiful, pure sound of CD100. Around my eighteenth got the CD player that cures, while playing a CD and had many a crackling or rustling sound through the music. The lens was clean, so that was not the problem, and if you tap with two fingers on the player gave was crackling or rustling sound (even) away. In 1994 he merged the attic in a box.

Now, in 2015, I joined him, but unfortunately he does not play anymore. He goes on, the lights and when you press play, let the CD run time, but then stops. I think maybe a belt cooked. I’m not an electronics technician, so I can not repair itself, the CD player. I would abfab like this 32 year old family heirloom piece and Dutch audio history is restored. It might not really super computer controlled or tweaker worthy, but I think there is quite a chunk technique is in the player. ”

History Lesson

This whole story already started 57 years ago with the invention of the laser by Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes. Three years later, in 1961, David Paul Greg filed a patent for an optically readable video disc. Later flowed here, through a collaboration of Phillips and MCA, the perhaps more familiar LaserDisc stems from a huge slab of 30cm diameter when analog (yes you read that right) video could be stored.

This system was sparsely purchased by consumers, partly due to the almost simultaneous introduction of the VCR, which had the advantage that recordings could be made. Customers were disappointed when it turned out that LaserDisc could not. LaserDisc fl opte and the optical disc seemed to die a quiet death.

CD logo In 1974 Philips Audio engineers started to design an audio record to surpass the quality of the fragile vinyl records. They started with an analog system that looked like LaserDisc. It was later discovered that a digital system could be superior, because of the possibility of error correction.

Five years later, we now write in 1979, the time had finally come: the compact disk, with a diameter of 11,5 cm, was presented with a prototype CD player to the press. This year, Philips was presented a collaboration with Sony, and in 1980 the CD standard Philips-Sony was; The red book was born. Meanwhile, the diameter of the disc is placed 12 centimeters, so that 74 minutes fit.

Time flies and in 1982 the first CD was pressed world. This was the album The Visitors by Abba. The end of 1982 came the first consumer market players, first in Japan and later worldwide. Similarly, our Philips CD100.

Time to go to work. Most devices need to just plug in and watch what they do. This is not always convenient, but with a CD player, you can do it just fine.


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