Heard the sound of a digital beauty, Asus Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition measured dynamic ear




Heard the sound of a digital beauty, Asus Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition measured dynamic ear
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If the brand is not ASUS, but other audio plant, Xonar Essence One of the selling price will likely upward adjustments.

Replaceable OP AMP to become a featured ASUS Xonar Essence One, launched directly from the factory equipped with six “MUSES 01” OP AMP’s MUSES Edition version, so this conversion function combines several types of headphone amplifier, with different sound appearance.

Admittedly, information vendors, ASUS is a great emphasis on sound field of the brand.

Previous years have been evaluating ASUS NX90JQ This emphasizes the performance of large-size audio NB, net weight is really hard to be included in the volume can easily carry the NB, but the quality of the sound, but it is as of now since we have heard should be the most quality NB. And the face of the market practice of “animal” termed the Xonar Essence One two ear expansion, but also hold a high-level Hi-End Audio Equipment way to test.

Start from the outside, Xonar Essence One with Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition almost no difference, the only discernible, only the roof of the animal with the color, the first generation with gold logo, MUSES Edition silver logo is used, as the front panel knob and button design, then exactly the same.


Look at the rear, transmission interface is exactly right, the two models are identical.


Not for appearance, do the detail comparison of two ears extend directly to see Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition’s front panel.

From left to right are the power button, oversampling key source select button, mute button, the output volume knob, the news source sampling frequency display, headphone volume knob, the last is the headphone output terminal.

Which over sampling feature is Xonar Essence One from the first generation to emphasize features, through eight times oversampling upscaling treatment, can make the sound more smooth performance, so that the interface between frequencies more stable and smooth and, of course, is not a new super-sampling techniques science and technology, but can be done 8 times oversampling, expanding areas in the ear really rare, as actual performance and differences, let us again later Syria.


The figures here are mainly to inform the user, the current input sources with a sampling frequency of the data.


Xonar Essence One provides only digital input functions, including Toslink optical, Coaxial Coaxial and USB.


Rear transmission interface group.


Three sets of digital input interface.


Include XLR balanced and RCA stereo analog terminal output interfaces.

Next is the Xonar Essence One internal structure

Learn Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition external function keys / knobs and after transmission interface, and then look at two ear expansion of the internal planning, and this is also the first generation machine with maximum difference at MUSES Edition.


First open the Xonar Essence One first generation machine view, including an expansion of the ear is not small toroidal transformer, as well as neat planning of the line, from the arrangement of components can be seen, Xonar Essence One symmetrically designed, and clean lines, also see workmanship is very detailed.


Capture special circuit board in this area, because this is the first generation of machines with MUSES Edition difference between the largest and the only place, OP AMP. First generation machines OP AMP models vague, but if it sound performance, it is already remarkable, when the time for evaluation, leaving quite impressed.


This is the Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition’s interior, at first glance the same with the first generation machine no difference, in fact, we viewed two versions of the chip model, whether it is digital chip or digital / analog conversion processing chips, are identical .


And really let MUSES Edition has exceeded the value of the first generation machine, it is that six “MUSES 01” OP AMP.

Developed by the New Japan Radio Company designed “MUSES 01” OP AMP, stressed the oxygen-free copper wire as a link, and the symmetrical chip bonding technology (ASD) work, to achieve ultra-low crosstalk and balanced symmetrical result, in the show its leadership in the OP AMP rank.

But also because it six OP AMP, Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition higher than the first generation machine nearly million reference price, so in the end the actual performance, the ability to make people feel the gap between the two models, it is the focus of this evaluation.


Digital audio processing chip (DSP) using Analog Devices’ SHARK three generations “of ADSP-21261.


Digital / analog converter chip is Burn Brown’s PCM1795, while the 8-fold symmetry oversampling process that it is responsible, can 44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz input signal is upconverted 352.8kHz, while 48/96/192 kHz rose frequency to 384kHz, as the bit rate is fully raised to 32 yuan. As for the other hardware specifications data contains up to 120dB S / N ratio, and supports up to 600 ohm impedance driver input headphones.

Next is the evaluation of Essence One

Hardware data re-exciting audio products as long as the contact person knows that the final decision whether the equipment is still desirable their ears, of course, there are quite a large intermediate variables from the surrounding other audio equipment connected thereto, as well as listening space and other factors, but is changing due to the same state, we try to dig out the Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition first generation unit and the differences provide your reference.

Present our first test using a peripheral, including NB with Marantz SA8260 SACD discs as the information source, the headset is AudioTechnica ATH-CKS1000 and Logic Audio T3-canal models, audio equipment for the Anthem PRE 1L vacuum tube preamp with Chiro C200 crystal After the two-channel preamplifier, with Sonus Faber Concerto Bookshelf two-way two monomers Bass Reflex Speaker; listen to the CD with audio mainly Flac uncompressed digital audio and MP3 compressed audio.

The performance of individual sources and does not say, because the Xonar Essence One Whether or MUSES Edition first generation machine can maintain their same tone, and different sources specifications biggest difference lies in the dynamic range and the quality of bandwidth gap, so we Comprehensive experience in a variety of listening experiences, in summary, so to outline for the expansion of these two ears do a segment.

Machines are like the first generation analog era keep trace of hesitation, not the pursuit of extreme resolution, but with a rich warm atmosphere.

As MUSES Edition is clean and transparent and spotless, the sound is no trace of fat, like X-rays to see through all the music like a detail, but it just does not seem feelings.

In terms of the band’s sound performance, the first generation of low-frequency machine Plumper, vocals have flesh and bones, like the scene to bring the sense of hearing, but the high-frequency range is lacking extension and penetration, so the overall sound low bias field, But for the resolution, the details of the music is still more than the standard regenerative capacity; while MUSES Edition is high, medium and low-frequency range of each is quite clear, the bass drum and bass Punch has a strong force, and quite beautiful treble extension indeed it more worthy of the price, just too clean sound at the end, let the sound performance of the slim, funny thing to describe, Tsai Chin’s stature in the first generation compared between the machine and the MUSES Edition, just like poor 10kg obvious.

So To make a decision in two models, deducted budget constraints, MUSES Edition has an almost full advantage, and plump enough vocal part, in fact, can be selected using the headphones and audio equipment match, adjust; However, if the budget is limited, even though buy the first generation machine is quite worth it, especially its low-frequency sound balance between resolution and thickness, plus the future if sufficient budget, due Xonar Essence One replaceable OP AMP design, users can still be modified in order to change the tone, great flexibility. . So how to choose, we recommend that you still can find the stores offer audition, with their familiar software listened to make a decision.

First generation machine has a warm tone and rich, low-frequency, while the MUSES Edition is to enhance the overall sound quality, but the character colder when playing vocal enhancement space, but can be regarded as senior Headphone / DAC models.

ASUS Essence One and Essence One MUSES Edition In our tests, out of 10 divided by the premise, first-generation machine can get 8.5 points, while MUSES Edition is a 9.0-point performance, but we also believe MUSES Edition’s performance can be obtained VR-Zone Editor’s Choice Award.


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